Krash Rover

Krash Rover

 Bedford, Texas, USA

Krash Rover is a rock band with aspirations to explore all spectrums of the rock genre.The goal of the band is to create high-energy music that transends cookie-cutter formula with expressive lyrics, tuneful melodies and unique arrangements. An exciting young band with a bright future.


From the barren lands of the Texas plains, quartet Krash Rover’s sound is as expansive as their home state. Utilizing duel lead guitar sounds that originated with Iron Maiden and have been modernized by the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Krash Rover has been able to marry the generational divide with their own brand of galloping, heavy rock. While the guitars work in unison, the rhythm section pays homage—working between the furious nature of blast beats and the rich, melodic foundations of meat-on-the-bone rock and roll.

Krash Rover has now passed their half decade of existence since Newman and Quincey began collaborating on tracks that would eventually become the backbone of Krash Rover’s current sound. Three years later, Matt Ayers and Fuentes provided the cement-mixer rhythm needed to hold the material together, with Brandon Goforth now picking up the bass backbone.The band’s moniker was born out of an excursion from Indian Trails Studio, a Denton area landmark where the band recorded their initial demo with the production team of Scott Headstream and Alex Gerst.

Their live shows have become an infusion of youthful energy and studied showmanship. Having cut their teeth in the same venues as longtime Dallas favorites Drowning Pool and Hellyeah, Krash Rover has brought increasing crowds to The Curtain Club, Prophet Bar, House of Blues, Ft. Worth’s historical Aardvark and various festivals, including Six Flags. However, it’s their latest gig at the House of Blues that has expanded the band’s exposure and their audience.

The Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2011, the traveling heavy metal tour promoted by John Reese and Kevin Lyman of Warped Tour fame, evolved as a way to promote local hard rock in select markets. The Battle For Mayhem competition allowed regional bands the opportunity to compete for a slot on the Mayhem stop of their city—in Krash Rover’s case, the Dallas Gexa Energy Pavilion. After qualifying and being selected by judges based on their material, live delivery and presence, Krash Rover was able to claim victory over the competition and take their spot amongst the heaviest of bands currently touring. This allowed the band to play for thousands, showcase to promoters and tastemakers, and prove that they are ready to step up to a new level.

Krash Rover is a myriad of progressive and melodic heaviness, bolted together with the swagger of southern rock. Their tracks range from the locked in sync guitars of “SAS”, the frantic riffs of “She Gets Around”, the southern rock anthem “I’m from Texas” and the hands-on heart grind of “Nobody Knows”. The wide spectrum of their sound is based more on their experimental nature and influences than a need to be everything to everyone.

Their new Krash Rover CD includes these four tracks, in addition to their demo, and has been rounded out with three new tracks that fans have been looking forward to after hearing them live at recent shows. Their self-titled album produced by Alex Gerst and recorded at Indian Trails Studio, will be available this Fall 2011, with their CD Release party to take place September 24th at The Curtain Club in Dallas, Texas. Shows and tour plans are in the works and will be announced via the band’s social networks and dedicated websites.


'Krash Rover' self titled 10 track album release September 24, 2011

Set List

She Gets Around
Release Me
Feel Good on the Inside
Simple Man (Cover)
In My Mind
Shadows In My Eyes
Russian Roulette II
Can't Keep Living This Way
I'm From Texas (Texas showcases only)