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KR-3s music maintains a psychedelic 60's revitalist sensibility reminiscent of Brian Jonestown Massacre or Tame Impala with added elements of Appalachian Americana. Alchemical references, thoroughly drenched in melancholic orchestral arrangements often erupt into Remain in Light inspired funk jams, often returning to their reverb soaked roots.
For the bulk of their careers, the members of KR-3 were quite content to put up tents in Ohio Valley recording studios where they wore out their welcomes by sculpting lush organic psychedelic records that would ultimately become coasters due to their lack of live promotion. The studio is where they thrived and their live shows were experimental, dangerous and confusing. They made several albums between 2005 and 2011 and allowed the art to casually float under the radar on the local indie scene. They forged a lonely studio path that can only be described as prolific. Their mindsets have since shifted to the consistency of delivering a solid live performance whilst maintaining their exploratory roots and they show no signs of slowing down through 2013.


Blue (The Demo Tapes)
Released: 8.05.2004
Where Do We Go From Here?
Released: 7.12.2005
The Curse
Released: 11.11.2007
The Revolving Door EP
Released: 10.5.2008
The Plundered Gold EP
Released: 8.15.2011
Fractures and Sparks
Coming soon!