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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF | AFTRA

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Pop Alternative


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Krigarè @ The High Watt

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Krigarè @ Shawnee Riverfest

Shawnee on the Deleware, Pennsylvania, United States

Shawnee on the Deleware, Pennsylvania, United States

Krigarè @ Shawnee Riverfest

Shawnee on the Deleware, Pennsylvania, United States

Shawnee on the Deleware, Pennsylvania, United States



Krigarè (AKA Kennedy Nöel) is starting a new chapter in her music career and 2017 looks set to be great. A few years ago, I got the opportunity to interview this talented young lady and I could only wish her all the best in her journey. It was around the release of her ‘Cross-Over’ EP, the pop-dance title track was very punchy and addictive. In fact, it was one of my favourite songs of 2015. Then I found out that young Kennedy was making music before she reached her teens, this girl has got so much talent.

‘Falling Apart’ is Kennedy’s first release as Krigarè. ‘Falling Apart’ is definitely a more grown up offering from this singer/songwriter. The emotion is high in this track, the tune pulls you in with an almost Celtic tone and the echoed vocals over the song adds to the eerie ambience. It is different to the tunes you would normally listen to, but that’s what you need now and again. Krigarè has stated that the narrative of her upcoming EP is about her inspiring story of surviving two bouts of cancer. The title ‘Falling Apart’ can be seen as she asks herself about her own mortality, describing some dark moments using the medium of music.

I know I said it before, but I honestly think this girl deserves so much success. To see her stories inspire such breathtaking music is worth a few plays already. Does she let what has happened to her bring her down? No! She has fought through it all and has fought “to see the horizon” and has done that so well. Also, did you know her name means Warrior in Swedish? Krigarè is truly an inspiration.

I was so happy that Kennedy/Krigarè and I got back in touch and I look forward to reviewing her future tracks. From this first taster in the new direction, I think I may have a favourite for 2017 already! This girl has a heart of gold!

Final rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove - The Singing Whovian

As Kennedy starting rolling out the new look, sound, image, I was concerned for her and her career. This is a ballsy move to totally recreate herself, but once she explained the meaning I completely fell in love with the idea. Kennedy is growing up and maturing as a person and an artist, and you can hear it in her new music which has floored me.

She proves once again that Kennedy is a warrior, Kennedy is Totally Driven, Kennedy is "Krigare"!! - Bay Ragni - Totally Driven Radio

“For Kelly Clarkson's "Open Mic Night," Kennedy Nöel performed a mash-up of "All the Small Things" and "The Middle." Commanding the stage, it's as if the beautifully toned singer has been doing it all her life. With a backdrop similar to Clarkson's own, she noticeably has taken cues from watching Clarkson perform on tour. Having no stage freight, she engaged the crowd asking them to clap to make the night even more special for her. Doing so, she nabbed a burst of energy and Clarkson can be heard in the back, "whoooo!" Finishing the energetic performance, Clarkson returns to the stage to give her a high-five and is beaming that the little girl she's known since she was a child has all but grown up.” - Chase Hunt -

Kennedy Nöel released her new video today for her song "Then Came The Fall"...and it's just in time for Valentine's Day.

The Fan Connection (TFC): Hi Kennedy! It's great to catch up with you again! A little bird told us you have a new video being released. What's the name of the song?

Kennedy Nöel (KN): Hi! Thanks so much for having me again! The song is called "Then Came The Fall", and it's my second single off my EP "Cross Over".

TFC: What's the feel of this one? Will we be pulling out tissues for our tears or dancing in the office?

KN: This song is a true love song. It's very sweet and happy, and should hopefully give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Hopefully they'll be happy tears!

TFC: Ok...story behind the song: GO! (This is always our favorite part. Songwriting is so personal...and we're kind of it works out great!)

"I'm typically a very private person and I don't reveal a lot about myself, but once I got into a relationship, I had to learn how to be honest and vulnerable".
KN: This is the first love song I've ever released, and it's by far one of my favorite songs I've ever written. I got into my first relationship last year, and I definitely learned a lot from it. The song describes how relationships can completely change your life and can feel so good, but they're also a lot of work. You have to learn how to swallow your pride and reveal the fragile parts about yourself, and that was hard for me! I'm typically a very private person and I don't reveal a lot about myself, but once I got into a relationship, I had to learn how to be honest and vulnerable. Thought it was hard, it was worth it, and the beautiful thing about relationships is that your walls end up being knocked down in the most loving way.

TFC: You told us this video was shot from iPhones. This peaks our interest even more! How was that experience and what do you think the difference was compared to using standard video gear for a shoot?

