Kraków Loves Adana

Kraków Loves Adana


"Intimate Minimalism" - this is maybe the best way to describe the music by Krakow Loves Adana. They do not use many instruments. Actually, there are only a guitar and a voice. But nevertheless we are not dealing with simple guitar music here, at least not for the meaning of a Singer/Songwriter Act.


Met first three years ago in a club in the middle of nowhere, Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann startet to discuss about music and found out that they love the same artists and songs. They moved together to Freiburg and started to write their own songs in their small apartment.

Singer Deniz Ciceks expressive voice and Heitmanns understated and anyhow deranged guitar-sound are creating an extreme musical density.

Tracks like "Wolves" or "Cold/Closed" are building up quite carefully, so fragile that you fear for them, before the noise becomes louder and the lines "Love was always a fragile kind of truth" get stronger and all fear turns to amazement.


Beauty (2010)