BandEDMHip Hop

Techy glitch hop and breaks with slick production, boomin bass and tweaky beats.


Known for his intuitive ability to carve beats out of the bits, Kraddy (Matthew Kratz) has made a name for himself internationally as a producer and a DJ. His releases on Muti Music, Bless Records, Blunted Funk, Ghost Dog Recordings and his own label, Refiner Records have set him apart as a producer with a truly extra-ordinary sound.

Kraddy’s unique tweak has taken him from his home in San Francisco to LA, NY, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, San Diego, Maui and even earned him the headlining slot at Trigger in Birmingham UK. He has also been featured on,, and as well as being reviewed by XLR8R, URB, BPM, Undercover Magazine and Mofo.

Kraddy’s music implicates cybernetic breaks with asymmetrical dub delays and hip hop grooves with dark ethereal melodies. At times his music is technical and frenetic and calls to mind images of genetically mutated earthworms, poping and locking deep underground to sub atomic frequencies, causing minute shifts in the structure and alignment of the tectonic plates, that over millennia will alter the magnetic core of the planet and thus change its frequency field steering its evolution towards greater harmony and a more peaceful form.

Other times he weaves together webs of moody etheresque clouds akin to the sounds of alternate life forces manipulating hydrogen and carbon molecules into biomechanical nanobots that imperceptibly permeate the neuronets of sleeping subjects from light years away in a methodical attempt to preserve and record the neural, synaptic and chemical makeup of all matter.



Truth Has No Path - Full length LP (Refiner Records)
Brecht/Conscious - 12" single (Muti Music)
Wiggiddi - 12" single (Muti Music)
Godzilla/MechaGodzilla - 12" single (Blunted Funk)
Keep It Up Then - Compilation Release (Ghost Dog Records)
Tuff Act Remix - 12" single (Bless Records)
Present Moment - Compilation Release (Digital Distortions)

You can also hear Kraddy's newest mix here:

Set List

Kraddy's sets are made up of his own tracks and select others. His sets mix breaks and glitch hop into a seamless dancefloor friendly mind expanding experience. Kraddy is also known to mix in a good dose of his signature hip hop remixes. He mixes off of his computer and scratches on top of his sets.
His sets range from 1 - 2 hours.

You can listen to one of Kraddy's live sets here: