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"Energetic, geniuses!!"

An idea triggered in my head today to start up something new here on the blog at AllWhatsRock, and that idea is called “Up and Coming”. “Up and Coming” is a weekly feature of a band that we think deserve more than they actually get and posses great musical talent. The first ever band to be featured is Kraul, who are a UK metal band from Blackpool, England.

We were notified about their music video for one of their songs, “Up In This Peace“. After listening along to the single, I couldn’t help notice how energetic these geniuses had made it! Now before I continue, I would just like to comment on the actual music video itself. The fact that the producer has put in a lot of time and effort is clearly reflected and I’m sure you’ll all agree that the effects collide with each other nicely. Anyway, this three piece phenomenon began their current journey last year with just a “one off” gig, according to their official website, which took place in Glasgow. Since that journey began back then, they have been quoted by a number of music media companies and performed on radio stations such as those belonging to the BBC, Rock Radio and Amazing Radio. However, it doesn’t stop there; “Up In This Peace” has also been played numerous times on Kerrang! Radio and the British Armed Forces Radio, and rightly so! For any up and coming band, this is a massive achievement and could lead to a lot more success in the very near future.

Listen to “Up In This Peace” below and their other songs and let everyone know what you think by commenting below. Show your support for Kraul and like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, check them out on MySpace and even check out their website. - All Whats Rock Blog

"When the main riffs kicks in, it hits you full on the chest!!"

With its gentle acoustic opening, ‘Up In This Peace’ lulls you into thinking this will be a soft ballad, but within twenty seconds the main riff kicks in and hits you full in the chest. At first it reminded me slightly of a cross between The Beatles and Marillion (with Steve Hogarth), neither of which are bad things. In the bands bio they cite a number of influences including Dinosaur Junior, Sonic Youth and Pink Floyd, all three bands are quite discernible in ‘Up In This Peace’, but one band not mentioned that Kraul, on this track remind me of, is Green Day, again no bad thing.

The melodic vocals fit nicely in with the throbbing back beat, at times reminding me slightly of Trent Reznor when he sings in his less menacing way. The only negative point I found was the bass sound which tended to overwhelm at certain points and distract from the other instruments.

This track will be available for free on the bands website from the 14th Nov. Overall well worth a listen and check out their website for samples of several other tracks.

Reviewed By: Markey - I Review Rock

"Up In This Peace Release"

"what begins as a delicate acoustic number, transforms seemlessly into a crescendo of energetic punk influenced rock." - Rick Magee-Pure Radio

"Up In This Peace Release"

"Could be the best piece of rock to come out of Blackpool" - Graham Clark-Maximum FM

"Up In This Peace Release"

"First listen to the band Kraul, but won't be the last. Rolling guitar twinned with a drum beat. Loud and meaningful." - Trevor Farrant-ALL FM

"Up In This Peace Release"

"Good Tune...nice noisy bits and a great driving beat." - Bob Osbourne-Salford City Radio

"Up In This Peace Release"

"Yeah, this is good...reminds me of Hundred Reasons" - Laurence Guest-Kerrang Radio

"Brimming over with energy and rebellion!!"

Although now based in Glasgow, we at The Ark Preston couldn’t resist the punkish tones of these Blackpool boys. Brimming over with energy and rebellion, Kraul’s Social Cycle is the sort of track that would be right at home on one of those old skateboarding games. The track shows how a simple guitar riff and a bouncy rhythm can be downright infectious, and if nothing else, Social Cycle is a great reminder to let loose and have some fun for once. - Ark Mag Preston

"Addictive Hooks Emerging Through The Distortion"

What Kraul’s sound lacks in subtlety it makes up for with energy. The Blackpool trio have based themselves in Glasgow and clearly draw influence from early nineties grunge mainstays like Nirvana and Dinosaur J. In truth there is more to Kraul than first meets the ear, with plenty of addictive hooks emerging through the distortion. A band with plenty of potential. - Is This Music?

"A Band You Need to Look At!!"

“Word around the camp-fire is that if you like the 90’s Seattle sound, Kraul is definitely a band you want to have a look at” -Art Idiot (Music webzine) - Art Idiot

"A Promising Future."

“Distorted, heavy Rock reminiscent of early Nirvana, but with enough catchy hooks and melodies to have you humming for days. A promising future” -Aaron Phillips (AmazingRadio) - Amazing Radio-Aaron Philips

"Liked Kraul"

“I liked the sound of Kraul and was happy to include it on our A&R Session on Rock Radio” -Tom Russell (Rock Radio) - Rock Radio-Tom Russell

"Kraul Rock!!"

Kraul from Blackpool, ROCK!”
-Sean McGinty (BBC Introducing)

"Rock Without The Bullshit!!"

'An excellent three piece band who describe themselves as "rock without the bullshit". Well, we'd say they were actually old school grunge meets emo and as such they sound at times like Husker Du, Mudhoney, Lost Prophets and Pearl Jam. Superb, 9/10
Metal Hammer Magazine
- Metal Hammer


1.E.P. Social Cycle, Freedom, She Often Makes me Sick.
Available to buy on iTunes and other digital Download stores.
2. Single: Up In This Peace-Introclusor Records: free to download from the Kraul website on the 14th November 2011.
Both records released on Introclusor Records.



Kraul are an alternative rock band based in Blackpool and sometimes in Glasgow where they have a management deal.

They cite some of their diverse influences from great bands such as Fugazi, Propagandhi, Paw, Supergrass, Dinosaur Jr, NOFX, Will Haven, Pearl Jam, Idlewild.

This necessarily energetic trio have been together for years. After a hiatus and a one-off-just-for-fun gig in Glasgow the band has renewed their dedication to creating original music and frenetic performance.

Kraul put their records out on their own label, Introclusor Records, which they run from their small recording (and party) studio in Blackpool.

Repentant (and thankful) for the lost time, Kraul quickly put out a three track sampler EP - 'Social Cycle' - on Introclusor Records in early 2011 (it's available on iTunes). It received positive reviews and air play on Rock Radio (now Real Radio XS), BBC Radio and Amazing Radio as well as securing the band a live session on BBC Introducing.

Kraul then spent much of 2011 gigging. Playing renowned venues, various pubs, house parties and a couple of their own Introclusor studio parties.

Between shows Kraul worked on two projects: a four track seven inch EP of new songs (to be released in time for their 2012 touring) and a single released as a free download and music video filmed by Chris Croft of Croftwerk Manchester which can be found at both the bands website and the video section on this EPK.

The single is called 'Up In This Peace'. It, and its video, have both had some very nice reviews (see 'Press') and has been played on the radio stations Kerrang!, NME, Q, Rock Radio, British Armed Forces, BBC, Amazing Radio, and regional stations across the United Kingdom, and the video has been played on Scuzz TV.

Kraul have also been interviewed on Rock Radio as well as a second, longer live performance on BBC Introducing and were recently one of the last bands to play the much loved Tache rock nightclub in Blackpool before it closed for ever.

Kraul have a hard working attitude resulting from a zealous passion to music as a way of life and are currently labouring over demos for their way overdue debut album which will be released mid 2012; the album will be recorded true to the band's raw DIY ideals and is set to be mixed by a well respected contemporary producer/mixer.

See Kraul live in 2012 or book them yourself - they'll play anywhere from your local to your bedroom.

If you want to book the band for a gig or for anything else please contact Manager Jim Frew: