Kim Reteguiz & the Black Cat Bones

Kim Reteguiz & the Black Cat Bones

 Jacksonville, Florida, USA

With a lot of weekend warriors on the Jacksonville Music Scene, Kim & the Black Cat Bones are a refreshing breath of fresh air. Composed of five extremely proficient musicans, the BCB band is quickly becoming noticed for their incredible live performances and showmanship.


Kim Reteguiz and the Black Cat Bones have played for audiences of up to 25,000 people and have been a featured act in festivals with up to 250,000 attendees!

Inked onto their resumes so far are major gigs such as the 2012 Opening Act for day two of the 22nd annual Sprining the Blues Festival, Headlining act for the Uptown Altamonte Springs Winestock 2012, 2011 and 12 Rock 'n' Roll Marathon SAvannah and Tampa and much more. They are a favorite on Jacksonville's 89.9 FM's Blues Horizons and will be featured for a third time on CW 17's Your Jax Music.

Lead Vocalist Kim Reteguiz is known regionally as a vocal powerhouse with a dynamic vocal range and stage performance. She is a classically trained, bilingual vocalist who began singing hymnals in church at the young age of four. Her talent and reputation has allowed her to take the stage as the featured artist for the 2011 Springing the Blues Festival, she has share the stage with Blues greats such as Willie Green, Trampled Underfoot, Michael Burke, and Shane Dwight. Her voice has been featured on four episodes of CW17's Your Jax Music, and is a frequent sound on 89.9’s 'Blues Horizons' and 'String Theory' Radio shows. Willie Green stated that Kim Reteguiz is the future of the blues! She can easily be placed among the vocal stylings of Etta James and Janis Joplin combined but with the soul and vocal power of Aretha Franklin and the rockers edge of Joan Jett. Although these comparisons can be made, her fans will tell you that her voice is her own and like no others.

On Drums is Cody Walker Jr. His drumming drives the band along like a steaming locomotive. Along with Kim Reteguiz he was the featured artist for the 2012 Springing the Blues Festival, he has shared the stage/recorded with former members of Steppenwolf, Johnny Van Zandt Band, K.C. & the Sunshine Band, Mariah Carey Tour Band, Rick Derringer Band, Energy Orchard, The Bolshoi and many more. He is known for his attention to dynamics, precise tempo and his never-ending journey toward the perfect sound. Along with drumming, Cody Walker Jr. and Kim Reteguiz are the primary songwriters for the group.

Brian McElrath is a accomplished Recording Artist with over 30 years of experience. He adds the colors and tones that contribute to the groups clean, polished sound with his Telecaster, He calls it his "Go To Guitar". In 1966 Brian McElrath picked up his brothers guitar after hearing a Beatles song he wanted to learn. 45 years later, he keeps a guitar within easy reach at all times. He retired from a career as a officer with the Jacksonville Fire Department and now devotes all of his time to a variety of musical endeavors. He is a veteran of numerous regional bands and was an original member of The Retrokats. His credits include a song copyright and an entire album of music recorded with producer Jim Devito at Last Resort Studios. Brian favors the Fender Telecaster as his "go to" guitar along with an assortment of vintage and modern analog gear. He now looks forward to backing vocalist and performer Kim Reteguiz on a regular basis. "This project is extremely exciting and I'm bringing a sound to the band that I hope she always enjoys."

Rounding out the group is Phil Green on the Bass Guitar. Like the rest of the members of the group, Phil brings decades of stage experience to the group. He has shared the stage with Skunk Baxter of Steely Dan. Phil also performs with Spade McQuade & the Allstars, An Atlantic Beach Musical Favorite.

Recently joining the group on the Hammond Organ is Shawn Pfaffman...owner of the First Coast School of Music, At such a young age, has mastered an instrument that is nearly extinct in the world of Blues.

Though based in Jacksonville, Kim Reteguiz and & the Black Cat Bones can be seen at Festivals all over the Southeast. Kim has also performed at venues like The Brown Street Club in Greenville, SC, Mojo Kitchen & Blues Bar in Jacksonville and as far South


No More Lettuce

Written By: Kim Reteguiz

No more lettuce!
No more lettuce for you!
No more lettuce no!
No more lettuce for you!
I got all these curves and let me show you what they can do!

Well now you always trying to get me to slim down
But I’m won’t follow you like some anorexic clown
I like my steak potatoes and some yellow rice
With lots of gravy on top is so nice!
And If you wanna throw a salad on the side
Then pour on the ranch so those tomatoes slide!

But No more lettuce!
No more lettuce for you!
I got all these curves and let me show you what they can do!

I got hips
I got thighs
I gotta whole lotta spice behind these eyes

I got sass
I got an ass
And I can shake it daddy with a whole lotta class

But no more lettuce!
No more lettuce for you!

Give me something that I can shake these curves to boys!

