Umeå, Västerbotten, SWE
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Kraja is swedish sound in concentrated form. Innovative swedish vocal folkmusic by four highly experienced singers. The word Kraja is sami language for "the place you long to be", a word that is often likened to Krajas music.


The four memebers of Kraja met in music school while singing in choir together. They found each other by their common love of swedish folk songs. During 2012 the vocal quartet Kraja celebrate their 10 year anniversary. In spite of their young age, the members of Kraja can be considered to be veterans of Swedish traditional music, having recorded three CDs of their own and also one CD in collaboration with veterans Jonas Knutsson and Johan Norberg. On Kraja’s debut CD in 2005 and the follow-up in 2008 the repertoire consisted mainly of traditional Swedish folksongs.

On their latest CD Brusand Hav, Frida Johansson, Lisa Lestander, Linnea Nilsson and Eva Lestander have chosen a new direction by composing and producing all the music themselves. What remains is the foundation in traditional music and the harmonies and sounds that have become characteristic of Kraja and which have enthralled listeners from far and near.

Kraja is one of swedens most successful folkmusic exports with record sales high above regular in Sweden.


Vacker väder (Drone Music 2005)
Under himmelens fäste (Drone Music 2007)
Norrland III Skaren (ACT 2008)
Brusand hav (Westpark Music 2011)