KN: This video was a lot of fun to shoot because it was just me and my friend. It took us about two days, and we used the app Hyperlapse to smooth out the footage and stabilize our shaky hands, and I used the app 8MM to get that vintage filter on it. I edited the whole thing by myself and it was such a fun process! My friend and I really had no idea what we were doing, so all I knew was that I wanted the concept to the home footage from the dates placed in the 1940's/50's. I am really obsessed with vintage things, so I just grabbed a bunch of props from my room and we drove out into the woods and around downtown and did everything on the fly. I think the difference was that I had a lot more creative control over how I wanted it to look, and it was a lot more relaxed than doing a professional shoot. There wasn't a whole lot of pressure to do everything perfect, so we had the freedom to just have fun.

TFC: We love to hear the "on set" stories. Is there one you'd like to share?

KN: You'll notice in a few shots that you can see my breath as I'm singing. The shots in the woods were right before Nashville had our big snow storm! Though it looks like this video is placed in the summer/fall, we shot it in the dead of winter and it was about 19 degrees outside! I had never experienced so much pain in my hands from being so cold. The shots around downtown and in the house were right after our big snow storm, and that day I was wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, so in between shots we would run into the car and warm up, then run back outside! The things you do for a music video!

TFC: Will you be releasing any other videos of songs from the EP?

KN: Yes! We're planning out which single to release next and what kind of video we want to shoot for it. It's going to be a fun one, so I can't wait to start filming it.

TFC: If you didn't already know, The Fan Connection is rolling out some amazing features throughout this year. On the horizon are a new mobile site, a new streaming music player with radio-like capabilities that will also have live interviews, commercials for our bands, and more. We'll also have professionally-fun Fan Clubs that your fans can join...complete with yearly membership packages mailed to well as contests for fans AND artists to win prizes, merchandise stores, and more! Of those few things mentioned, what would you say would be most beneficial to you?

KN: The Fan Clubs sound like so much fun! It's a great way for fans to be able to come to one spot instead of multiple social media sites, and interact with each other...along with myself! I love the opportunity to get closer with my fans and do fun things for them! - The

Until 2 weeks ago, I had no idea who Kennedy Noel was. My co-host Nick suggested we try to get her as a guest on our show, and bang!!! We have her as a guest, and I sit and research for the interview and prepare, and I am completely blown away by the story of Kennedy, from starting at a young age, playing at the Grammy's as a child with Kelly Clarkson, to getting cancer, not once but twice in a 6 month span, and conquering all. Then to top it off, she is an incredibly talented, positive, and happy person with beautiful songs. Kennedy Noel is the definition of Totally Driven, and is a name that will be on everyone's lips in the near future!!

Bay Ragni
Totally Driven Radio & Entertainment - Bay Ragni Host & CEO of Totally Driven Entertainment & Radio

"Kennedy brings a lot of heart and soul to her music, and there is no shortage of it. A talent beyond comparison, 2015 is the year of Kennedy Nöel" - Jonjoseph Cosgrove - The Radio Alternative

“At the end of last year, we introduced you to Kennedy Noel, a teenage prodigy with her hands in several projects in order to help her musical career thrive. Well, over the last ten plus months, Kennedy has continued to put her incredible talent to work, keeping her eyes on the prize and ensuring she came out a winner. We recently caught back up with Kennedy, who you may all remember as a teenager far wiser than her years, and with her feet in the country music capital and her heart in rock ‘n’ roll. We are so excited to announce that our young and ever-so-driven Keepin’ It Country friend, Kennedy, will be releasing a video for her original rock song, Never Stop, tomorrow, October 15th. Not only did this uber talented musician write the song (which is an anthem for not allowing others’ negative words to keep you from accomplishing your goals), but she also wrote the treatment and had all the creative ideas for the video. Kennedy’s talents are truly limitless!” - Jennifer Swirsky - Keeping it Country

"This talented young star maybe from a musical background, but she's paving a road all her own. An 8th grader from Tennessee, this young artist is a bright and confident singer, actress, dancer and piano player. Her first performance was in front of millions at the 2006 Grammy's playing piano for the wonderful Kelly Clarkson. Her beautiful voice reaches out , spreading a message of hope and self confidence to all who hear her music. Her newest adventure Majors and Minors put her in the spotlight for the thousands ready to watch. Kennedy turned from a talented teenager into a superstar! - Cordelia Lauren - Dream Magazine

“12-year-old Kennedy Nöel, who recently reached the semifinals in Puckett's Rising Star songwriter competition, has signed with ASCAP. She is represented by McClanahan Management and her first EP, Summer's Here, just launched on iTunes.” - ASCAP - Music Row Magazine

“At 12 years old, Kennedy Noel already understands the concept of loving yourself just the way you are. In her new single "The Best Me" she describes it perfectly, "The best me is not trying to be you, the best me is when I'm who I am." I know I feel most comfortable in my skin when I'm not trying to live up to the pressures others put on me. I'm at my happiest when I am fully being ME, whether I'm singing loudly to my favorite song, writing in my journal on the beach or laughing with my family. Know what makes you feel comfortable in your skin and make sure you stay true to who you are! I want you to listen (or sing loudly) to Kennedy's lyrics and think about all the wonderful things that make you the BEST YOU!” - Jess Weiner -

