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The best kept secret in music


"New Aragonian Jewel"

Hope you know Spanish (if you want a translation I will prepare one, one of these days...)

Krisenka Finley

Raíces irlandesas en Aragón. Dicen que Krisenka Finley (Nuria Calvo) es la única aragonesa que habla seis idiomas, entre los cuales se encuentren el gaélico y el bretón antiguo. Es posible que así sea, que no habrá mucha gente a la que le dé por semejantes heroicidades lingüísticas, pero lo que está bien claro es que es una chica muy guapa y que tiene una preciosa voz. Éste es un disco-confesionario donde Krisenka ha vertido sus emociones musicales, dejando un puñado de canciones de las muchas que llenan su vida, bien sean propias o ajenas. Un disco ecléctico en el que se evoca a los Beatles, Thin Lizzy, Johnny Cash y hasta Kansas, y en el que suenan piezas irlandesas así como propias con vetas de pop, country y swing. Se nota una mayor soltura y atractivo en la zona folk (magnética versión de “Whiskey In The Jar”), mas por encima de esta amalgama está esa voz tan bien dotada tímbrica y armónicamente. Quizá pulir algunos engolamientos, que le efean, y centrarse en un repertorio más homogéneo (el folk) le ayudraría a definirse y a madurar más como artista. En cualquier caso, la música aragonesa acaba de encontrar una nueva joya. M.U.
- Matias Uribe (music critic - Heraldo de Aragón)


My debut cd: Wasteland (Feb. 2004)
Its songs have been broadcast in local radios as well as local TV and the cd has got the best reviews by professional critics during this year (see


Feeling a bit camera shy


Perhaps I am one of the few musicians who, having taken a guitar and sung for the first time a year and a half before, has performed more than 100 concerts during this last year without going to one of these TV programs that boost rock stars and so on!! (And, I suppose this may mean something...).
So my bio is quite interesting because I have made many things in life, and I have always been the best in what I have done. Now, I have started a new challenge. What you may hear are my first songs, now I am preparing my second cd, with a little more knowledge than the first, which wasn't intended to be sold.

I must tell you that all critics and musicians tell me I don't sound like any other else. My vocals may seem a bit Irish, but the songs I make have something different and people really enjoy them (I remind you, more than 100 concerts... and I got paid for all of them).

The only problem I have here in Spain, as A&R told me, is that I SING IN ENGLISH!! I feel more comfortable singing in English, this is the most international language and my music can reach every corner in the world, so after considering an offer from a record label here to sing in Spanish, I rejected, I want to reach every corner of this world, and if I have to leave my home... I'll make of the place where I arrive a new cosy one.
My influences are as eclectic as my music (Three Lovers has nothing to do with Spanish Lullaby, evidently), but I really enjoy bands or musicians who are able to offer you different points of view in the same cd, for instance, the Beatles: What does Yellow Submarine have to do with "A day in the life"? And they appear in the same album. And What about Prince? Check Purple Rain and his different songs there and you'll know what I mean. And for me, they are two of the great gurus of music during the 20th century.

What sets me apart from other bands? Everything, I think. I sound like myself.
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