The whole world will be shaken with the thunderings that accompany Krakatoas vibrations of rock, soul and blues.


When Krakatoa first erupted in 1883 it generated the loudest sound ever recorded, the cataclysmic explosion was distinctly heard as far away as Bondi Beach in Australia. The resounding vibrations were felt again when Krakatoa erupted for the second time in 2006 as a band formed by Bondi musical icons, Krishna Jones and Mitchell Anderson. The double spearhead of shared vocals between Krishna and Mitchell lead their hand picked band on a harmonic trip to the depths of the earth on their proudest musical project to date.

Although influenced by musicians such as Led Zeppelin, ACDC, James Brown, and Stevie Wonder, Krakatoa manage to produce a unique and powerful style of their own. Their live performances are an eruption of spirit and awe exploding in your ears - with double front man action to boot! Experience the explosion that will draw you in to its fiery heart.


With an EP 'The way it is' already under their belt they are posed to release their debut album 'Blow' in 2008.

Set List

Typical set list comprises 10 - 15 original blues rock songs.
If playing one set, usually play for one hour
If playing multiple sets usually play 3X sets 45 mins including cover songs (typically funky blues standards and shuffles e.g. Everyday People, Who is he, Just kissed my baby, Africa, Kissin my love, I go crazy, Sweet Sixteen, Redhouse, After Midnight, Call me the breeze).