Krankcase is a Hard Rock Band hailing from Calgary, Alberta. The band is made up of several different people with different Genres and Backgrounds ranging from an heavy 80's Metal Sound to a Progressive Nu-Metal sound.


Krankcase is a Hard Rock Band Hailing from Calgary Alberta, its lineup includes members from all over Canada, who have played extensively in several projects. The new Project of Krankcase is the lovechild of years of vigorous performing and recording.

The group has an old-school sound with a new progresive influence based on harmony and melody both through driving instrumentation and vocals. Chris Howes, the groups frontman and lyricist studied music for five years at Brandon University in Manitoba, one of Canada's premiere music schools. As well as recording a FACTOR funded CD release with the recording and touring group "Belly Button Window" produced by Larry Anschel ( Alice 'n' Chains, Pearl Jam enigneering and producing credits )with Turtle Records. Well thought out Lyrics and Melody lines is what sets Krankcase apart from the rest, with catchy upbeat choruses and straight ahead musicality that is energetic and thought provoking. An intense upbeat stage show inspires the audience to get up and move and rock along with the group which makes Krankcase an exciting live experience as well as an great listening experience.

Krankcase has been performing at several of the independant showcases in the Southern Alberta Area and will be performing at the upcoming Delclayna Earth Festival in August as an emerging artist alongside Veteran headliners Prism and The Headpins.

An Krankcase show is an show with music and movement, energy and connection, empathy and originality.


Say Anything

Written By: Chris Howes

Why should I say Im sorry? What doesn't bend, will break. Just because your eyes are open doesn't mean you're awake. Brother can you spare a dime? I'm doing just fine. Sitting by the tracks getting drunk on some cheap wine. Working on a deadline Got my life line Those that mind don't matter, and those that matter they won't mind. Overworked and underpayed One day Ill have it made Ill open up my eyes and see the money that I didnt make I said the wrong thing sometimes I just say anything a time and place for everything nothing in life is garaunteed How about another drink I havent a slept a wink You can lead a mind to knowledge but you cannot make it think. even in the day light playing with dynamite Just because everybody's doing it doesn't make it right. How about another taste? You can be replaced. I wish I'd been there to see the look on your face. I think Ive got a stomach ache Old Habits are hard to break If I should die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take. In my mind All I know, All I need. All I love, All I hate, Rewind Your so blind All I know, All I need, All I love, All I hate, Flat Line One more time All I know, All I need, All I love, All I hate, Main Line Free your mind All I know, All I need, All I love


Written By: Chris Howes

Friday Night Sitting all alone
With a Monkey on my back and the Devil on the Phone
6446490 is the only thing I need for a little bit of comfort
All those nights, well they're all the same
When theres money to be spent and its time to play
Ive got an itch to scratch and I cant complain
and its all ive got to do to get a little bit of comfort
I tried to stay at home
I called you on the phone
I tried to shake it off
ITs never far to go
Every line is a memory
Half ways Sideways in front of me

Set List

Set Lists Consists Primarly of Original Music with a small variety of Cover tunes