Krissy Gordon

Krissy Gordon

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

The message of Krissy’s music is beautifully and contemporaneously communicated as the light of God radiates from her music and penetrates into the deepest part of mankind’s soul -- compelling them to make a decision that will ultimately affect the outcome of their destiny.


Windows to the Soul, a 5-song EP of original, Contemporary Christian songs with a Pop/R&B/Soul vibe, written by Krissy Gordon and produced by Gat3 Studios, is scheduled for DEBUT ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2006.

The lamp of the body is the eye; therefore if the eye is good, the whole body will be full of light. (Matt 6:22) This has been the theme for "Windows to the Soul". The good eye looks for the will of God that the body may be filled with the presence of God, who is light, and it places greatest value on things that cannot pass away. The evil eye is full of darkness and looks for things of the world.

We can live in the world but not be part of it. This is a journey not a destination. We can choose to go along for the ride or we can take a stand and pursue the things of God that He has pre-ordained and pre-destined for each of us. In life, the battle is between good and evil, and the time has come to choose a side.

With love and thanksgiving to God for His saving grace and transforming power, these songs were birthed in Krissy Gordon's heart. Krissy's lyrics provoke people to deep dig within their souls and to seek the meaning and purpose of their lives.


Without Your Love

Written By: Krissy Gordon

My life was full of disarray
And then you came and rescued me
My heart was held as prisoner
Then you went and set it free
And now I can’t imagine life
Without you in it anymore
And I know with each passing day
That I love you more and more…

And I don’t want to live my life without you
I don’t want to face another day
Alone and scared that I might fall
Lord to you I pray
That I might live eternally
With you always by my side
For I know without your love
My soul would surely die

My life was full of emptiness
Then you filled it with your grace
My soul was in captivity
Until I felt your warm embrace
And now my life has meaning
Because you taught me how to love
And I know with each passing day
That you’re watching from above

(chorus repeats)

(bridge) Oh I’d rather die tomorrow
Then to live another day
Without your loving arms to hold me
And that sweet and gentle way
You lift me up when I fall down
And restore me to my feet
To walk with you on higher ground
Lord, you make my life complete

(chorus repeats)

Yeah, I know without your love my soul would surely die

The Answer

Written By: Krissy Gordon

Do you hear that lonely voice
Calling from afar?
Can you feel the wounded’s aches
Do they ever leave a scar?
On the outside nothing’s showing
On the inside, something’s real
But if you trust in His Saving Grace
The wounds of those will heal….

Believe in Him and be like Him
Stretch out your arms and see
There’s someone there to comfort you
As you shall comfort me

Would you lay your life down
If it helped you save a friend?
Could you forgive the enemy
When your at the bitter end?
When you feel like life is over
And there’s no hope left for you,
Can you find a soul worth saving?
And can you profess the truth?

(chorus repeats 2x)

Will you comfort me?

Get Up

Written By: Krissy Gordon

Each day that you turn on the radio
Or glance at the daily news
You’ll see all the evil around us
‘Cause all they wanna talk about is blues
But you must know that we’re God’s children
And we’ve been given a special plan
Each of us has a divine purpose
To touch the heart of every man so…

Get up and get yourself movin’
You’ve gotta get up ‘cause you’re in God’s plan
Get up and get yourself movin’
Take heed to the Word of the Son of Man

We’re here on earth for a special mission
To spread the Good News to all
What we choose to do with our existence
Is up to us, yeah…it’s our call
Since the time of our conception
We’ve been given what’s called free will
It’s time for us to choose which path we’ll take
Will you get up or just sit still?

(chorus repeats) (ad lib)


Windows to the Soul EP

Set List

The Answer, Get Up, Without Your Love, Surrender, The Way You Do