The Kraig Greff Group

The Kraig Greff Group

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The Crawdaddies, a very popular and award winning band from the East Coast that infuses some of Louisiana's Cajun / Zydeco / Blues sounds with North Eastern Roots Rock / Americana / Ska influences to create a very unique, groove laden sound that is all its own.


Kraig Greff is an accomplished keyboardist who has toured with the likes of Barry White and Dianna Ross and performed as a guest artist with the Baltimore Symphony. His music is emotional and awe-inspiring, with a twist of wacky humor.

Doug Rich is a grooving, melodic bass player who graduated from Berklee and has performed with the likes of Lionel Hamption, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, and Ray Felder.

Kraig and Doug worked together extensively in Cincinnati in the 80's and couldn't forget the experience.

In 2008, Kraig and Doug decided to record another album together. Doug recruited Stanley Swann, one of Boston' most sought-after drummers who honed his skills touring globally with the Air Force Band. Kraig brought in Kenny Jones, one of his favorite guitar players ever. The Kraig Greff Group was born.


Hammond' Eggs, 2008