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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF | AFTRA

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Band Rock Alternative




"Kris Bell Named Band and Album of the Year"

"NASHVILLE ROCK'S BAND OF THE YEAR! Kris Bell and his band got my attention last year in November at Rockbar. They started off the set with my favorite song of all time, “Gimme Shelter” by the Stones, and as he and the band went through some more of my favorite songs and some great originals, I was hooked. With John Cooper on bass, Bryan Denton on guitar, and Shane Sexton on the drums, this is one of the best bands playing around Nashville. If you haven’t got a copy of “Turn it On, Turn It Up”, your collection is sorely missing. You can argue that there are some really great bands here in Nashville, but sorry, this one is my favorite and no, you can’t change my mind!" - Nashville Rock

"Bell Snags Music City Mayhem Award for Best Rock Guitarist"

"Kris Bell Snags Music City Mayhem Award! All those years of playing guitar have paid off for Nashville rock artist Kris Bell, who walked away with the award for Best Rock Guitar at the Music City Mayhem Awards. The first annual award show was held Saturday April 9 at the Rutledge in Nashville. Dungeon Promotions put on the event to honor Nashville’s rock and heavy metal artists. Bell was nominated for four awards in the rock category: Best Male Vocal, Best Guitar, Best Live Band and Best Song for Livin’ for Tomorrow. “To walk away with the award for best guitar was humbling. I’ve been playing guitar since I was seven and to get recognition for something I love to do was awesome,” says Bell. “I was in a tough category with some amazing guitarists, so just to be nominated felt great.” - Dream Row Entertainment

"Rocker Kris Bell Secures Licensing for "Turn it On, Turn it Up""

"Rock guitarist/singer/songwriter Kris Bell has secured licensing of his album, “Turn it On, Turn it Up” on Fox and Discovery networks in addition to his previous licensing with MTV. Bell comments, “I’m very thankful to Jon Delange at Tinderbox for all his hard work to secure the licensing of my album, “Turn it On, Turn it Up” for use in the many programs on both Fox and The Discovery Network!” The program list is a long one, including on The Discovery Network: Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Planet Green, TLC, Military, HD Theatre, Discovery Health, HUB, 3Net, DCL Services, Oprah’s new network “OWN,” and all future programs. The Fox Network programming license includes: FOX, FSN, Speed TV, Big-10, NFL Network, NFL Films, Versus, CSN, G4, NASCAR Media Group and ESPN. " - The Lowry Agency

"Quote from Bonnie Neves-President/Owner-Dungeon Promotions"

"Forged from the fires of true Southern Rock, Kris Bell performs with white hot intensity unlike anything you have ever seen. His audience increases each time I book the band, who are always professional, and one of the hardest working groups I have ever had the pleasure to work with!" Bonnie Neves - Dungeon Promotions
- Bonnie Neves - Dungeon Promotions - Kris Bell Music

"Quote from Courtney Matthews-Music Director/Afternoon Drive Host-WZZP-FM Z97.5 Clarksville, TN"

"Kris Bell is pure American Rock ?n Roll. You're guaranteed an amazing, electrifying show every time he and his band hit the stage. His originals are relevant and extremely radio friendly. Bell knows exactly who he is as an artist and a musician. He brings that complete package to the music industry." Courtney Matthews - Music Director/Afternoon Drive Host, WZZP-FM Z 97.5 Everything That Rocks, Clarksville,TN
- Courtney Matthews - Music Director/Afternoon Drive Host, WZZP-FM Z97.5 - Kris Bell Music

"Quote from Tony Stone-Radio Personality/The Local Buzz Host-WBUZ-FM 102.9 Nashville, TN"

"Kris Bell is an undiscovered gem. He is an astonishing songwriter with a strong voice, and the talent that is ready to take him to the next level. Kris Bell will be one of the next big things to come out of Nashville." Tony Stone - Radio Personality/The Local Buzz Host, WBUZ-FM 102.9 Everything That Rocks, Nashville, TN
- Tony Stone - Radio Personality/The Local Buzz Host, WBUZ-FM 102.9 - Kris Bell Music

"Wornstar Clothing Adds Kris Bell to Artist Program"

Wornstar Clothing ( announces endorsement of “Turn-It-On, Turn-It-Up” rocker Kris Bell, managed by Nashville-based entertainment firm, The Lowry Agency.

