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"My Two Cents' Worth "Kris Kelli"....the artiste to watch"

My Two Cents' Worth Kris Kelli...the artist to watch. By: Fran Chin With several singles to her credit, extensiveperformance experience on the international stage and in particular the Japanese circuit, Kris Kelli is an underplayed but steadily rising star. My interest in Kris as a talent peaked upon hearing her single "Kotch Aroun'". Well written and arranged, I realized that not unlike a true literary piece, "Kotch Aroun'" was a forceful social statement with lots of versatility and which the young and beautiful songstress belts out with melodious confidence from her innermost core. Needless to say, I haven't stopped playing her. Check out Kris Kelli at or listen to us any Saturday on and you will surely catch her during the show. Take it from me! Kris Kelli is the artist to watch! KuttingEdge Communications Consultants P.O. Box 898, Wheatley Heights, NY 11798 Tel: (631) 920-5375 email:
- KuttingEdge Communications Newsletter


It is very rare for an eighteen year old to be so sure of her career path. Yet Kris Kelli is convinced that singing is the profession for her. But then, who wouldn’t be sure after being approached by Nelly Furtado`s manager, Chris Smith, at karaoke…singing one of Nelly Furtado`s songs, no less. Fairytale though it may sound, that’s what happened to Kris Kelli. She along with her parents decided at the last minute to go to karaoke, a past–time that she enjoyed with her father as well as a way to unwind and de-stress. She chose “Turn off the lights” by Furtado (by this time, her love of the singer had earned her the moniker Kelli Furtado) and belted it out well enough to be noticed, called over and essentially signed by Smith. Shocked though she may have been at her good fortune, Kelli no doubt realized that something special was happening.

Smith had been listening along with producer and artiste Yogie from Fiwi Music/Jamaica Records. Kelli had been searching for an inroad into the music industry and she found it, even if by chance. The “audition” and meeting came at a good chance for Kelli since, although she had just completed A-levels at Hillel Academy with plans to pursue a career in dentistry, she also dreamed of being a professional singer and was planning to use last summer to have a demo made and to shop it around to every record label she could find. Instead in August 2002 she opened for acts such as Temptations, the Manhattans and Cuba Gooding Sr. at the Summer Soul Jam Concert held at the Constant Spring Golf Club Grounds.

So at 18 years old, Kristen Kelli-Ann McGregor eagerly snapped up the chance to pursue her dream. She adopted the stage name Kris Kelli and joined Fiwi Music/ Jamaica Records under the direction of singer and producer Yogie. While Fiwi Music video tapes recording sessions and rehearsals so that Chris Smith is able to keep abreast of Kelli’s progress, Kelli is free to concentrate on writing songs, learning about melodies and to really immerse herself in the creative process. Her first single “Hide Away” is currently getting good airplay on the radio and the video (actually a medley of songs by artistes from the Fiwi Music camp) is receiving heavy rotation on Hype Tv and Re Tv. In fact, given the popularity of the first single, there is the possibility of a video dedicated to the catchy song. Her second single “Na Na Na” has also been released, which puts her on track for her goal of releasing as many singles as possible in order to establish a good fan base and to get her name out there. Kelli is in no rush to release an album until she feels she has enough quality material as well as an eager and solid target audience.

In the beginning, Kelli admits that she was apprehensive about being a young woman in the music business as well as the only female on her record label but her fears were soon laid to rest under the helpful guidance of Yogie. He seems a kind of big brother who looks out for a kid sister with an eagle eye, while also recognizing that she can’t be ordered around. He, along with the other seasoned singers on the label, provide advice and help while allowing Kelli to make her own decisions. Kelli also has good family support. Her choice to leave dentistry behind was not met with stubborn resistance from her family, but instead they seem happy and proud that she is able to pursue her dream. For them, her love for music came as no surprise since she had been nurtured by her father’s vast love of music. Her own musical inspirations include Diana King, Aaliyah, Nelly Furtado (of course), Gwen Stefani (lead singer for No Doubt), Wayne Marshall (whose melodies she especially admires) and Sizzla. Her refreshing sound, which is a subtle mix of rhythm & blues and reggae, fits well with the rest of her record label colleagues. She never forgets her reggae roots, though….just check for her ever present red, gold and green arm bands.

Of course not everyone trying to pursue a lofty goal will have the luck that she has had but if, at least, during your pursuit you’re half as happy as she is then the journey will be worth it. Kelli is simply bubbling over with joy, energy and enthusiasm. She speaks fondly of her now frequent and essential workouts at the gym as she works on her cardio, an essential asset for good stage performing. This hard work all came in handy as the Fiwi Music camp did a 2-3 week tour of the United States and Toronto. An established producer, Yogie demands nothing but the best and Kelli is up to the challenge. She is already comfortable on the stage, whether at a large concert or in a more intimate atmosphere, so she undoubtedly did well on the tour. Happy and content to be doing what she loves the most, Kelli is eager to develop her song writing skills and eventually take a stab at producing her own songs. Who knows, maybe one day some young girl with high hopes and dreams will be singing a Kris Kelli song at karaoke….
- Daily Gleaner Article


Kris Kelli proved that she was not just a pretty face at the Reggae Spring Bruk Out event, held at Waves Beach, Negril on March 18.

