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Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative EDM


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Sounds like: MGMT, Friendly Fires, Datarock

What's so good?

By Lori Trigonis | August 21st, 2012

Sprouting forth from Miami’s Wynwood art scene, local friends and band Krisp are debuting their EP Mamani Vice. Remodeling their favorite sounds of the 80s synth and disco into conglomerates of today’s indie rock vibes with the vintage electronic simplicity gives us this taste of an everyday Miamian life. Come, taste Miami from their point of view.

Opposite to the Miami Beach you’ve heard so much of, Wynwood is full of lax, back-entrance lounges brimming with beautiful people. Juxtaposing the pulsing electronics of the well known and promiscuous nightlife of the beach area, Wynwood has fostered a warm intimacy with all of its regulars. Dare I say, it mimics a mini transplanted Brooklyn. It boasts the blossoms of creativity in art and music.

Out of this cradle of creativity Krisp has bloomed as a pride to the community, and they’re eager to share it with you. So enjoy, and come visit soon!
The author: Lori Trigonis - Indie Shuffle

"NiteTalk: Xido from Krisp on Aliases & Mamani Vice"

There’s a riot goin’ on in the MIA, one of sight and sound so complete it promises to knock the very wow into now. It’s about music, natch. But it’s also about the MIA taking its rightful place in what’s heard around the whole wild world. At the forefront of all this rioting is an outfit called Krisp. Formed a mere year ago and already a Miami mainstay, the foursome is a full-on free-for-all of good, keen fun. Got doubts? Hit Bardot this Saturday night, where the lads will unleash Mamani Vice, the floor will be waxed by both Vampire Weekend’s Baio and Nightdrive, and all doubts will get killed dead.

Who and what is Krisp? Krisp is Alex Lopez a.k.a. Xido, Carlos Troncoso a.k.a. Charlie Woods, Juan Ledesma a.k.a. Junior, and last but not least Jason Captain Hook.

Whats the story behind the aliases? Xido, in my native tongue is slang for “cool” or “all right.” Whenever I ran into any of my friends they would scream that at me and it just sort of stuck. Charlie Woods is almost the exact English translation of his Spanish name – Charlie in Spanish is of course Carlos and Troncoso is basically a trunk of wood, hence Woods. We gave Jason the name Captain Hook because the song that we were writing at the time was kind of making fun of the fact that due to a skateboarding accident he could only play drums with one hand.

Speaking of names, why’d you cats decide to call yourselves Krisp? Long before ever becoming a band, I would say something was “krisp” if i thought it was cool or fresh; once we started playing together I found myself saying that a lot after our jams, and it was a pretty fresh sound, so it just kind of stuck.

Is there a similar story behind the title Mamani Vice? In the ‘80s there was a really cool decadent, hedonistic vibe goin' on here; Miami Vice was the sh** at the time. While we were trying to find a name for the song we just sort of pictured Crockett driving around in his Testarossa listening to Krisp.

If a stranger dropped down from the moon and wanted to know what to expect on Saturday, what would you say? Get ready to ride the "synthwave" and expect a whole lot of booty shakin’ madness – and make sure to wear your dancing shoes.

Would you say the same thing to Earthlings? I would say the exact same thing and expect an aural orgasm!!!

Krisp plays Bardot Saturday, Aug. 18 at 10 p.m. Special guest DJs Baio (Vampire Weekend) and Nightdrive. For more information log on here. - NBC miami

"Krisp -Mamani Vice (EP Premiere)"

If you are looking for a good throw-back band, search no further. Krisp delivers a refreshing grooves that will take you on a trip back to the 80s. With a healthy dose of synths and disco influence, they're bound to have a fun, feel-good vibe. Based out of Wynwood, Miami, the indie band has been slowly but surely turning heads. Their ingredients for success is as follows: indie rock, chillwave, and some electro. When all three are combined, you hear those groovy basslines coupled with interwoven synths and disco beats. Here at EARMILK, we have the privilege to premiere their debut EP, Mamani Vice.

This four song EP really defines Krisp's unique style and sound. Tracks like "Mamani Vice" gives you that quick impression of what Krisp is all about: funky grooves mixed with chillwave retro. They also showcase their versatility as band with such songs like the quirky "When You Coming Home", which leans more towards the classic indie style. Then you have the other two tracks, "Purple" and "Captain Hook", that have a combination electro and indie rock with that ever-present retro feel.

This quirky yet fun style is Krisp's ace card. Mamani Vice is an EP that will get your blood going and satisfy your groove craving. You can't help but become attached at first listen. - EARMILK

"Krisp Presents Mamani Vice"

KRISP, as the name implies, and as the band members wanted it to be, is a fresh, crunchy, and clearly crisp delicious sound.
This alternative electro rock band of four has, in as little as 2 years, already raised the grounds and conquered Miami with their music.
These boys are down to earth, regular guys that when seen on the streets you’d never guess they played in this boundary pushing band. Nevertheless, when they get together with their instruments and voices to form KRISP, it results in a gravitational force that is stronger than any of the Avengers.