The Wornstar Clothing line is a combination of exclusive graphic clothing and customized recycled clothing, for the rock ‘n roll lifestyle that is cool to look at yet comfortable to wear. Kris Bell says "Wornstar is the perfect fit for me when it comes to clothing on and off the stage. I'm excited to be wearing them and endorsing their rockwear! - The Lowry Agency

"Bell Signs With Dungeon Promotions"

Rock guitarist/singer/songwriter Kris Bell signs non-exclusive booking agreement with Dungeon Promotions. Bell comments, "I am very excited to be working with Bonnie and Dungeon Promotions! I have a great history with her; she works very hard and is a class act. I am looking forward to all the great opportunities." Likewise, Dungeon Promotions is enthusiastic about working with Bell. “I have been working with Kris Bell for almost two years within the local music scene. Always professional, whether it be a local showcase, opening for a national act, or playing acoustically, he and his band bring it live every time. As Dungeon Promotions expands our services, I could not be more excited to have Kris and his band as a part of the Dungeon Promotions booking roster,” says Bonnie Neves of Dungeon Promotions. - The Lowry Agency

"Creative Spotlight Interviews Kris Bell"

Check out the latest interview with Kris Bell as he sits down with Creative for a Q & A about his music, the current state of the music industry, and what he’s doing as an independent artist to achieve success in the industry. - Creative Spotlight

"Kris Bell Receives Music City Mayhem Awards Nominations"

Rocker Kris Bell receives 2 nominations for the 2012 “Metal Mayhem Awards.

The Second Annual "Music City Mayhem Awards will be held on Saturday, March 24 at The Rutledge, LMV. ( Kris Bell received nominations in the following categories: BEST ROCK GUITAR and BEST LIVE SHOW and was also named the 2011 BEST LIVE SHOW by

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Kris Bell played in the Southern California music scene until moving to Nashville in 2005, where he was quickly hired as lead guitarist for American Idol star Bo Bice. The release of his new album, “Turn It On, Turn It Up” in 2010 has attained heavy rotation on over 148 radio stations throughout the US and Canada and has earned the recognition of Nashville’s Rock’s 2010 Album and Band of the Year. - The Lowry Agency

"Kris Bell Rocks the Cascade Theatre"

"Captivating and powerful Rock...A bold mix of rock, ballads, and contemporary music"
- Redding Record Searchlight

"Bo Bice Joins 3 Doors Down And Hank Williams, Jr. To Honor Lynyrd Skynyrd At VH1's Decades Rock Live Series"

...Bice was joined onstage with his guitarist, Kris Bell who showed he is no lightweight in the guitar division as he stood next to Rossington and Evans of Lynyrd Skynyrd and looked and sounded as if he'd been playing with that band his entire life...

Photography by Lea Sylvester,
Magnolia Media
Review Contributed by Lea Sylvester - Reality Remix Magazine

"Katrina Hurricane Benefit Concert"

With his intense stage presence and soulful, dynamic guitar work, Bell became one of San Diego's most talked about performers and has been compared to legends such as Jimi Hendrix and has even been called "the next generation Eric Clapton"... - Alabama Alive Magazine

"Live @ The Troubador-Los Angeles, CA"

...Bell's pounding rhythms and leads are intense and breathtaking...
...Bell just lets it all out when he hits the bridge into his lead, arching his back and standing on his toes, with his guitar pointing to the sky... - Music Connection Magazine

"Saved By The Bell"

The music Kris is producing is hauntingly beautiful, soulful and leaves the listener wanting to hear more. His ballads are well-written and he uses his melodies to take his audience with him as he journeys to the far reaches of places only Kris knows. Down into the melody, into his heart and mind he grasps his listeners and we are his prisoners until at last he brings us up with his beautiful guitar melodies and his voice as he gently places us back down to listen again another day.

There are “unwritten rules” within the music business that Kris always seems to adhere to and while he respects and enjoys his fans, he never seems to cross the invisible line from the public persona of the performer to the private person. Many performers can't seem to do this or do struggle with this.
- Tuned In Music Magazine

"Kris Bell Live at Rock Bar Nashville"

“…Next up was Kris Bell, who also happens to be playing at our benefit show this Saturday. When he started out with “Gimme Shelter”, I was pretty happy, this is my favorite song, of all time. He and his band put on a hard charging, get off your ass, shake that stage till it drops kind of set, they also covered the Allman Brothers, “Whipping Post” which got the crowd into a real frenzy. I loved the show and can’t wait till Saturday when he plays an acoustic set for us, should be interesting, he is very talented…” - Nashville

"Kris Bell Band Rocks Austin"

Article contributed by:
Lisa Grissinger

When the Kris Bell Band took the stage in Austin, TX on Friday, March 14, 2008, the people milling around in search of some "good music" had no idea of the treat they had in store! At 6:30 p.m. when Kris Bell, John Cooper, and Shane Sexton, all from Nashville, along with Texas guitarist and friend, Heath Clark, stepped onto the Guitar Hero III Main Stage at the Texas Rock Fest and rocked Austin for the 30-minute time period they had been allotted, those people found what they were looking for. As much music as Austin has, especially in this particular week full of music with both SXSW and The Texas Rock Fest going on, I guarantee that the Kris Bell Band will be remembered by many in attendance that day!

