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"General Press Kit"

Source: The Tripwire

“Looking at his past as a reference, if what you are expecting is something cerebral like The Dears then think again. Instead Krief went the personal route. The seven little gems on this release are introspective, deep and are best listened to on headphones in the comfort of your living room.”

“The acoustic "Worries Are Over" showcases just how talented Krief is as a vocalist, hitting Buckley-esque falsetto highs. Really every track on this album is unique and special"

-Erin Chandler

Source: INK 19

“The Dears' most dynamic live element, guitarist Patrick Krief”

“his voice gives the pretty tunes a soulful depth that stands apart from The Dears as their own entity entirely.”

-Jen Cray

Source: Sound XP

“There are some striking string arrangements on here and an imposing piano that complements Patrick’s heartfelt vocals.”

“a lot of the ep is littered with brutal, honest lyrics”

“There is sanctuary to be found in listening to somebody else’s suffering and reflections where love is concerned. Krief attacks the whole subject of love and its aftermath well.”

“There is an honesty here and refreshing simplicity which gives a great insight into the male psyche.”

“'Take it or Leave' EP is that Krief is a confident lyricist who is capable of effortless vocals. You do not forget this kind of music release in a hurry.”

“It demands no interruptions. It’s quite an accomplishment for a first solo outing.”

-Mary B

Source: Who Needs Radio

“this EP will most likely make my Top 10 for the year.”

“A lucent seven song collection, Take It Or Leave is a lateral departure for Krief. It maintains the musical integrity of his work with The Dears while delving further into his repertoire and perhaps demanding more of his talents as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.”

-Cristin Anelysse

Source: Band Nation

“I was enchanted by the sincerity of his lyrics, the honesty of his voice and the complex simplicity of the music on which they both float effortlessly.”

-Sam Stellar

Source: The Scenestar

“To know Patrick Krief is to have a passion for music as well.”

“Take It or Leave features seven songs, some slow, some intense, some that leave you with the desire to love and some that bring relief. Bu most importantly, this EP shows the true self behind Krief, his guitar and his songs.”

-Paula Gonzales

NME.COM (M for Montreal Showcase Review)

“I only got to see the final five minutes of Krief. And that was a shame because they were one of the best of the weekend. Complex and intense heavy psyche rock helmed by two of The Dears who aren't Murray Lightburn, aka Patrick Krief and George Donoso, they did themselves nothing but favours at M for Montreal.”

-Dan Martin

Chart Attack (Osheaga Review)

“this performance was about bar band rock and unambiguous facial expressions. His final five-minute solo was one of the highlights of the weekend and proved rock 'n' roll still has a place among all the self-referential indie kids if done with true fire and skill.”

—Erik Leijon

Montreal’s Voir (Osheaga Review)

Premier véritable coup de coeur de cette deuxième édition du Osheaga, Krief a offert une performance renversante sur la Scène des Arbres. Menée par Patrick Krief, aussi guitariste des Dears, la formation a sorti les dents, électrifiant les compositions de premier album du Patrick: Take it or leave.”

-Olivier Robillard-Laveaux

Chart Attack (Pop Montreal Review)

“Krief and Dears bandmate George Donoso are deadly. Krief doesn't mind flying over the edge during an extended guitar solo”

—Erik Leijon

----------------------------------------- (Pop Montreal Review)

”There were moments last night when I felt a basked in a celestial glow -, Pitchfork, ...


EP- Take it or Leave
***(Currently recording the next album)




Patrick Krief is a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter. Guitarist for The Dears, Patrick has recently released an EP, Take It Or Leave. Sunny Lane records picked up the EP for an August 2007 release. Patrick performed all the instruments as well as produced the album. The record features mixes by Clement Goulet, Patrick Krief and Murray A. Lightburn. Ryan Morey mastered it. The Record has a distinct sound of its own, and is very little like his work with The Dears. The record is intimate, stripped down and personal. The songs are simple and are decorated with simple arrangements giving the album an honest and easily listenable feel. The EP, acclaimed by the Montreal Gazette and The Mirror, was picked disc of the week by Toronto’s Eye Weekly.

“his voice gives the pretty tunes a soulful depth that stands apart from The Dears as their own entity entirely.”

-INK 19

Patrick’s aim has always been to make honest music, in his words, “I live to create and discover music that excites me. It must feel real! It should travel directly from your ears to your soul. Music has always been an escape for me; somewhere I can go to forget, or to lash out on whatever demons are torturing me. I need to feel that behind music, there is truth, whether it’s about love, sadness, rage, hate, comedy or anything else. I’m a firm believer that people could feel when something is fake, or soulless. I strive to keep my writing honest, and it’s not always easy. What I have to offer is the truth in me, and I hope it can reach people.”

“Krief's music is a warm welcome to my ears, especially when everything out there seems to sound unoriginally like the next big thing. The acoustic "Worries Are Over" showcases just how talented Krief is as a vocalist, hitting Buckley-esque falsetto highs. Really every track on this album is unique and special, there is no filler from the brooding "La Vérité" to the upbeat "What We Wanted" and "In This World."

-The Tripwire

Patrick Krief Joined the Dears In February 2004, and has been a major part of the bands growth, being described as “The Dears' most dynamic live element” - Ink 19. The growth spawned from endless touring, writing and recording. The Dears have made an incredible career for themselves with their reputation as a great live act. The Band’s success has taken them around the world several times, landing primetime slots on main stages at festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Virgin (UK, France and Canada), Leeds (UK), Reading (UK), Roskilde (Denmark), Oxygen (Ireland), T in he park (Scotland), Laneway (Australia), Canada Wet (Japan), Coachella (USA), Siren (USA) and many more. The band was also appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, Last Call with Carson Daily, The Jimmy Kimmel show, Mange Ta Ville, MTV, Jonathan Ross (England), and many more television programs around the world. These experiences are largely responsible for Patrick’s energetic and confident stage persona.

Recently Patrick has put together a band for live performances. For this band he called upon his friend and Dears band mate, George Donoso III on drums, Andre Bendahan (Bass), and Roberto Piccioni on Keyboards. The band’s live dynamic is bringing an explosive new element to the music. The shows have gotten them enough leverage to play in New York several times, Mexico City and Guadalajara. They have played recent festivals such as Osheaga, Pop Montreal and the new M for Montreal (which showcases top Montreal bands for NME, Glastonbury, South by Southwest, and many more…) helping their goal in making a solid career out of music.
Krief is also currently recording their next album.