Bergen, Hordaland, NOR

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. Kerrang said after their recent show in London that “...their short set reveals a band successfully mixing death metal intensity with groovy riffs worthy of Cathedral.”


Krakow is a Metal / Experimental / Ambient band from Bergen. The band consists of Kjartan Grønhaug, René Misje, Frode Kilvik and Ask Ty Ulvhedin Arctander and has existed since the fall of 2005. The members of Krakow is very active in the music scene in Bergen. Besides being a member of the Krakow, guitar player Kjartan Grønhaug plays bass Havarikommisjonen and Frode Kilvik is the bassist in the blackmetal band Vithr. Ask Ty Arctander also plays drums in Kampfar and Mondvolland.

Krakow debuted in 2007 with the self-produced EP Dusty Roads, then came the self-produced EP Coronated King in 2008 and the debut album Monolith was released in 2009. Monolith was released on the band's own label White Elephant Recordings, with distribution in Norway by Indie Distribution. Monolith is also distributed in Belgium and the Netherlands via Freebird Records, and in the U.S. through In conjunction with the Above and Beyond Festival 2011 Krakow released the 7" split Drifter / Molten Planet with Resonaut from Trondheim. The band released the single Firefly digitally in the winter of 2011. Krakow is also contributing on the Enslaved tribute album Önd - A Tribute To Enslaved. This will be out of Pictonian Records in the fall of 2012. Krakow has recorded a version of the song Center of Enslaved album Vertebrae. Krakow's newest album, diin, was completed in December 2011, planned for release in August 2012.

Krakow has done about 100 gigs throughout southern Norway and large parts of Europe. From the 5´th of November to the 20´th of December 2008, Krakow supported Enslaved and Audrey Horne as part of the Vertebrae European Tour 2008. Krakow toured Europe again from the 27´th May to the 9´th of June 2011, this time for Vreid, Kampfar and Secrets of the Moon as part of The Black Path Tour 2011.


Demo – 2006 (self release)

Dusty Roads EP - 2007 (Kontrabande Records)

Coronated King EP – 2008 (self release)

Monolith - 2009 (White Elephant Recordings)

Drifter 7” split release med Resonaut – 2011 (White Elephant Recordings)

Sammen redder vi liv – Leger uten grenser (1 sang) 2011

Önd – A tribute to Enslaved – (TBR) 2012 (Pictonian Records)

diin - 2012 (Dark Essence Records)