We're a 60's/70's influenced hardrock/psych/stoner band that adds songs to the volume and hooks to the riffs.


Kenny says : We've been lumped in with Stoner bands, but are more concerned with song-craft that most of that genre's denizens.
I'm the chief songwriter, and besides being influenced by 70's acts along the lines of Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, UFO, Thin Lizzy et al, I admire and grew up liking bands like REM, the Replacements and Husker Du. I also like Brit bands such as Swervedriver and Ride.
Being an owner of Rubric Records, being involved with several local clubs, and NYC itself also keeps us from being a stale retro act (I hope). In addition, we've toured Europe 3 times, and know the quality of the heavy bands there to which we aspire.
Johnny's life is also all about music. He owns and operates the studio where we have recorded our upcoming album, and the fact that he is completely blind I think contributes to his musical sensibility.


Fool's Gold

Written By: Kenny

I can see it everyday
People hurrying it all away
What are they trying to find
They’re just tearing down time

I can’t see, why they believe in Fool’s Gold
I don’t know, why they go for Fool’s Gold
Can’t believe, what they see in Fools Gold
I don’t know, I wish they’d go
Fools. 4x
Fool’s Gold

Yeah they’re bringing it all down
Won’t be happy ‘til it’s all gone
Guess they don’t like what I can see
They can’t love if they can’t dream
Dream time


Written By: Kenny Kreisor/Johnny Young

I’m Distressing over you
And how we’ve been talking right through
The confusion and the pain
They keep professing to do in our name

I don’t want it, take it away
I don’t need it, not planning to stay
Let’s forget it, and fade away
Baby let me make my escape

Now, I’m pretending to not be aware
Then some days I can’t help but stare
At the headlines – what they bring
Cruel dark dreams and real and terrible things

Broken Days

Written By: Kenny Kreisor/Johnny Young

Faster and faster I spin, never realized
I passed her I passed her again, must have missed
your disguise
Worlds keep on burning, I keep on turning inside
As red of tooth claws at everything I try

Beating me down broken days broken days
You know they're beating me down broken days

Spinning I'm losing, I'm winning
It's hard to tell
Sensuous dance pretended romance
I thirst at your well
The world keeps on crumbling
I keep on stumbling
At your feet
You ask me to stay then you push me away
I make my retreat


Eponymous debut when known as Aytobach Kreisor (2002) Rubric
Graveyard of Your Mind (2004) Rubric
as yet Untitled (Fall 2005) Tee Pee

Set List

The set is usually at 40 minutes. Currently, our only cover is Hymn #43 by Jethro Tull. A typical set list would include :
Broken Days
Fool's Gold
Those Days are Gone