Kris Allen

Kris Allen


Music that is fun and enjoyable to listen to. I guess you could say it is pop rock, but in a good way. Yes it is driven by acoustic guitar, but not in the cafe "let's sip on our latte's and listen" kind of way. We definately carry a lot of soul in our style of music.


Every so often someone comes along with a style of music that cannot be classified or labeled as one particular thing. The style is so their own that it’s impossible to place it in just one group. Kris Allen is one of these musicians. If one had to try, they might say his music is a mix of acoustic, soul, and pop, but then they would also have to mention the blues undertones and quick moving rhythms of some of his songs. Not only is his style unique, but his strength is live performance where he entertains crowds with his powerful voice and his own personal take on a wide variety of favorites from Marvin Gay to Michael Jackson to Elton John.

Born and raised in Central Arkansas, music played a big role in Kris’s growing up years. He played viola in the school orchestra, and his talent for singing was always apparent to family and friends. At the age of 13 he taught himself to play the guitar which provided him with numerous opportunities to play for church and school groups alike. It was the summer after his sophomore year in college, however, that he began to write his own music and develop the unique style that he is known for.

After cutting his first CD, which was received well by local fans, Kris began to play shows in the Central Arkansas area. His most memorable shows were at Odie’s Acoustic Café in Conway and at Juanita’s in Little Rock. Listeners at every show are impressed with his performing abilities and always eager to hear more.


I Was Played

Written By: Kris Allen

(Verse 1)
What if we were alone
Would you be the same as
Yesterday in the crowded room.
Well I'm not judgin'
I'm just wonderin' why it's different
When it's just me and you.
I know you tell me it's not
But I can see right through you.

(PreChorus 1)
Cuz your sayin' things
I've never heard
And this side of you I've
Never seen before.

Where you been hiding?
Sister who are you?
I know it's not easy
Being only you.
Glad I know you now
Cuz now I know
Who you really are.
Guess all along I was played.

(Verse 2)
How'd you keep this part of you
Far from me.
Thought I knew you
Oh, so completely.
I liked what I saw
Until you broke down those walls
And let me see you.
I know this sounds bad
But I hope I'm not
Wastin' my time on you.

(PreChorus 2)
Cuz your doin' things
I've never seen.
And this side of you is
Killin' me now.

Where you been hidin'?
Sister who are you?
I know it's not easy
Bein' only you.
Glad I know you now
Cuz now I know
Who you really are.
Guess all along I was played.


(Chorus 2x)


Written By: Kris Allen

(Verse 1)
When you fall your falling hard
And you wonder what it's gonna be.
The next time you end up face down
With your head slightly under your feet.
Where will you go when the dog finally snuffs you out?
When your feeling a little down and out
Running from it all.

(Verse 2)
Don't you get a little tired looking back over your shoulder.
Maybe soon you'll realize that it's all in your head brother.
The dust your kicking up will fade away.
Someone will pick you up and say that i'ts okay
That you're running from it all.

I know you think you've got it down.
But, maybe you just lost yourself and don't know how.
Here's some time so take it now.
Won't you take it catch your breath and you'll find out
That your running from yourself.

(Verse 3)
Someday you will open up.
Until that day I won't give up
Until your done
Running from it all.

On Our Way

Written By: Kris Allen

(Verse 1)
Sunny days come and gone away
And she has let her mind take control today.
Head spinning round and round it goes.
She looks up in the sky and wonders what she knows.

She is on her way
She is on her way
On her way to make it all make sense.

(Verse 2)
Sunny days come and gone away
And he is wondering through this life with noone to blame.
Heart spinning round and round it goes.
He's satring at the sky looking for someone who knows.

(Chorus 2)
He is on his way
He is on his way
On his way to make it all make sense.

(Bridge 1)
Her mind is blowing in the breeze
Well I've been there
I've been there
His heart it rolls like a tumbleweed
Well I've been there
I've been there

(Bridge 2)
I know that you have questions
And I know that you don't know where to start.
And just wait you'll see it gets better.
Don't give up when your on your knees because.

(Chorus 3)
You are on your way
You are on your way
On your way to make it all make sense.


2006 EP - Before Kris Allen was 'Kris Allen and band", he recorded a collection of 6 original songs consisting of vocals and acoustic guitar.

Brand New Shoes - Summer 2007 will mark the release of Kris Allen and band's first full recording project. The album consists of 11 original songs featuring vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums, and bass. Recording has been completed, and an unmastered preview is available for listening on this EPK. The CD is currently being mastered and reproduced and will be available for sale in June.

Set List

A typcial set list depends of the venue and event. The band typically pulls from a collection of 25 original songs and can also play a variety of covers.

Example Set list (originals)

Real world
She's so crazy
Wipe it away
Beautiful moon
Brand new shoes
She's so crazy
Be my lady
On our way
Land of smiles
I was played

A set of originals is usually about 45 minutes to an hour.

A set with covers is 1-1.5 hours

A few covers that are audience favorites:

Man in the mirror - Michael Jackson
Rocket man - Elton John
Let's get in on - Marvin Gay
You make me wanna - Usher