Join KRISP this Saturday at Bardot as they celebrate the release of their first EP “Manami Vice.” Get to know the band better through this chat with Alex (synths/bass/back up vocals)

Krisp is a band, that with little time out has already stolen Miami’s heart and beat. You’ve played already in almost every recognized venue of our city. Where do you think your success lies?

Alex: I believe that our “success” as a band is a result of our relentless passion for music. Hard work and dedication have also played a role in our “success” but to tell the truth a lot of work has paid off because of our great team behind us. Dean Taha [manager] said it best when asked if he felt like he was the “Ari Gold” of Miami, he said “Ari fkn Platinum” is what I am… and we all busted out laughing until we had tears in our eyes.

A band of 4 guys who spend a whole lot of time together, I’m sure your friendship has become stronger amongst the four of you. What has this new relationship helped you discover of yourself?

We do spend a lot of time together. Its like having 3 more girlfriends and having to put up with their s***. Don’t get me wrong I love these guys like brothers, but like any relationship you’re in you have your ups and downs. I think, our journey together has helped me realize a lot about ourselves artistically, and creatively we are where we want to be. Our sound keeps evolving, I don’t ever want to feel like I’m ‘pigeon holed.’ Once that happens I think its time to say good-bye.

If defining Krips in few words or a complete sentence, how would you do it?

Generalized electronic trickery and thuggery, cheap bleeps and lo-fi attitudes.

This Saturday along with Product/81, Vampire Weekend, Bleach, L.A.W and Wasabi Fashion Kult, Krisp is releasing the first ever EP. Did you ever think that jamming with your buddies would bring you to this?

The moment we started playing together I knew we had something special. When the hairs on our arm start to stand and give the chills in the middle of a jam, your on to something good. Music has always been what we always wanted to do, the only difference between the people that realize those goals and dreams and the ones that don’t, is perseverance, hunger and your attitude… We are f’kng starving!!!!

Who do you have to thank that has always being there for the band and can add to the success of KRISP?

I know that when I say this I speak for all of us, our parents have always been super supportive of everything having to do with music, I had my 1st drum set when I was 7 and my 1st electric guitar when I was 12. I’m sure the fellas have had the same experiences. We have to that Dean, who has always been an integral part of Krisp and we wouldn’t be where we are without him.

All of our GF’s are very supportive and we have so many friends that have helped us on our little journey together: WVUM, JoltRadio, Kryogenifex, Leandro n Terrence, Gab Studio, Product/81, Dre, Aletek, Chiti….. The list can go on forever, having a good, capable team of friends and family working behind us is what makes the difference.

What can you compare to the high that you get when playing?

Junior experienced it the other night at Grand Central, the energy was really amazing, you could feel the audience’s vibe alive and pulsating and you feed off that energy. That is the feeling that any musician or entertainer lives for, there’s nothing quite like it.

If art can be a way of expression, what is music for you?

Music for us is life, in it’s purest most raw form available. The greatest form of art which you get to express to the masses or even just a few. All it takes is for one person to tell u that your music created an emotion inside another human being, I think that is really powerful and quite fulfilling as an artistic form of expression.


Wasabi Quiz

Miami tastes like? Like blood, we apparently have a face eating zombie epidemic.
Romanticism is necessary for … For the ladies, because you couldn’t get to second base without it.

I am proud of my … Girlfriend, for not listening to any of the doctors when they all told her to have an abortion because our baby was going to have some serious health issues. BabyZ couldn’t have come out any healthier!

I can’t live with out … My baby girl she’s the most incredible thing that has ever happened in my life.

What is Wasabi? Wasabi is a drink right? Wait… its the green stuff you eat with sushi? It’s your last name I know that 4sho!

The best kiss is like … It’s definitely your 1st, you are so nervous about who’s going to turn which way and whether or not to use your tongue. Can you sneak a feel? Adolescence is so innocent.
Top 5 music wise: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Metronomy, Whitest Boy Alive, SinFang.

A hidden quality: I can twist the belt loops off my jeans w just my fingertips.

Favorite cartoon character… Jessica Rabbit, its the only cartoon that’s ever gotten me hot

Freedom in your own words: Freedom is worth more than all the money and happiness in the world! Trust me… I know.


- Wasabi Fashion Kult

"KRISP as can be"

Krisp as Can Be
Local Hotshots Release Their Debut EP at Bardot This Saturday Night

DATELINE: MIAMI What snaps with a crack that makes the world crumble into exciting new shapes? What’s crisp as a c-note hot off the presses, slick as a suit from a Saville Row haberdasher, more fun than a barrel of funky monkeys and as out-and-out wow as now can get without losing its sense of timing? Krisp, that’s what -- and that’s who.

