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Kris Orlowski

Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Folk Rock


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Kris Orlowski @ Showbox (at the Market)

Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle, Washington, United States

Kris Orlowski @ Wild Buffalo (w/Ivan & Alyosha)

Bellingham, Washington, United States

Bellingham, Washington, United States

Kris Orlowski @ The Crocodile

Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle, Washington, United States

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"Kris Orlowski - Small is Beautiful"

The Skinny: The Seattle, Washington-based singer/songwriter Kris Orlowski mixes a blend of acoustic folk-rock and indie-pop on his new album Happiness Is Waiting. Drawing comparisons of Paul Westerberg and Elliot Smith, the songwriting and craftsmanship of Kris Orlowski is filled with melodic songwriting that encompasses all moods from wistful to happy to love. With a truckload of acoustic rhythms and fillings, with soothing chords progressions, Kris Orlowski's music captivates his audience with thoughtful lyrics and catchy hooks.

The warm, clean and natural songs are strong enough to have resonance in the most stripped down of settings, but drummer Tim Rummerfield and bassist Scott Schrock provide a colorful backdrop for Orlowski’s songwriting to truly blossom in arrangement and depth. Conjuring the spirit of everyman may not be glamorous, but it’s also not easy. Orlowski writes from a real, unguarded place and that accessibility is tangible. There are no walls here - only a palpable honesty and really, really good songwriting. Ever had your heart broken? Ever felt like love was the only sensible means of escape? Ever felt paralyzed in the wake of wild emotions? Then you’ll relate to Happiness Is Waiting. Kris Orlowski's latest Happiness Is Waiting is now available on iTunes and CDBaby. - Pure Grain Audio

"Western Washington University"

Kris Orlowski mixes a blend of acoustic rock intertwined with a sonic mix of catchy riffs, memorable melodies and heartfelt lyrics. His live show comes across with an earnest sense of honesty, passion and emotion which translates into a sincere, authentic live set for show-goers. - Jeff Talbot, Program Coordinator, Concert Series

"Western Front"

Orlowski has an almost seductive style of singing, accompanied by a smirk that makes it seem like he is flirting with everyone he meets... - Staff Writer

"Kris Orlowski – Happiness is Waiting"

Silky smooth pop songster Kris Orlowski delivers his typical solid performance on his new record, Happiness is Waiting.

Wearing his Beatle and Shin influences on his sleeve, Orlowski reminded me a lot of solo Paul Westerberg, telling haunting rock and roll stories that are both introspective and interesting. In that vain is “Your Move,” a personal song deep with emotion that makes some nifty Bellingham references as well.The 12-song record alternates between acoustic ballads and hooky pop songs. Impeccably produced and played, Orlowski hits on all cylinders, especially with cool uses of different instruments like strings, horns, keys, etc to keep things really interesting. Other highlights include “Rivera” and “Small Is Beautiful,” which also has a cool dance remixes at the end of the record.

Happiness is Waiting contains many songs that seem to be radio friendly. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Self Released

By Boris Budd - What's Up Magazine


[His] perspective and descriptive imagery give him a measure of depth... - Reviewer

"Sound Magazine - Album Review"

One of the many driving foces behing music is passion. Passion for what is said in the lyrics, as well as the sounds created through the instrumentation. Kris Orlowski's passion is evident on his latest release, Architects. The Seattle acoustic pop trio brings a full sound to the table, with simple, appealing song construction that finds the Seattlites dabbling in a variety of tempos, along with engaging vocals that are, in a word, rustic, expressing an emotional yearning. Lyrically, the album seems to cover familiar ground, mostly focusing on love, heartbreak and such, like in the song "Crazy", where Orlowski repeatedly belts "Its too late to love." The eight-song, 33 minute album is quick listen, but showcases the band's strong points. With an almost creepily John Mayer-esque foundatin, infused with some jazz, some folk and a twist of reggae rhythm added to the mix, Orlowski does successfully harness an eclectic mish-mash of style, making this album a pleasant listen. - JESSICA HARBERT

STANDOUT TRACKS: "Crazy" "Jessi" - Architects (July 2008) - by Jessica Harbert

"Seattle Pop Folk Group Wins Battle of the Bands at Tulip Fest"

BURLINGTON — With the raspy voice of the lead singer, a pop folk beat and even the melody of a toy kazoo, the Kris Orlowski band out of Seattle won the Battle of the Bands competition Saturday.

“It was pretty unanimous,” said John Hiles, a DJ for the radio station The Whale, and one of the Battle of the Bands judges. “overall they had the most widespread appeal.”

Saturday’s competition was part of a four-weekend event in which 16 bands vied for the top spot in the first Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Battle of the Bands at The Outlet Shoppes in Burlington.

Each weekend bands battled for a spot at the final battle this weekend. The alternative rock band Wildfire, of Bellingham won the first weekend. Citizen Escape, an alternative band from Bellingham won the second battle. Then Twiddy and the Argonauts, a pop rock band from Mount Vernon and Kris Orlowski, a pop folk band from Seattle tied at the last semi-final competition.

This Saturday they all played against each other, drawing a much larger crowd than previous weekends

After Kris Orlowski took first, Wildfire was awarded second place and Citizen Escape won third.

As the winners were announced, Orlowski and the lead singer of Twiddy and the Argonauts held hands.

“I really feel like Twiddy did a great, great job. I’m surprised they didn’t place higher,” Orlowski said. “They’re so passionate and so young and I think they should get some credit for that.”

