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Miami, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Nite Talk w Krisp"

There’s a riot goin’ on in the MIA, one of sight and sound so complete it promises to knock the very wow into now. It’s about music, natch. But it’s also about the MIA taking its rightful place in what’s heard around the whole wild world. At the forefront of all this rioting is an outfit called Krisp. Formed a mere year ago and already a Miami mainstay, the foursome is a full-on free-for-all of good, keen fun. Got doubts? Hit Bardot this Saturday night, where the lads will unleash Mamani Vice, the floor will be waxed by both Vampire Weekend’s Baio and Nightdrive, and all doubts will get killed dead.

Who and what is Krisp? Krisp is Alex Lopez a.k.a. Xido, Carlos Troncoso a.k.a. Charlie Woods, Juan Ledesma a.k.a. Junior, and last but not least Jason Captain Hook.

Whats the story behind the aliases? Xido, in my native tongue is slang for “cool” or “all right.” Whenever I ran into any of my friends they would scream that at me and it just sort of stuck. Charlie Woods is almost the exact English translation of his Spanish name – Charlie in Spanish is of course Carlos and Troncoso is basically a trunk of wood, hence Woods. We gave Jason the name Captain Hook because the song that we were writing at the time was kind of making fun of the fact that due to a skateboarding accident he could only play drums with one hand.

Speaking of names, why’d you cats decide to call yourselves Krisp? Long before ever becoming a band, I would say something was “krisp” if i thought it was cool or fresh; once we started playing together I found myself saying that a lot after our jams, and it was a pretty fresh sound, so it just kind of stuck.

Is there a similar story behind the title Mamani Vice? In the ‘80s there was a really cool decadent, hedonistic vibe goin' on here; Miami Vice was the sh** at the time. While we were trying to find a name for the song we just sort of pictured Crockett driving around in his Testarossa listening to Krisp.

If a stranger dropped down from the moon and wanted to know what to expect on Saturday, what would you say? Get ready to ride the "synthwave" and expect a whole lot of booty shakin’ madness – and make sure to wear your dancing shoes.

Would you say the same thing to Earthlings? I would say the exact same thing and expect an aural orgasm!!!

Krisp plays Bardot Saturday, Aug. 18 at 10 p.m. Special guest DJs Baio (Vampire Weekend) and Nightdrive. For more information log on here.
Published at 6:59 PM EST on Aug 15, 2012 - NBC

"Have a Krisp Aural Orgasm at The Vagabond October 21"

Wynwood-based synth-pop quartet Krisp has emerged from the Miami music-and-arts ether to gig around town like an old-school classic rock workhorse.

Of course, the band's done its requisite time at Little Haiti's portal to seedy England -- and Miami's widest open door for booking -- Churchill's Pub. It's braved the Beach -- Kill Your Idol and Jazid. And it's also made a splash on the Downtown, Midtown, and Design District scenes, performing featured sets at just about every mainland nightlife staple: The Stage, Electric Pickle, Grand Central, Bardot, and the list goes on.

On October 21, however, it'll be Krisp's first time taking the stage at The Vagabond's essential Friday-night party. And as synth-player Alex Lopez details, the experience will be nothing short of an aural orgasm.

Lopez articulates Krisp's mission statement as revving spectators up enough to "keep them dancing the night away" long after the band has finished.
As an utmost servant of The Will To Party, this crew sandwiches together time-tested, indie-hip genres as to inspire maximum movement in whoever is listening. High-energy post-punk clangers like "When You Coming Home" recall the club-friendly, Gang of Four-inspired ensembles of the early 2000s with a little less gloom. Whereas the "Jump Off" lands you smack dab in the middle of 2011's much-blogged laptops-at-the-beach music, AKA Chilly Willy Wave.