If you don’t happen to know all that yet, it’s a cinch you soon will. Why? Because the Miami-based outfit is set to unleash its debut EP Mamani Vice at Bardot on Saturday August 18, that’s why. And if there’s a more anticipated racking rockin’ ‘round town right this minute we don’t know what it is.

Already a regular on Magic City stages and a staple of MIA sound, Krisp is quickly proving to be the contenders to the crown we’ve all been eagerly awaiting. Descendents of the New New Wave, Krisp takes what’s best of the original and brings it up to the moment, then they push it well past a place where limits don’t exist. The lads are less a remake than they are a remodelling of the house of sound itself; one that’s so complete you’d think its origin began with tomorrow.

It’s a tomorrow that’s sure to see Krisp through to eternity, where the next big thing becomes a household word. Until then though, us lucky Miamians can boast in the knowing that we all knew the band when. And how many times in your wild life do you get to say that?

Krisp debuts Mamani Vice Saturday August 18,10pm at Bardot. Special Guest DJ Baio (Vampire Weekend). For more information log on here.
- Culture Designers

"Miami Band: Krisp Knows Good Music and Fashion"

By Annie Vazquez | anniecvazquez@yahoo.com2/19/2012

Miami's indie band KRISP has been getting a lot of attention in the music scene these days, but they are also turning a lot of heads with their quirky and experimental fashion picks. KRISP whose band members include Andres Ledesma, Alex Lopez, Charlie Woods and Jason Mavila are known for decking themselves out in everything from fake beards and moustaches to 70s disco attire to colorful shades. "We like to have fun when we dress to perform and we like to keep our fans always guessing what we are going to do next," said Ledesma.

KRISP are regulars playing at local live music venues such as Vagabond, Bardot and The Electric Pickle. Currently, the band is in the studio working on their first album. Hit songs like "Captain Hook" and "When You Coming Home" are likely to appear on it. Miami Chic decided to get the boys to show us their favorite looks with the help of fashion photographer Kar Gar. We shot the boys in Wynwood modeling everything from vintage duds to thrift treasures to borrowed tops from their girlfriends' closets and contemporary finds. - Miami Herald

"Locally Grown: Krisp"

We first discovered Krisp when they opened for Nancy Whang at The Electric Pickle. They donned fake mustaches, made constant witty remarks to the crowd, and won us over with their disco-infused pop rock meets dance-like chillwave. Yes, they have that much going on in their sound, but it totally works for them.

Krisp livened up the damp scene at Sweatstock this past week, bringing their fun-loving sound to the soggy masses. We couldn't stop dancing, and that's exactly how they want it. But more so than the band's genre-bending sound, it's their style that's really making headlines lately. We caught up with Juan Andres Ledesma to talk strange stage ensembles and being possessed by what they wear.

What inspires your band's sense of style?
Juan Andres Ledesma: I think what people interpret as our "style" just happens organically. A lot of times it's satirical, an attempt to keep the audience guessing.

How do you decide who wears what?
It's usually the ensemble that picks us not the other way around.

What's the craziest/edgiest thing you'll wear/have worn on stage?
Probably our girlfriends' clothes.

Any plans for an album?
Well there hasn't been an album yet, so it would be our debut. We have been working on new material so its in the making for sure.

Where do you like to drink in Miami? What do you like to drink?
Most of the drinking actually happens at our homes, or the occasional cold one right before practice which happens to be most cleansing. As a band I think we all like anchor steam, but the tastiest drink is the free one.

Any funny going out stories?
Any night with Chido (Alex Lopez) will be fun-filled. - Societe Perrier

"Have a Krisp Aural Orgasm at The Vagabond October 21"

Wynwood-based synth-pop quartet Krisp has emerged from the Miami music-and-arts ether to gig around town like an old-school classic rock workhorse.

Of course, the band's done its requisite time at Little Haiti's portal to seedy England -- and Miami's widest open door for booking -- Churchill's Pub. It's braved the Beach -- Kill Your Idol and Jazid. And it's also made a splash on the Downtown, Midtown, and Design District scenes, performing featured sets at just about every mainland nightlife staple: The Stage, Electric Pickle, Grand Central, Bardot, and the list goes on.

On October 21, however, it'll be Krisp's first time taking the stage at The Vagabond's essential Friday-night party. And as synth-player Alex Lopez details, the experience will be nothing short of an aural orgasm.

Lopez articulates Krisp's mission statement as revving spectators up enough to "keep them dancing the night away" long after the band has finished.

As an utmost servant of The Will To Party, this crew sandwiches together time-tested, indie-hip genres as to inspire maximum movement in whoever is listening. High-energy post-punk clangers like "When You Coming Home" recall the club-friendly, Gang of Four-inspired ensembles of the early 2000s with a little less gloom. Whereas the "Jump Off" lands you smack dab in the middle of 2011's much-blogged laptops-at-the-beach music, AKA Chilly Willy Wave.

- New Times Miami


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