War·ri·or (n): a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. Krigarè truly is a fighter, and is indeed a warrior. I had the honor of sitting down with Krigarè and talking about her music, as well as getting to know her. Krigarè is a force to be reckoned with. Her powerful vocals will draw you in from the very first note. “Heights” is the perfect perseverance anthem, as Krigarè let’s you know that she is fighting life’s journey in true warrior fashion. “Falling Apart” showcases Krigarè’s chilling vocals with powerful lyrics. Krigarè is the whole package; amazing vocals, cinematics, and a humble personality. Krigarè has the biggest heart and her smile can light up a room. This warrior has fought several battles in life, and she has been victorious. Her battles have led us to some very personal (and some relatable) songs, and we are honored that she has shared her story with us. If you are looking for a cinematic pop artist who is true to themselves, look no further. - Savvage Media


  • Falling Apart
  • Heights
  • Sparks
  • Midnight Train
  • Cross Over
  • Then Came the Fall
  • Let It Go
  • Burn Bright
  • Losing Who I Am
  • Never Stop



Krigarè (Kree-Gar-Uh) : the Swedish translation for WARRIOR.

Krigarè is known for her strong imagery with intense storytelling lyrics.  Her electronic driven melodies, weighted with textured guitars, takes the listener on a cinematic journey of emotions, battles and empowerment.  Krigarè, previously known as Kennedy Nöel, first started in the music industry backing the piano during Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You" performance at the Grammy Awards.  Since breaking in to the licensing world of the cinematic/pop music scene, she has performed at the 2016 National NACA Conference, Evolution Music Festival, High School Nation tour, colleges around the nation, and pre-show events for One Direction, The Fray and Kelly Clarkson.  In her new upcoming release EP titled "KRIGARÈ", Krigarè tells her compelling stories of surviving two different cancers all by the age of 18. "My life has been full of battles these last three years.  It has been by far the most challenging years not only as a person, but also as an artist. I've had to find my voice again, and decide on who I am coming out of trying times. I am a WARRIOR!"

Since moving to Nashville from Los Angeles in early 2009, Krigarè was introduced to song-writing at a very early age.  She has had the honor of co-writing with Grammy winning top 10 chart writers such as Matt Squire, Andy Dodd and Jessi Alexander, as well as award winning writers Molly Reed, Matt Bronleewe, Megan Kabir, August Rigo and many more. Krigarè and Molly won Song of the Year's songwriting contest in 2012 in the Pop category, Krigarè also made it to the semi-finals in a Nashville songwriting competition comprised of adults when she was only 12 years old. Her song "Falling Apart" was selected in the 2017 Nashville Film Festival, and her latest release "Destiny" was licensed for the film All I See is You starring Blake Lively. Recently, Krigarè has been collaborating with Zayde Wolf, Generdyn, Joseph Trapanese  and Jason Halbert creating a new cinematic/pop sound for her soon to be released EP titled "KRIGARÈ".

 Krigarè's first live performance in Nashville at the age of 11 was at the famous BLUEBIRD CAFÉ. The energy she received from the audience lit the fire to begin playing around town, and ultimately start touring. Since then she has played at the National NACA Conference 2016 as well as multiple NACA showcases around the nation. Krigarè was invited to perform at Kelly Clarkson's Miracle on Broadway, several venues and festivals in and around Nashville, has opened for many national tours, and competed in Rocketown's Battle of the Bands and won Music City Booking's Wild Card. She has also been known to join in vocally with the ever popular 80's cover band Rubiks Groove as Cindy Bopper. 

At age 16, Krigarè was diagnosed with stage 4 Thyroid cancer, and only 6 months later was diagnosed with Stage II Melanoma.  To be diagnosed with 2 completely different cancers at such a young age is such a rarity, but that’s what makes Krigarè the true definition of her name: warrior.  Through many years of vocal therapy and vocal exercise, she was determined to beat the odds, and succeeded.  It’s that same drive and passion that fuels her music, and her new outlook on life that shapes her emotionally driven lyrics and melodies.

Previously, Krigarè was a featured artist on the t.v. show Majors & Minors on the HUB Network, can be heard singing a featured track on the Barbie DVD “Barbie: A Mermaid’s Tale” and has worked with GeoGiRL, a line of cosmetics for teens, singing their theme song and made appearances on their behalf.

When Krigarè is not out playing live at colleges across the nation, you can hear her music on iTunes, Spotify and many other world wide outlets, and in over 10,000 retail stores in all 50 states, and on over 70 radio stations. Make sure to keep in touch for upcoming tour schedules and new music releases by signing up for emails on

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