Krank means "sick" and this literally tells everything about this band! They bring up a live-show that takes you into the world of insane punkrock containing blood, sex, alcohol and a hell lot of rock'n'roll! Be aware not standing in first line if you want to get out of the club in a clean shirt.


Founded in the asylum of Switzerland's countryside by four young men. In the vein of German Punkrockbands like Knochenfabrik, die Kassierer and Slime, they mix this Punkrock-attitude with a obvious manic-depressive psychosis. The visitors will be included in the show if they dare to step up the stage.


2007 - Radikal Abnormal -CD/DVD
2003 - Mehr Drogen für den Bundesrat -EP

Set List

We bring up a overwhelming and intense show within 45 minutes to one hours.