(For further details read Sunday’s Skagit Valley Herald) - Tahlia Gasner

"Shot glasses will be tapping tonight"

July 2, 2009


Bobble Tiki likes to say he put the pop in “pop rock” — but that’s only because of the alarming noises Bobble Tiki’s joints make when he gets out on the dance floor. Those that have witnessed Bobble Tiki bust out the running man at Kry shows know exactly the sound Bobble Tiki’s talking about — and it’s not pretty.

Luckily, when Kris Orlowski plays The New Frontier tonight, Bobble Tiki probably wont be inspired to dance — rather, he’ll just sit happily nursing a strong drink and enjoying the radio ready sounds of one of the Northwest’s more talented singer songwriters. These are the lessons Bobble Tiki is learning with age.

According to MySpace, Kris Orlowski “has an edgy roots-rock mix with hints of alternative and pop jazz-fusion” — but that all sounds like mumbo jumbo to Bobble Tiki.

Let’s just say this Orlowski fellow knows how to pen a catchy number.

[The New Frontier Lounge, with Boscoe’s Brood, Thursday, July 2, 9 p.m., $5, 301 E. 25th St., Tacoma, 253.572.4020]

- Weekly Volcano's SPEW

"Kris Orlowski Band & Interview - Spar (Tacoma, WA; Oct. 17, 2009)"

October 2009

The Kris Orlowski Band played The Spar in Tacoma’s historic north end on Saturday, October 17th, and as the only band on the bill, they played for an impressive 2½ hours. The set opened with selections from their first CD, “Architects”.
Orlowski was capably backed by bassist Jason Stiles and drummer Tim Rummerfield. Orlowski’s voice has the same qualities as Train lead singer Pat Monahan or John Mayer, and is well suited to the wide variety of song styles the band demonstrated. Slow, ballad-y tunes like “Jesse” and more moderately paced melodies (“Follow” and “Architects of Heaven”) all benefitted from innovative percussion arrangements, keeping the songs original and enjoyable. New selections like the lovely “Sweet Little Girl” showcased Orlowski’s vocal talents, and it is the choice for a new music video due out in the spring. I asked the band for a short interview before their show, which they graciously granted.

melophobe: What are the origins of the band?

KO: We are originally from Seattle and met 2 ½ years ago over a Craigslist posting that Tim [Rummerfield] had up for a couch. We ended up talking less about the couch and more about music.

melophobe: Are you an angry Northwest band?

KO: The Northwest has changed a lot. There is a whole new generation of folk-rockers, and we are starting to be known for more that just grunge. Our influences are Fleet Foxes, The Beatles, and The Shins, but on our new album, for example, I don’t think there are two songs that sound like they are from the same genre. We do bill ourselves as a Northwest band, but I’ve actually been hearing from listeners that we don’t sound anything like a band from the Northwest. Maybe we need to change our PR.

melophobe: I heard some subtle southern undertones like Lynyrd Skynyrd.

KO: Yeah, we have heard that we sound a little reggae, a little pop. We write in the moment and we all have out fingerprints on it. We want to have fun recording and playing, and although sometimes we want to send a message through the lyrics, it isn’t the whole picture. We would rather have people enjoy the music, and if they want to tune into the lyrics, that’s cool.

melophobe: On your web site, you have a show recording policy. Does the fact that you allow recording and sharing of your live events conflict with the business side?

KO: I think what you will find [is] that people who are sharing music are also buying music. If people can share their music with their friends, they both go out and buy it. At the very least, maybe their friends will come out and see us and become new fans.
The Kris Orlowski Band is a satisfying listen on many levels, and is among the top Northwest talents. Their sophomore album is scheduled for release in April of 2010, with the proposed tracks revealing the band’s increasing sophistication and style. If you can catch them on one of their 100-plus tour dates throughout the region, it should definitely be toward the top of your to-see list.
- Melophobe

"Tonight in Music: Kris Orlowski"

For the sophomore CD release party at Hard Rock Cafe, Kris Orlowski and his band have perfected the mixture of pop folk: acoustic guitar, lovely lyrics, smooth melodies, the subtle jams are the perfect juxtaposition for that “classic” cafe Hard Rock. Happiness in Waiting has a little bit of everything, sweet tunes about tales of love, adventure, heartaches, all in the perfect places. It’s a little bit Beatles. Orlowski has a wonderful voice; it’s almost like John Mayer without the turn-off. This album already sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful addition to the annual summer play-list. - Seattle Show Gal


April 2014 - Believer (full length album)

October 2012 - Pieces We Are EP

November 2011 - Warsaw EP

April 2011 - Passenger String Quartet at the Fremont Abbey EP



For Seattle-based band Kris Orlowski, making music is about more than fulfilling personal agendas; its about creating something that touches the soul. Through relatable storytelling, husky harmonies and knack for hitting emotional highs, the band has touched the souls of people across the Pacific Northwest since 2010. In the wake of releasing three well-received EPs, touring the country and having songs featured on primetime television series, the act will release its first full-length album, Believer. Produced by Martin Feveyear, of Jupiter Studios in Seattle, the songs that make-up Believer were woven together along the West Coast: from the salty shores of Seaside, Ore., and Orcas Islands Doe Bay, to the corners of Orlowskis Seattle apartment as well as the practice spaces in between. And the collection, rich with personal experiences and thoughtful reflection, may prove the bands most honest and empowering work yet. Shedding the lush sounds of a 17 piece orchestra for more traditional rock and pop arrangements, the cinematic record is more punch-y and experimental than their earlier folk-infused traditions.  I think the album will inspire some hope, but I also think it will go beyond that and give people a reason to act, Orlowski says. In other words, it might encourage finding something to believe in.

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