Krista Brock

Krista Brock

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Born and raised in Tennessee, it's no small wonder Krista borrows a bit from the blues. However, growing up on a steady diet of music ranging from Alanis Morisette to Slipknot has made her and indeed her sound, quite out of the ordinary.


Krista Brock is currently based in Nashville, not too far from the depths of Southeast Tennessee that she crawled out of. Back home, there were less venues than signal bars on your cell phone and when she picked up the guitar at 16, gained her experience playing in parks after hours, house parties, and basements. It was not long until Krista and her band at the time were feeling the constant frustration of the lack of opportunities the area provided. Ultimately, they packed their bags, scrapping the country and went a bit rock and roll. Although things didn't pan out exactly how she had planned, the city wore well on her. The band dissolved and Nashville finally met Krista Brock, solo and surged.

At the end of 2007 Krista put out her first solo demo, introducing the public to her dulcet tones with two tracks "Dodgy" and "The Hallows" Both tracks were well received and scored some local and net radio play.

In 2008 she caught the eye of the new Hip Chick Music (HCM), finally joining their initial roster at the beginning of the year. (

In 2010 Krista teamed up with Lisa Patton (drums) and Greg Cannon (guitar) from legendary local band Dr. Gonzo to release 5 tracks - recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alexis Rodriguez from Stigmatic.

Currently, Krista is working with a new full band project entitled "Rebel Romance", check back for updated info.


Two From The Gallows (Demo 2007)
- "Dodgy"
- "The Hallows"

"Dodgy" is on rotation at 93.7FM (Cookville/Nashville)

"Dodgy" is on rotation at ChickRadio (Italy). The program is available for live streaming.

"The Hallows" is featured on episode 28 of the podcast: From The Burrow.

"Dodgy" is featured on episode 27 of the podcast: From The Burro.

"Dodgy", "The Hallows", "Swamp Thing", & "Firehouse Rules" can all be heard on

Window To The World (2008)

Krista Brock (2010)

- "The Hallows"
- "Firehouse Rules"
- "Swamp Thing"
- "Belladonna"
- "Beware The Ides..."

**Currently Recording New Tracks**

Set List

Typical 30-45 min set

Last Cigarette
This Way
Swamp Thing
The Hallows
Firehouse Rules
Beware The Ides
& various covers