At the beginning of their set, hard-core KBB fans that had traveled to see the band from all around the country, were ready for a great show. They knew that what was about to happen on the stage was going to be something fantastic! Once the and began performing, the numbers grew. As the band moved through their songs, more and more people came over to see who they were hearing and wanting to hear more from them. By the end of the concert, the crowd had grown significantly, everyone near the stage, dancing, moving, singing, and smiling, glad that they were there standing in front of this band. No one who heard the Kris Bell Band that day left disappointed!

"Livin' for Tomorrow" with its strong lyrics and guitar riffs had the audience moving.
"Runnin' Out on You" kept up that rhythm and fluid beat as well. Kris' voice growling through the songs, was at its best. Kris and the band slowed it down a bit with "I Know the Sun Will Call." The heartfelt lyrics moved the audience and were delivered with such intensity. It was something wonderful to hear. What a great job slipping it into the set list too. It sure showed those listening the range that these guys have in their music.

During "With You in Mind" and "What Song is It", the band blew the audience away with their aggressive, energetic performance! You could see that the band was feeling it as strongly as the audience. Watching them interact with each other, both verbally and nonverbally throughout the set, shows how well this band works together.

Last song of the set, a new song from the band, "My So Called Friend" was full of pain and turmoil. WOW! The more songs Kris writes, the more new songs his fans want to hear. I can't wait to hear this one again.

Austin was hot, but no one even felt the heat, unless it was what was coming off that stage. Kris Bell Band made their presence known and gained new fans. With an upcoming CD in the works, those fans will be glad that they got to experience the Kris Bell Band as they develop into one major force to be reckoned with. What the audience saw in Austin gave just a glimpse of that! Fans, old and new, left the area with smiles on their faces and a Kris Bell Band song in their heads. I personally cannot wait for the next performance.
Simply put, this band rocks!

- Tuned In Music Magazine

"Kris Bell Live at Rock for Relief"

Kris Bell came to play an acoustic set for us, and wow what a show! He is a very talented man. He has a beautiful voice; he can hit the high and the low notes. Having just saw him with his full band I knew he was great, but I was not prepared for him all by himself. You could have heard a pin drop out there, everyone came running to watch. I never took my eyes or ears off of him. This man is…just awesome! He treated us to his versions of “Keep On Rocking In The Free World” and “Bell Bottom Blues”, which really brought a tear to Irishnancy’s eye. Awesome set Kris! You can come play for me anytime.
I will be keeping my eyes on him. I really see him as becoming quite famous and treasure seeing him in small places, ‘cause I don’t think he will stay in small places much longer. Wow is all I can say. He has passion, something you don’t see in every entertainer. I just can’t say enough good things about him. I can still hear him singing,
“I don’t want to fade away”. I was truly impressed more with him alone than with the band, but I will take it any way I can get it, wonderful entertainer!
There were so many people who came up to me after his set and told me how great he was, as if a spell had been cast upon us.
Now that’s talent!

- Nashville

"Kris Bell on 102.9 The Local Buzz"

“Kris Bell is an American Rock Bad Ass! He’s a great guitarist. I remember getting his CD ‘American Rock’ here and it’s just absolutely amazing. You need to check it out!” “...Kris is tearing it up in Nashville, all over myspace, all over the internet world...” -Aljon Go - 102.9 The Local Buzz

"Kris Bell Featured Artist on"

“Hosting a radio show that showcases great local artists for as long as I has turned me on to some amazing musicians.
Take for example guitar slinger Kris Bell. He combines his soulful playing with radio ready song craft. Check out the tracks “Destined," “Letter of Goodbye,” “Livin’ for Tomorrow” and my favorite "I Know the Sun Will Call." It's gritty, powerful and soulful! He peppers in these numbers with some Texas inspired guitar licks that show off his flare and good taste.” -Aljon Go -


'Turn it On, Turn it Up'
Kris Bell (2010)

American Rock (EP)
Kris Bell
Big Head Rebel-2008

VH1 Decades Rock Live with
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr.,
3 Doors Down, & Bo Bice (DVD)

The Real Thing-Dual Disc
Bo Bice

Plain & Simple

Can't Stop

Only Way Out Is Up

Hear Today



Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Kris Bell is a genuine Rock talent who brings his “American Rock” style out loud and clear with a dynamic range of high-octane Rock anthems and powerful soul-filled ballads that carry his audience through passionate storytelling wrapped in strong, melodic hooks and thunderous guitar driven grooves. He tops his songs off with fiery guitar solos reminiscent of the legends, but with his own signature flare of smooth and bluesy cries capped with intense and ferocious jamming.