The first lady of Fiwi Music entered the stage singing Dawn Penn’s classic “No No No and then moved on to her first hit single “Hide Away”. Kris Kelli then had female patrons singing along to Fiwi Music’s reggae remix version of Nelly Furtado`s “Turn Off The Lights”, and had men in the audience in awe as she sung an accapella version of India Arie`s “Ready for Love”.

Kelli then threw show host Beenie Man in a frenzy as she teased him on stage with her sultry moves, by performing her hot original single “Flip Up”, which is currently No.1 on Italy’s reggae chart.

Kris Kelli ended her show performing her current single, Althea and Donna’s “Uptown Top Rankin”.


You may remember her from her debut single, Hide Away, that dropped early last year.
Kris Kelli. Her name rolls off the tongue easily, rhythmically and smoothly as smooth as her voice and as rhythmic as her tunes. At 19, the budding star brings it together in a stylish, sensual package. After little more than a year in the music business, Kelli exudes an air of confidence on par with many women who have been in the industry for years.

Image is everything in the entertainment industry and Kris is on top of her game where this is concerned. Young men describe her as sexy and can’t help but glue their eyes on her when she struts by. At last months “Hot Shots”, where Youthlink last spotted her, she stood out in a crowd of already good looking people and we watched as many of the youngsters “bruk dem neck” to look at her.


MY PERSONAL STYLE…………is the way I feel. I wake up and I want to feel comfortable so I dress comfortably. I like how Aaliyah (late pop singer) was. She had a mysterious sex appeal about her that I liked.

I LIKE TO BE FASHIONABLE….keep up to date. I also like to wear reggae and Rasta arm bands to represent Jamaica.

I DON`T THINK…………….there is anything wrong with being sexy,it`s a very nice, confident feeling. But, I don’t go overboard. You have to feel comfortable.

SOMETIMES MY FATHER DRESSES ME……….when I have performances to do, like for Hot Shots. He’ll tell me what to wear. He’s just a really supportive father. My family is very supportive.

Kelli got her break while singing karaoke one night. Her song of choice was Nelly Furtado`s Turn off the lights. It just so happened that Furtado`s manager was in the house. He was impressed and she was later signed.

THERE ISN`T A SEPARATION OF DOWNTOWN AND UPTOWN……as far as music is concerned, says Kris. It’s just music. Most entertainers just care about the music. I’m just happy dancehall has gotten to the level that it has, and I give props to Sean Paul, Elephant Man and Vybz Kartel for taking it to that level because that’s where I want to go.

HER MUSICAL INFLUENCES RANGE…..from artistes most young people are not familiar with, to others who are currently popular. It’s a good mixture of the new and old, she explains. The old: The Stylistics, Spinners, Del Phonics. The new: Aaliyah, Nelly Furtado, Beyonce, Diana King. The in between: Luther Vandross and Stevie Wonder, to name a few.

As the only female artiste in her Fiwi Music/Jamaica Records camp, Kris says she enjoys meeting and interacting with other women in the music world, adding that those within her crew treat her very well.

I`VE MET A COUPLE OF FEMALE ARTISTES………I met Cecile, and she was nice, & Sasha (the female voice on Sean Paul’s latest track I’m still in love).

WHEN WE GET TOGETHER……there’s a bond.

SHE FEELS NO SENSE OF RIVALRY....with other young female artistes. She adds that some people have been trying to put her against Tami Chin, also an upcoming songstress with a similar background and style to her. Kris notes that she grew up with Tami and will not allow any rift between them. “More props to Tami”, she tells Youthlink.

Kris says she’s enthusiastic and positive that this year will be hers. “At first I was skeptical about whether people would like me. But I’ve been to a lot of functions and gotten feedback from the people. They are very supportive. They ask when the single and album will be dropped and they give me props. It’s not only the young people, but parents too.”

For 2004, she says; look out for a year loaded with singles and videos. Her next single “Flip UP” is due to be released later this month, and look out for Hanky Panky soon after.
- YOUTHLINK - Daily Gleaner Magazine

"Jamaica's Kris Kelli headlines weekend 2007 Reggae Festival"

The hypnotic sounds of reggae will be all over the Okinawa stage Saturday night as virtually every Japanese musical reggae group jumps in for the 2007 Japan Reggae Festival.

