Kris Doty

Kris Doty


Kris is currently promoting her first album, Smoke in the Mirror, eight stunning songs ranging in style, tone, and subject matter from the playfully epic to the disarmingly intimate. Nick Collias of the Boise Weekly described Kris’s voice as a “blast-off into the upper strata of the bansheesphere."


In the past two years, Kris Doty has gained a loyal, enthusiastic fan base in Boise, Idaho. 2007 found Kris ready to share her songs with a much larger audience, as she began touring and sharing stages with such artists as Banyan, DJ Logic, the Willie Waldman Project, and Dead Meadow. Kris Doty “can write a song that breaks your heart, pull a pretty sweet long shot of espresso, and occasionally dance with knives.” And also in the Boise Weekly, Amy Garrett wrote of Kris: “She holds the audience in the palm of her hand, unraveling the mystery between her unassuming sweetness and the force and emotion of her voice. Kris admits, `I guess I’m kinda intense. I want it to mean something. I want people to be moved.’”


"Smoke In the Mirror" is Kris Doty's debut album, released in Feb, 2007.

Set List

Set list for a 45 minute set: 1) Blue Suitcase 2) The Newest Adventure in Sing alongs 3) Safe to Say 4) Whale 5) Steer Clear 6) Icing on the Cake 7) Goodnight, Darling 8) Eggs 9) Sound of the Bee 10) Whiskey 11) Thumb. Possible covers include, "Where is My Mind" by the Pixies, "Unchained" by Johnny Cash, or "Time After Time" by Cindi Lauper.