Whatever the character of its momentary assault, though, Krisp is always striving to make you feel good enough to dance. - New Time Miami

"Miami Band: KRISP Knows Good Music and Fashion"

By Annie Vazquez | anniecvazquez@yahoo.com2/19/2012

Miami's indie band KRISP has been getting a lot of attention in the music scene these days, but they are also turning a lot of heads with their quirky and experimental fashion picks. KRISP whose band members include Andres Ledesma, Alex Lopez, Charlie Woods and Jason Mavila are known for decking themselves out in everything from fake beards and moustaches to 70s disco attire to colorful shades. "We like to have fun when we dress to perform and we like to keep our fans always guessing what we are going to do next," said Ledesma.

KRISP are regulars playing at local live music venues such as Vagabond, Bardot and The Electric Pickle. Currently, the band is in the studio working on their first album. Hit songs like "Captain Hook" and "When You Coming Home" are likely to appear on it. Miami Chic decided to get the boys to show us their favorite looks with the help of fashion photographer Kar Gar. We shot the boys in Wynwood modeling everything from vintage duds to thrift treasures to borrowed tops from their girlfriends' closets and contemporary finds. -

"Krisp- Mamani Vice (EP Premiere)"

If you are looking for a good throw-back band, search no further. Krisp delivers a refreshing grooves that will take you on a trip back to the 80s. With a healthy dose of synths and disco influence, they're bound to have a fun, feel-good vibe. Based out of Wynwood, Miami, the indie band has been slowly but surely turning heads. Their ingredients for success is as follows: indie rock, chillwave, and some electro. When all three are combined, you hear those groovy basslines coupled with interwoven synths and disco beats. Here at EARMILK, we have the privilege to premiere their debut EP, Mamani Vice.

This four song EP really defines Krisp's unique style and sound. Tracks like "Mamani Vice" gives you that quick impression of what Krisp is all about: funky grooves mixed with chillwave retro. They also showcase their versatility as band with such songs like the quirky "When You Coming Home", which leans more towards the classic indie style. Then you have the other two tracks, "Purple" and "Captain Hook", that have a combination electro and indie rock with that ever-present retro feel.

This quirky yet fun style is Krisp's ace card. Mamani Vice is an EP that will get your blood going and satisfy your groove craving. You can't help but become attached at first listen. - Earmilk

"Krisp: The Co(s)mic Tales"

Based out of Wynwood, Miami’s creative nerve center, Krisp burst onto the scene unannounced and has already received plenty of well-deserved recognition. With the upcoming release of a couple new tracks, 2012 looks even more promising than 2011 for the local indietronic band. The air is feeling extra krispy this holiday season.

Our friends at Alley Times caught up with the guys at their studio on a recent Autumn evening to talk about their (mis)adventures and the crazy awesome year they’ve had. - Tropicult

"Krisp: 167 premiere"

Our good friends over at Gummdrops wanted us to premiere the new track "167" by Miami band Krisp and of course we had to oblige. Been a huge fan of this band for years! They always bring it, and this new track is no exception. Rocking indie jam with amazing riffs. Best part is they are giving away the track for free, along with a few more great tracks from other excellent Miami bands like Hunters of the Alps, Shanghai Meow and Bluejay. Check out the goods on Gummdrops bandcamp.

P.S. If you live in the South Florida area Krisp will be rocking the carpet at Bardot this coming Friday, January 16th. Best check that out! - Off the Radar


Mamani Vice (EP) 2012
Sonic Monarch (unreleased) 2015


Feeling a bit camera shy


Krisp combines indie rock, chill wave, and electro dance elements to provide it’s own blend of carefree groove, 80 ’ s inspired synth lines, disco beats, dirt-free guitar licks , & trendy bass lines topped with subtle melodies that have become  Krisp’s emblem sound.

Krisp has opened for acts Nancy Wang, Miami Horror, Junior Boys, Blood Orange, and Holy Ghost!, among others. In August of 2012, Krisp released their first official EP, Mamani Vice, which was featured and reviewed in music blogs including Earmilk, Hype Machine, Indie Shuffle, Night drive, and Beached Miami, to name a few.

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