Kris w/a K

Kris w/a K


Raw hard Rock, ala The Who and Buddy Holly. Just me playing with myself really... ideas from my little head into your little headphones. Stories of Ghosts, Honest proposals and The Oregon Trail. I play 7 instruments, so I'll let my music do my talking for me.


Born and raised in Concord, CA, I picked up the guitar my freshman year of high school. I wanted to be cool and "mysterious." I decided to quit playing Basketball and just played the guitar. Moved up to Kelso, WA, didn't know anyone, so I just played guitar. I got a mandolin for Xmas, and started playing it in my friends band, The Golden Year. I would drive down to Portland from Kelso on the weekends, where we'd work on songs and play shows. We played a couple of shows at The Loveland, and I realized that playing shows kicks serious ass. We recorded another 7 or 8 tracks on a demo called "Lost Cause," on which I play lead+slide guitar, bass, mandolin, and sing. We never finished that demo, because I thought that school was what I was supposed to pursue. I've been playing for 5 years now, and I cannot stop playing, writing, and listening to music.


My last band, The Golden Year, released an EP and we recorded another 8 songs before we headed in separate directions. One song was featured on a Seattle based web radio, which we were said to be "Okkervil River-esque."

Set List

Motorcycle Blues, Lucid Proposal, Cowboy Pilgrims, Golden Year, Sing Sign, What to Say?, Stigmatist, Eyelid Kisses... all originals, I'll keep writin 'em if you start likin 'em.