Funky Solo

I got a gut
I got a butt
I got a whole lotta cusion for the pushin

I’m soft
And I’m smooth
I got just enough to get cha in the mood

But not if there’s lettuce!
So don’t give me no more lettuce!

So I’m not eatin no more lettuce!
No more lettuce for you!
Oh I don’t want it!
I don’t like it!
I can’t taste it!
I can’t stand it!
Cause I’m hungry for so much more!
And if you don’t like it!
Then you can watch these curves
Walk out that door!

Black Cat Bone

Written By: Kim Reteguiz

It’s been a bad start to a real good year
I’ve got people yelling at me-- in my ear
I’m trying to get by but I get kicked in the rear
But I won’t run away by drinking too much beer,
I’m gonna stop the bloody Mary’s and all the Ben and Jerrys
Gonna see my man Justice cause my body’s gettin scary!

Oh it’s been a bad start to a real good year
But it’s gonna get better after all these tears.
I’m gonna take the bull right by the horns
And pluck out all of these nasty thorns.
I’m gonna say good bye to the bad
And kick out everything that’s sad…

Oh it’s been a bad start to a real good year
I need a black cat bone to bring in the cheer
I need all the luck and the money in here
And the devil’s getting to me and I’m living in fear
My pockets been empty, gotta fill em up,
So black cat bone come and fill my cup!

Oh I’m not gonna take it lying down!
I’m gonna shake my thang, I’m gonna rock this town!!!!!
Oh it’s been a bad start to a real good year
But it’s gonna get better after all these tears.

So Black Cat Bone come and fill my cup
Oh I’m gonna keep going and never give up!

I'll Be Allright

Written By: Kim Reteguiz

I got a story
About a woman and a man
They try to love each other the best that they can
If they could find that ride for a good place to hide
If they could walk away from a world with too much to say
It’ll be allright
It’ll be allright
It’ll be allright
It’ll be allright

Verse 2:
Now don’t let your mama
Tell you he’s not right
And don’t go walking sister into that good night!
Don’t let your Daddy say that she’s no good
Just love her as she is like a strong man could
It’ll be allright
It’ll be allright
It’ll be allright
It’ll be allright


Oh It’ll be allright
It’ll be allright
It’ll be allright
It’ll be allright

Verse 3:
Don’t let your friends tell you what to do
Don’t let them bring you down and make you choose
Cause in this world we gotta fight for what we love
You know me you and me baby fit like a hand in a glove!
Oh baby we’re all right!
We’re gonna be all right!
We’re so so right!
Baby!!! We’re just right!!!

Better Than Before

Written By: Kim Reteguiz

Love takes time to get to know
It’s not something we get with nothing to show
We fall right in and then right out
It takes years to grow and to learn about

The battle wounds are tough to take
Still we go right in with our hearts at stake

But there’s a way to avoid that end
See love is like an old true friend And While
We’re still scarred it’s so much better…
Than before…
Than before…
It’s Better Than before…

It’s easier to fall in Love
Than to keep it going through the pushes and shoves
It’s not always fluttering butterflies
Sometimes there are no more sweet goodbyes

There’s anger, there’s grief and lots of pain
And the things we do can be insane

We’ll fight right onto that bloody death
And we’re not as pretty as the day we met

But I know when you look at me
It’s no longer about what you see And While
We’re not so perfect it’s still much better
Than before…
Than before…
It’s Better Than before…



But there’s a way to avoid that end
See love is like an old true friend And while
We’re still scarred it’s so much better…
Than before…
Than before…
It’s-better-Than before.


Disc 2 (Freshman BCB Project: Pre-Production) 2012:
Black Cat Bone
No More Lettuce
Swamp Blues-Radio Airplay
It's Allright
Red Beans and Rice-Original by Brian McElrath
Not Without You-Radio Airplay
Better Than Before-Radio Airplay
All Kinds of Sorrow

Single: Father's Child-Radio Airplay

Disc 1 Release 2010 with the Rocco blu band: Why Do I Care and other stories of a blue guitar...
I’m Through With You
Hound Dog Mama
Big Fat Woman
And I Cry-Television Airplay
I’m Goin Up
Gigalo-Television Airplay
Why Do I Care-Television Airplay and Radio Play
A Woman Can Too-Television Airplay
Down to the River-Radio Play

Set List

**NOTE** Set Lists are in the process of being changed due to new music and originals. New list will be updated by the end of December 2011.

Festival Set List (45 minutes) as of 2012:
1. Black Cat Bone-Original
2. I Go Blind-Tribute to Etta James
3. Valerie-Tribute to Amy Winehouse
4. No More LettuceOriginal
5. Red Beans and Rice-Original
6. Swamp Blues Original
7. Have My Husband
8. Corozon Espinado
9. It’ll Be Allright-Original
10. It Hurt So Bad-Susan Tedeschi

Special two hour Show Set List: Journey Through the Kim Reteguiz sings the songs of her favorite Blues influences and tells the stories behind the music...covers and originals. Act 1: Chronological Order. Act