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| Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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Kramies @ Poltergiest Records

Release Of The New "Kramies" EP, Not Applicable, Ireland

Release Of The New "Kramies" EP, Not Applicable, Ireland

Kramies @ Start Of European Tour

Dublin, Not Applicable, Ireland

Dublin, Not Applicable, Ireland

Kramies @ Denver Venue

Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver, Colorado, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


ALOOGA BOOM #100 - Alternative, Indie, Rock, Metal
posted on 10:05

Kramies : Top Dollar Night Life Hoax
taken from the CD 'Golden like a new thing' (ACM Records)
- Alooga Radio Northen Germany


We have a hot one for you guys this month with our latest interview. Check out this new interview with the talented rock sensation, Kramies. I think once you had a chance to listen to his music you will fall in love with him too.

Isaac: Thank you for allowing us to interview you. I wanted to first start off by asking you to elaborate on your name and what made you decide that you had to perform.

Kramies: My name was given to me by my Dutch Grandmother. My ancestors are from the Netherlands & the name has followed me. On several occasions when I've introduced myself, my name ends up being the topic of conversation which humors me. In answer to your question on performing, I am relatively introverted as a person - yet when I'm on stage I feel connected to something outside of myself which connects me to the audience thru performing. This connection is the reason I perform, write & record.

Isaac: Are you at a happy place with your life and your music? Why or Why not?

Kramies: Like most people I've experienced a lot of change in my personal and professional life. I can honestly say the last few years have been a time of growth for me in all areas of my life. I feel very comfortable where I am now...and I look forward to my future especially in light of my signing with my label ACM Records who have brought me new exposure and many wonderful opportunities.

Isaac: You have stated that your mission statement is to create music which makes one feel enlightened and inspired - with endless imagination. Do you feel that you have currently achieved that with your music so far?

Kramies: On some small level I do, but I will always strive to reach that which I feel makes people react to music. From old Christmas Music to epic sounding orchestras, it’s the same overwhelming & powerful feelings that drew me to these kinds of music.

Isaac: You spent some time in Ireland recently. Describe how your tenure in Ireland transformed your sound/style?

Kramies: Ireland has been a huge influence on me and my creativity. Ireland as a land of culture, the castles, the people & their stories all have play a part on how my imagination connects to sound. There is a beautiful, haunting eeriness that I envision as I construct songs... It’s not Just Ireland though. I am influenced and connected to any place that's has an old deep history with a whimsical life's tale

Isaac: What have you learned from other entertainers that you admire?

Kramies: You have to live to be able to write. You have to grow while recreating yourself.

Isaac: Elaborate a little of your experience which has led you to work around various studios these last 20 years.

Kramies: I have been very lucky & gratefully to be able to work with the people I have. Since I was young, I have taken every opportunity that has presented itself and that has made sense. I have taken a lot of chances and have had as much rejection as I have had success yet I have always just been myself which I believe has given me the opportunity to work in a lot of different environments.

Isaac: What have been some of the hardest moments for you as an artist?

Kramies: The hardest moments for me are the times of stillness. I believe it is natural for a person to take time away from what they love to recharge themselves and to reinvent their direction. Yet these periods seem to be the hardest for me

Isaac: Currently, you are working with the Grammy Nominated Tommy Marolda. What have been some life lessons that you have learned about music that has helped you?

Kramies: All though I am currently done working with Mr. Marolda I View every Recording as a Challenge and a Wonderful opportunity. I work very hard every time I enter a studio with who ever it might be.

I have learned to push my limits. To except the constant changing of an idea and even when you don't get the outcome you expect, to always make sure you put the emotion into each track.

Isaac: What are some current projects that you are working on?

Kramies: I am Currently writing My new EP "Castles of Ghosts" which I am recording This Fall with Producer Todd Tobias (guided by voices, Robert Pollard) & Dave Paolucci. I am also Recording a New EP this winter with Pieter-Jan Van den Berge from the band Krati who Lives In Belgium And did all the music for the song "White" on My Album "Golden Like A New Thing". He will Be Writing all The Music on this EP and I will be Doing all the Vocals. I am very excited about both projects and both records I will also be performing & touring this winter and all of 2009

Isaac: Final Thoughts—

Kramies: Ideas will not always exists they way they were planted in your Thoughts, But They will always be beautiful and Meaningful to someone else...

Thank you,


- Juniors Cave Magazine

The Digital Music Press

Friday, August 7, 2009
Stream of the Day - "Castle of Ghosts" by Kramies
Kramies is a multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Colorado. His new album is slated for a Christmas release, and was recorded in Ohio with the help of producer Todd Tobias (Guided by Voices, Robert Pollard).

