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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Check out K-Riley on www.hoodgrownonline.com. - Hoodgrownonline.com

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Check out the Independant's Day article on hoodgrownonline.com - www.urbanconnectionz.com


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A record pool site where all registered djs are legally able to download "Dat Boi Cold" . - Work Sessions

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Check out K-Riley's new joint of the day on 106 and Park January 4, 2007. Now Dat Boi Cold, for real for real. - BET

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Check out K-Riley in the current issue of Ozone magazine's Midwest edition~ on stands now!! - Ozone Magazine


Dat Boi Cold Remix featuring Jim Jones
(33 markets withing US)



K-Riley is a perfect representation of every element of hip-hop. The former break dancer turned DJ, turned, emcee has been immersed in the culture of hip-hop since he began spinning windmills on pieces of cardboard in the late 80’s. Known as DJ K-Swift back in the day for his skills on the turntables, the Cincinnati bred lyricist uses the colorful illustration of his flows to deliver a new distinction in the music coming out of the Midwest. Set to release his debut offering “The Incredible Life of K-Riley” on the independent Aristakrat Records, K-Riley plans to cash in on what he feels the game owes him.

In a climate where it’s hard for an artist to get one record deal, Kenneth Riley Jr., is on his fifth label situation. “A lot of artists get caught up in what I call these “dope boy deals” explains Riley, “A lot of indie labels go in with the mindset of a dope dealer thinking they’re gonna invest so much money and be able to flip it and see an immediate return, but it don’t work like that. You need ball player money to do this if your going to do it right.” Unfortunately for the determined young emcee, not even ball player money was enough to keep his prior situation afloat. When former Philadelphia 76er Tyrone Hill signed the rapper to his All Net records, Riley knew he was on his way, until he heard on the radio that the label had closed its doors. Fed up and frustrated K-Riley walked away from the game and got a “real job”. However when something is in your blood, there’s no turning your back on it, so in his disgust for what he was hearing on the radio, K-Riley threw his hat back in the arena and he and his boys began putting out mix-tapes that sold like penny candy.

Impressed with the units K-Riley was able to move on his own with limited resources, industry vet James "Fresh" Brown saw something worth investing in. Now with his newest deal in place, K-Riley is the flagship artist for Aristakrat records/Select-O-Hits and his current single “Dat Boi Cold” featuring Gucci Mane is waking up the streets of Cincinnati hip-hop. “I’m a lot of what the game used to be and what it is now but I also respect where it’s going and I think that’s what qualifies me to represent hip-hop for the Midwest.” says K-Riley. With the support of producers like Jazze Pha, Don P of Trilleville, and Manny Fresh, the production is only one aspect of what makes his debut album incredible. “The Incredible Life of K-Riley” is the culmination of the persistence, perseverance, heart and commitment that K-Riley has always put into his music. With features from the likes of Trillville, Guerilla Black, and Gucci Man, “The Incredible Life of K-Riley” is set to drop early March 2007 and marries the various regions in a cohesive mix of hip-hop heavy hitters all adding their flavor to K-Riley’s lyrical swagger. Although K-Riley patterns his business ethic after Jay-Z, he presents a totally different landscape being from the Midwest. “I feel like the Lord sent me to throw the game off balance. My style is so versatile and difficult to pinpoint that listeners will have trouble interpreting where I’m from so I don’t get stuck in one market, but you already know I represent Cincinnati for life! You are now rockin with Aristakrat !