London, England, GBR

Polished Brit-rock band with dual vocals, fronted by dynamic female signer. Keyboard synths and sounds are used in some songs to add substance and bring a new dimension to the rock 'n' roll sound.


Krish are a 5 piece Brit-rock band with dual male and female vocals, based in Central London.

High profile venues played in London include 100 Club, 229 and Clapham Grand. The band have also supported the band 'Ash'.

In addition, at the 100 Club the band performed on the same line-up as Stewart Mac, who supported Bon Jovi at Twickenham Stadium in 2008.

The four male members of the band have been together since early 2006 with the new female singer joining in spring 2010.

Two members of the band were students at Loughborough University, where the band performed at the university's outdoor festival ('Freefest') between 2006 and 2008 to a crowd of approximately 2,000 people.

The student magazine, Label, described the band as:

“…90’s Brit-pop with inspiring guitar solos and shout-a-long lyrics, polished off with the use of the female performer” (Label, May 2008)


Jet Plane EP - To be released August 2010

Blues Rocker EP - August 2008

Firebird EP - August 2007

Set List

30-35 mins set consisting of 8 songs