In his Myspace bio, Kramies is described as "A scientist with gadgets more than a musician with instruments." In some songs more than others, this is unmistakably accurate and noticeable. "Castle of Ghosts," however, is a bit less experimental, but tiny elements placed throughout the song add to its calming nature and allow it to shine beautifully.
Perhaps the best thing about Kramies' music, aside from its ability to create an otherworldly escape for the listener, is the fact that he can actually sing. While most indie/experimental artists drown themselves out in a sea of lo-fi, Kramies' vocal presence is stellar. "Castle of Ghosts" is a great example of this, and a perfect first impression for people who are unfamiliar with this talented musician.
Go listen at
Posted by Joe A at 10:13 AM 0 comments - The Digital Music Press"

We just got turned onto an underground recording artist with Akron roots, Kramies. His music is soothing, yet haunting and definitely unlike anything you may have heard before. Being that his songs are so experimental, Kramies is often called a scientist with gadgets more than a musician with instruments.
Golden Like A New Thing (2008), Kramies’ first album is currently out on ACM Records NY. His next album, Castles of Ghosts will be out this upcoming May. We hear that Kramies will be returning to Akron soon to work with northeast Ohio producer Todd Tobias, who has worked with Ohio indie faves Robert Pollard and Guided by Voices. Check out his MySpace page, to listen for yourself and buy the album. Cross our fingers, we’ll be adding Kramies’ album(s) to the RCC/Akron music family.
Not only do we like his music, but he also likes our shirts - Rubber City Clothing

Golden Like A New Thing (MP3 Download)
It's rare to find Artists' that deliver such passion and melody with their music.
This album has hypnotic rhythms and a melodies that take you away.
It's truley "golden like a new thing" that never gets old.
It's the kind of album you'll want to put on repeat all day.
Personal favourite- "White".
"I want more!"

Kramies Review in LimeWire
Kramies is an amazing artist .. This is a great Album ! Cant wait to Hear His New Album... Kramies' Music and singing is filled with Haunting Emotions and Climaxing lullaby images.Reminds me of Castles and older times... A must for all to check out... best new artist & album 2008.. watch for Kramies in the near future

Le dernier album de Portishead est très intense, Tindersticks, une découverte comme Kramies, Rose et Noire pour l’écriture sublime de Marie Möör…j’ai un faible pour The National, et en ce moment j’écoute à nouveau pas mal de pop américaine, Sparklehorse, Grandaddy…J’oublie de citer un peu injustement des groupes comme Swell et The Gun Club, qui m’ont profondément marqué. Tomasz écoute de son côté énormément de choses : ça va de Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, The Beatles, The Fall, Arcade Fire, le Velvet à Joy Division, Jeff Buckley, des choses plus obscures aussi et expérimentales - French Magazine DES OREILLES DANS BABYLONE - Google

Kramies Hits 6500 Fans on Myspace !! - Myspace


Golden Like A New Thing 2008 (ACM Records)

Manor And The Fountain / Streets Of Venice Single 2009 (ACM Records)

Castle Of Ghosts Single
2010 (ACM Records)

Castle Of Ghosts Album
2010 (ACM Records)

The European
Fall 2010 (Poltergeist Records Dublin Ireland)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Kramies (pronounced Kraim-iss) is a Dutch American singer-songwriter and recording artist based in Colorado, USA. Kramies' style is haunting and romantic, with an aura of dreams and fairy tales, striking a balance between whimsy and melancholia. His unique vocal style has been described as eerie and soothing. In 2011 Kramies signed with Australia's Hidden Shoal Recordings and released to much critical acclaim The European EP. In 2013 Kramies teamed up with Jason Lytle of Grandaddy and Todd Tobias to record his much anticipated new EP "The Wooden Heart" on Hidden Shoal Recordings. "The Wooden Heart" was voted the #1 Fan Favorite Album/EP of 2013. Kramies also has older albums and EP's other various labels(see discography below), co-produced by Todd Tobias (Robert Pollard, Guided by Voices).[1] In 2014 with the success of "The Wooden Heart", Kramies decided to go back into the studio and re-record a few of his past songs just the way he wrote them, cut back, live and on acoustic. He teamed up with Grant Wilson from the Syfy hit TV show Ghost Hunters. Grant, a brilliant music composer, wrote and recorded piano on a few of the tracks. On May 22, 2014 this small collection of acoustic songs was released as a free EP titled The Folklore Sessions and has received much acclaim and notice in the press. The Wooden Heart has gone on to receive many awards including EP of the Year, Song of the Year, BBC top 10, as well as others. In 2015 after many glowing international reviews, interviews and mentions Kramies teamed up once again with producer Jason Lytle of Grandaddy to release The Fate That Never Favored Us. The single has received much attention and was named "Song Of The Day" by French music magazine Les Inrockuptibles. In the Spring of 2015 Kramies left the States for a small tour in France. There he played a sold out show at the famous Le Grand Théâtre in Angers, France which led to the release of his "forêts antiques" live EP in October 2015. Kramies's live EP "forêts antiques" was listed as Top Albums of 2015 by Paris magazine Pop Cultures & Co. After three successful years of releasing albums, reviews, interviews and small bits of touring, in a recent interview at the end of 2015 Kramies mentioned that he was going to use 2016 to focus on writing and recording his new album.

In 2016 while Kramies worked on writing his new album to be released late 2017, he wrote and recorded a new single/duet which features the wonderful French singer-songwriter Alma Forrer. Released on May 18th 2016 the duet "Into The Sparks" has once again received much acclaim from all around Europe.