Kreptatka Bar Band

Kreptatka Bar Band


Interstellar Multidimensional Gypsy Music from NJ.


Kreptatka began their journey as the honorary gypsy band of the legendary Father tribe. At their last show, they initiated the original energy spectrum to infiltrate the deadly frequencies of the legendary gypsy sorcerer Maynard. Since that time, Maynard's schemes and energy spectrum has grown all the more vast, and now it's Kreptatka's moment in the universe to do everything in their power to defeat the evil Maynard and his apocalyptic gypsy clan.

Here's what we know: Maynard is using subliminal frequencies through song to control the minds of the CharaScurri, the ancient nomadic clan that initiated the first tectonic plate shift. They're the last piece in Maynard's devious plan to elicit a final elaborate pole shit in 2012, to match the December 21st Winter Solstice on the Mayan Calendar. This is where Kreptatka steps in. They must obtain 79 different crystals from each of their distinct homelands to defeat Maynard's malevolent gypsy tribe. As they add each member to the group, a new crystal is discovered, and they become one step closer to understanding the true nature of Maynard's plan.

Their unique brand of interstellar multi dimensional gypsy music is the only thing that can free the minds of the CharaScurri from Maynard's mind control techniques, and NOW is the final piece in the galactic puzzle. These intricate melodies and finely honed musicianship will determine the next 3,000 years of who rules the Earth on an absolutely stratospheric level. Kreptatka came from nowhere, to become anything, and now they're everything, and that's really nothing...


Set List

1 - 1.5 hours
mostly originals, some covers from other instrumental bands.