Kris Langemann

Kris Langemann


One of the best all-around musicians you have ever heard, Kris Langemann is Canada's answer to the likes of Jack Johnson and Coldplay. His instrumental abilities are surpassed only by his amazing vocal performances.


Music has always been a large part of Kris Langemann’s life. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, his family moved to the Lower Mainland, BC when he was two. His mother, a school teacher who played guitar in and piano in the church band, his father, a truck driver and master trombone player, and his grandma, a fiddler of Scottish decent made for a modern day Partridge Family. They knew they had a prodigy on their hands when Kris began mastering the Piano at the age of three. While unable to afford lessons for him growing up, his family did their best to nurture his talents on their own. With his parents divorce when he was eight, however, there was little time to focus on this and Kris was forced to hone his craft under his own guidance.

In grade six, as in most elementary schools, Kris was formally introduced to the guitar. His mother loaned him her guitar and some words of wisdom and since then he has yet to put the instrument down for more than a week. Growing up in Coquitlam, BC Kris would often leave his friends with their jaws on the floor when he would spontaneously sit down and start wailing away on the keys. Infinitely humble, he has never been one to brag or boast. He lets the music do the talking.

Kris has always had a love for acoustic guitar, a fact which is very apparent in his music. He notes unplugged albums by the likes of Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Eric Clapton as playing a major role in the development of his own sound. With the ever-increasing popularity of acts like Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews, it is a sound that fits in well with present industry trends. This is not to say that his music is catering to these trends however, as Kris’ amazing blend of instrumental and vocal talents produce songs that are both unique and innovative.

In the past two years Kris has began to take his music to another level. Writing songs at a furious rate, Kris has developed a strong repertoire that will be recorded in the coming months. After meeting J.T. Edmondson, a local record producer, and recording his first song “Thinking of You”, he has begun to familiarize himself with the entire recording process. J.T. has just moved in to a state of the art studio in Port Moody, BC and is ready to take on the production of Kris’ demo as one of his first projects. Vancouver has finally began to get a taste of Mr. Langemann with recent performances at some of the city’s most renowned venues including Richard’s on Richards and the Media Club. Judging from the reaction at these shows, fans will be quick to embrace Kris Langemann as one of Canada’s most promising young stars.


Thinking Of You

Written By: Kris Langemann

Let yourself down once again nowhere’s gotta be the place your in
no one knows that your gone,
Check yourself in make a friend get used to life without a hero in
something slipped what went wrong,
Sick of seeing time slip by then you find yourself asking why
what’s the use when she’s gone,
Get your head strait my friend cant you see the world we’re living in
got yourself good you’ve been wrong,

And I’m thinking of you on my side
can you see?
all of these feelings I hide
can you know?
just what I’m feeling inside
that’s when I’m thinking of you…..

Now your walking straight can she see she can tell you just what to be
someone please let her know,
Sick to solve another problem man she don’t wanna see the state your in
what’s the use let her go,
So prove to nobody else but you that your tired of speaking lies not truth
no one cares that your late,
Don’t sell yourself short be true love is gonna come soon for you
isn’t life good when your straight,


Hands Up High

Written By: Kris Langemann

Better times have come from better days
Like decisions made by men set in their ways
These are men that only think of themselves
These are plans that are coming out of getting paid
Ten thousand people dead because of me
Man I know I couldn’t live with myself

So hold your hands up high and start to pray for their souls
God I’m asken why you let these men have control
Let their cars run dry and make them pay for this oil
So please be cool man in due time god will raise his hands

So this is it then that’s what it’s coming to
You see them bombs on tv drop right in front of you
How you gonna let this one go
So stand aside then there’s nothing you can do
Let these people run a country that’s been running you
How you gonna let these men know

So hold your hands up high and start to pray for their souls
God I’m asking why you let these men have control
Let their cars run dry and make them pay for this oil
Please be cool man in due time god will raise his hands

Chorus 1 time

Set List

Good Company
Thinking Of You
Pain and Wastings
Nobody To Blame
Hands Up High
Lost My Book
This Feeling Of Love

Common Covers:
Jack Johnson- Rodeo Clowns
Audioslave- Be Yourself
Coldplay- Trouble
Stone Temple Pilots- Plush
Extensive Repertoire of others.

Set duration: 20-60 minutes