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Santa Monica, California, United States

Santa Monica, California, United States
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"Krimzen is a refreshing, original band with determination and great songs
for days."

-Dave Weiner, Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer (Steve Vai)
- Dave Weiner - Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer (Steve Vai)


"Being in the industry as long as I have, you tend to be able to easily
weed out the "wanna be" stars from the actual stars. Krimzen is one of
those bands. When the weeding is done, they're the ones that remain
standing tall!"

- Dirty Dave
99 rock, kcla fm / - Dirty Dave, DJ 99 Rock L.A.


“This unique California collective utilizes a forward thinking philosophy and strong musicianship to get a crowd worked into and emotional frenzy. “Detour” is a heady tune
with an infectious beat and piercing vocals that will send you clamoring for a computer to find more sounds from

- Rolling Stone Magazine, March 9th 2006 - Rolling Stone Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



The American rock band KRIMZEN, was formed in 2003 by singer songwriter Christopher Snyder in Hollywood, California.

While the band has had various musicians, it is Snyder's strong musical proficiency with guitarist Michael Edwards that has largely carved their dynamic sound known to fans as "the sounds of Krimzen".

As lead singer, Snyder drives this eclectic duo on rhythm guitar, keys, and harmonica. His well thought out lyrics have been quoted by Rolling Stone magazine as "forward-thinking" and "infectious". While Edwards' guitar, bass, and mandolin playing has only added to furthering their successes on stage and in the recording studio.

In 2005, Snyder and Edwards' first collection of songs titled "Initial Contact" (later released in 2007 under the title Nezvanova) topped and dominated college radio charts. This, along with growing attention from the public and music industry, made way for the band to tour and support their first official album Nezvanova (which means - "nameless nobodies"). This gained Krimzen additions to college radio charts, and their music featured on network television.

From 2005 to the summer of 2009, the band toured nationally and played at some of Hollywood's most iconic clubs, such as Whiskey-A-Go-Go, The Cat Club, and the Rainbow Room, as well as, the House of Blues in Las Vegas.

Comprised of very different personalities and attributes, the band is unique, in that there is never a shortage of ideas or influences that surface at any given time. For this very reason, comparing the music of Krimzen to any other is not easy.

Perhaps, if you considered a band solely from what you heard on initial contact, Krimzen would arouse in you the interest to further explore their sound and the distinctive intensity they possess. Then upon discovering the depths in which the band inhabits, you would surely come into the custody of knowledge that Krimzen is much more capable than just producing tunes that excite and are contagious. An eccentric image, and an insatiable desire to delve further into music's realm of creativity, for instance, would surface symbolizing the ingenuity of Krimzen.

Currently Krimzen are back in the studio developing and recording songs for their second album "Hands on Display", which will be official release this coming summer.