With the release of his debut album “Turn it On, Turn it Up”, Kris has attained heavy rotation on over 150 radio stations throughout the US and Canada and was named the “2010 Band and Album of the Year” by MTV, FOX, and The Discovery Networks have all licensed his music for placement in over thirty of their current programs. At the 2011 Music City Mayhem Awards Kris was awarded “Best Rock Guitarist” while also being nominated in three other categories including Best Male Rock Vocal, Best Rock Song (“Livin’ for Tomorrow”), and Best Live Show. This year Kris received two nominations for “Best Rock Guitar” and “Best Live Show” as well as being named Nashville Rock’s “2011 Best Live Show”. FM102.9 The Buzz DJ Tony Stone states “Kris Bell will be one of the next BIG things to come out of Nashville”.

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Kris began playing guitar at age seven, performed his first concert at eight, and wrote his first song at thirteen. He cut his teeth playing in the Southern California music scene until 2005 when he relocated to Nashville, TN. After only one month and two auditions, Kris was quickly hired as the Lead Guitarist for American Idol star Bo Bice. During that time, Kris performed on numerous national TV programs, recorded on a major label release, appeared in a number one music video on MTV and VH1, and performed with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr., and 3 Doors Down for VH1’s Decades Rock Live which aired on VH1 Classic.

Currently Kris is recording a follow up album to “Turn it On, Turn it Up” at The Castle Studios in Franklin, TN with a release scheduled for late spring.
Experience the music of Kris Bell and the sound of today’s “New” American Rock Artist.

Professional Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter with over 15 years experience in live performance, studio recording, producing, & touring.

Solo Artist-2007-present
Nominated for Two 2011 Music City Mayhem Awards:
Best Rock Guitar
Best Live Show
Named Nashville Rocks' 2011 Best Live Show
2010 Music City Mayhem Awards Winner - "Best Rock Guitarist"
Named Nashville Rock's 2010 Band of the Year
Named Nashville Rock's 2010 Album of the Year
Charted #16 Top 40 Buzz Bands of 2010 - FM102.9 The Local Buzz
Nominated for Four 2010 Music City Mayhem Awards:
Best Rock Guitar
Best Male Vocal
Best Live Show
Best Rock Song - "Livin' for Tomorrow"

Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals-Bo Bice- 2005-2007
Toured nationally as the Lead Guitarist/Backing Vocalist to promote and support the debut album, “The Real Thing” with Season Four American Idol runner up Bo Bice, including many live television performances, festivals, amphitheaters, arenas, and master track recordings.

Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals/Songwriter-FITH-1995-2005
Performed extensively on a regional and national level.
Co-wrote and recorded four, full length albums, two of which were nominated for Best Rock Album in 1998 & 2000 at the San Diego Music Awards.

Graffiti Bar Commercial-Comcast
Live @ 9 Morning Show
Jimmy Kimmel Live
CD USA - Direct TV
Live with Regis & Kelly
‘In The Moment, Bo Bice’ - CMT
The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Total Request Live - MTV
“The Real Thing” (Music Video) MTV, VH1, Fuse
Hi Jinks - Nickelodeon
San Antonio Mornings
Decades of Rock Live with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr., 3 Doors Down, & Bo Bice - VH1 Classic
Balcony TV

‘Turn it On, Turn it Up” - Kris Bell (2010)
‘American Rock’-Kris Bell (Big Head Rebel 2008)
‘Decades Rock Live with Lynyrd Skynyrd’-DVD (VH1 2006)
‘The Real Thing’-Bo Bice (RCA 2005)
‘12am’-FITH 2005
‘Can’t Stop’-FITH 2002
‘Only Way Out is Up’-FITH 1998
‘Hear Today’-FITH 1996

The Castle Studios-Franklin, TN
Dark Horse Studios-Franklin, TN
Starstruck Studio-Nashville, TN
Wilderside Studios-Brentwood, TN
Cherokee Studios-Hollywood, CA
Rolling Thunder Studio-San Diego, CA
Capricorn Studio-San Diego, CA
Blackbeard Studios-Nashville, TN/San Diego, CA
Vista Grande Studios-Nashville, TN/La Mesa, CA