Kris Collins

Kris Collins

 Spring, Texas, USA

I started as a simple folk artist, but as real-life heartaches grew I found my songs taking on a more soulful sound with a keen blues slant. I'm proud of "The Ex's & Oh's EP" as a first effort but the upcoming album "Whiskey & Cigars " is where I feel most at home. Good songs inspired by bad women!


Kris Collins is singer/songwriter born and raised in the sprawling, humid city that is Houston, TX. He didn't start playing guitar til the age of 18 but quickly started to work his poetry into haunting melodies accompanied only by simple guitar parts.

Over the years, jobs came and went but the music was constant and Kris continued to work at it and improve consistently as a lyricist and player. After several years of day jobs and just playing the occasional gig, he decided to make something happen. "The Ex's & Oh's EP" was the result of his efforts. Released in the October 2010, it was a collection of the some of the best tunes Kris had written over the years with the oldest song on it penned in early 2007. It had been a long time coming, but Kris had finally made his record. He toured (and continues to) in support of the album playing mostly house shows, cafes, and bars and gaining fans all along the way.

Now, nearly a year and a half after his first EP release, Kris is getting set to go into the studio again but this time with more in mind. "Whiskey & Cigars" will be Kris' first full length album and will feature a full band on nearly every track. These songs are far more reflective of the acoustic soul/blues nitch Kris has been carving out for himself. Catchy hooks, skilled harmonica leads, and sizzling electric blues riffs will all play a part of what promises to be an amazing album. Already, at shows where he has previewed the new tunes he has garnered great praise. Country & Western star Larry Butler, after hearing Kris play two songs, invited Kris to play at the legend's own 80th birthday party and remarked that night to the crowd of over 300, "that young man has some of the best songs I've ever heard...and I've heard a lot!"

Kris is a strong solo artist who can grab a room and take it for a beautiful and often emotional ride with his haunting songs, powerhouse vocals, and disarming onstage charm. 95% of Kris' shows to this point have been solo shows and he is definitely comfortable in that setting, but he is also looking forward to bringing the band sound to his fans - a band that finally enables the audience to hear in the songs what Kris has heard in his head for years. He is carefully, almost meticulously, lining up his band one member at a time. Most solo artists will just throw together a band for a show that requires it. All well and good - the show goes well and everyone goes their separate ways. Kris sees it differently. He is selecting family members. Cut from the same cloth, heading the same direction, ready to follow the music on down the road. Folks like him who have found music to be the most faithful of companions, when everything else has left 'em by the wayside. He's looking for them right now. He'll find 'em. And they'll find their way near to you soon.

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The Ex's & Oh's EP (2010)
Whiskey & Cigars (late summer 2012)