No fewer than 18 Japanese groups will team with Kris Kelli, a 22-year-old Jamaican whose music stretches well beyond the reggae sounds that propelled her to initial stardom. She came into the reggae music arena in 2003, studying all facets of writing, singing and producing. Her debut album, My World, was released seven months ago in Japan after working 18 months on the 15 tracks. Lovers Rock, dancehall, reggae and soul all blend in Kris’ musical world.

Japan Reggae Festival 2007 Okinawa, sponsored by DoCoMo and supported by Tower Records, takes place on the seaside stage of Ginowan City’s Open Air Theater near the Okinawa Convention Center starting at 2 p.m. Advance tickets are ¥6,000, while tickets purchased Saturday run ¥6,500. Preschool age children are admitted free. Tickets are on sale at Tower Records in Naha,

Also appearing at this seventh annual open air festival concert are Kiko, Shonanno Kaza, Jumbo Maatch, Takafin, Boxer Kid from MJR Turner, Chenon, Nassuko Cucumber, Papa B, Fireball, Pushim, Home Grown, Munehiro, Make Feel Irie, Richie G, Ryo the Skywalker, U-Don and Platy.

With its origins in Caribbean and African music, American rhythm and blues, and Jamaican ska, reggae first began attracting a worldwide following with the music of Bob Marley. The musical genre began getting regular radio airplay in the early 1960’s. The Rastafari movement influenced the reggae music in the 1970’s and 1980’s, as lyrics expanded to include sexuality, broad social issues, faith and love.

Reggae’s unique form, which heavily uses drums, bass guitars and keyboards, lets virtually any song be adapted to reggae style. Saxophones, trumpets and trombones are used to play introductions and counter-melodies.
- Newspaper in Okinawa, Japan, Date Posted: 2007-04-25


Two songs, Uptown Top Rankin and Flip Up that were released in the first quarter of 2003 made it to the Number 1 spot on the Italian Reggae singles chart for the months of March and April respectively.

In 2005 she also had 3 chart toppers in Austria on their reggae chart.

Her Debut Album "MY WORLD" was released by Pony Canyon Int. Japan the 20th September 2006.

Her video 'we're missing you' was nominated by the Reggae Academy Awards 07 amoung the Top four videos in the Reggae category and topped out at the No. 2 position for 5 weeks in a row on the Cross Caribbean Video Countdown Chart.

2008 had it's share of successes with two releases making it to No. 1 on the Reggae charts in Sweden and the U.K.
Back to Black - Swedish Reggae Chart and Kotch Aroun - U.K Reggae Chart



Entering the music business and filming a music video for her first single “Hide Away” and going on an eleven-city tour of the U.S.A as well as performing in Canada and a number of major stage shows and charity events locally through-out that year was enough to convince her that she had made the right decision to pursue a career in music.

Much of the next 18 months had her in Studios working with a number of Top Producers in Jamaica to realize her debut album titled ‘MY WORLD’. This album boasted 15 tracks including two collaborations, one each with Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel; it represented various genres of Reggae music and captured the essence, journey and versatility of the artiste. “MY WORLD” was released in Japan by Pony Canyon Int., on September 20th, 2006.

The next 12 months had several visits to Japan doing the ‘My World’ album promotional tours, radio interviews, performances and photo shoots for magazines in the cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa while filming three (3) music videos in Jamaica. Two videos were shot in the first quarter of 2007 for “STEP UP” which is the lead single on the album and “We’re Missing You" (The Tribute) which was recorded after the album was released, the third and final video “Secret Admirer” was shot in the last quarter of 2007.

Her video "We're missing you" was on the MTV's Tempo Cross Caribbean Countdown Top 10 Video chart for 13 weeks and peaked at the # 2 position for 5 weeks, it was also nominated by The Reggae Academy Awards with 3 other videos for the Best Video for 2007 in the Reggae category.

2008 started out as planned with a lot of studio work and the release of 12 new singles during the course of that year.

2009 was a year of Performances, recording more Singles, breaking into new areas (video and record production), filming two music videos and working with Producers that she has not worked with before. Two photo shoots were done during the course of the year, the first one was for new photos to update her ‘MySpace’, Website and EPK (electronic press kit), and the second was for the Cover of the BUZZ Magazine ‘SUMMER SWIM SUIT’ issue.

Kris Kelli's new video for the Hit Single 'Kotch Aroun' was conceptualized and Directed by her, it was shot in five (5) locations in and around Kingston, Jamaica. The song Kotch Aroun was nominated by the MP3 Awards in the Reggae category and the video is nominated by Carivibez TV in the category of BEST FEMALE VIDEO for 2009. This video was No. 1 on RE TV for five consecutive (5) weeks and No. 1 on Carivibez TV for seven consecutive (7) weeks; it can be viewed on all the local channels in Jamaica as well as Tempo and BETJ and more.

2010 is shaping up to be the break-out year for Kris Kelli.