Krissy Gordon

Krissy Gordon

 Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, USA

"Krissy's voice has an almost ethereal quality that left me with chills. After hearing her sing, I better understand when she tells me her music is her mission. " - Pat Donovan, Charlotte Observer


Krissy Gordon has had vocal comparisons to Charlotte Church, Sheena Easton, Joan Baez and 80s R&B legend, Teena Marie, but music execs are suddenly realizing Krissy has the potential to leave her own legacy in the music world. With an angelic voice, Krissy is both distinctive and fascinating. While her music is uplifting and inspiring, the message of Krissys music is beautifully and contemporaneously communicated as the light of God radiates from her and penetrates into the deepest part of mankinds soul -- compelling them to make a decision about the course of their destiny.

Krissys first recorded project, Windows to the Soul, is a 5-song EP of Contemporary Christian pop songs, flavored with note-worthy hints of R & B, soul, funk and gospel. Since its October 2006 release, the album has been topping the charts in the Funk, Pop, R&B, Country and Contemporary Christian genres. Surrender has recently hit No. 1 on the Christian artist unsigned music charts. The Answer was chosen as music that heals for the Hurricane Healing Project and earned Krissy the title of Songwriter of the Month by the Christian Songwriters Network. Krissy was nominated as The Best Vocalist Of The Month by SingerUniverse, headed by veteran music publisher/A&R exec Dale Kawashima, President of Michael Jacksons ATV Music and a creative exec at Sony and Motown and as Indieheaven's Momentum Award Female Vocalist and Inspirational Artist of the Year.

Krissy Gordons mission is to arouse people from spiritual slumber and complacency and provoke them to deep dig within their souls and to seek the meaning and purpose of their lives. We can live in the world but not be part of it. This is a journey not a destination. We can choose to go along for the ride or we can take a stand and pursue the things of God that He has pre-ordained and pre-destined for each of us.


The Way You Do

Written By: Krissy Gordon

Like a mighty rushing wind
You blew into my life
Turned everything upside down
Yet made it look so right

You stirred things up within me
That I never knew were there
And filled that empty void inside
With a love beyond compare and…

No one makes me feel the way you do
Nothing else can keep my love from you
None compare to all the love you bring
When I’m with you, my heart wants to sing
Never gonna let it slip away
Our love will grow stronger every day

Though I have the gift of prophecy
And understand life’s mysteries
I have knowledge and
Move mountains by my faith
Though I feed the poor and
Give my body to be burned
Without your love, I am nothing but a fake

Without Your love, there is nothing to be gained
Love does not envy but it sometimes causes pain
Love is not provoked and has no evil view
Love does not rejoice in sin, but only in truth and…

(Chorus repeats)

(bridge) Love bears all things
Love believes all things
Love hopes all things
Love endures all things

(Chorus repeats)(ad lib)


1. The Answer. I wrote The Answer when I was commuting to work on a bus to Boston. As I sat meditating and reflecting on the Lord outstretched on the cross, in between the two thieves, the lyrics and melody to this song started playing in my mind. I instantly grabbed a notebook and wrote the song down as fast as I could. Because the song asks a series of question and because Jesus is the answer, that is how the song got titled. I was such a baby Christian at that time, that I couldnt even fully explain what the song meant. It wasnt until several years later when I was in the Word, that I came across 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 and realized it was the same exact message of the song confirmation that it was divinely inspired!

2. Get Up. I wrote Get Up when my daughter (now 12) was 3.5. I had just dropped her off at preschool and I was driving along when the lyrics and melody to this song hit me. I had to pull my car off of the road, park in a grocery store parking lot, and jot it down as fast as possible, so I didnt forget it. Fortunately, the melody is not something I forget.

3. Without Your Love. Without Your Love is my love song to Jesus. I wrote it several days after I rededicated my life. On Valentines Day 2002, I gave my heart, mind and soul over to the Lord and fell instantly head-over-heels in love. This song tells of how I was dead in sin and lifeless before committing my life to Christ and how I became a new creation in Christ and never want to lose this new relationship.

4. Surrender. After committing my life to Christ, I still had some things that were getting in the way of my relationship with the Lord and even replacing my first love. The Lord was getting me to lay down anything that was becoming a hindrance in our walk. As a result, Surrender was born.

5. The Way You Do. This song was not an instant download for me. As I was riding in my car one morning to work, I was reflecting on my thankfulness to the Lord for all of the blessings in life and for His unconditional love for me. I began singing the first verse and the chorus and realized that I had written half of a song. As soon as I got to work, I got my Bible out and flipped to Romans 8:39 and read that no height, nor depth nor any other created thing can separate us from the love of God. Then, I flipped to Corinthians 13 and as I started to read the verses, the The Way You Do became a completed song.

Set List

Typical set is 60 minutes:
30 minutes of original
30 minutes of worship/cc