This young vocal group from the north of Sweden sing folk music a capella. The repertoire is a mixture of humorous folksongs, lyrical lovesongs, swinging tunes and solemn chorales, traditional as well as newly composed material. Acclaimed by critics and audience!

Other Info

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"Vackert väder" ("Beautiful weather"), released in august of 2005 on DRONE Music AB
"Norrland lll", will be released in 2008 (Kraja participates on 5 tracks together with Jonas Knutsson and Johan Norberg), ACT cd company (Germany)
"Under himmelens fäste" ("Under the heavens") Krajas second album will be released i june of 2008 on DRONE Music AB

Set List

Either one set concert (around 60 min) or concert with two sets, 40 min each. Songs varies.