Kristal Sisodia

Kristal Sisodia

 London, England, GBR

Kristal Sisodia is a story teller. Weaving urban faerytales from the everyday and the magical. Fascinated by symbolism and perception she effortlessly plays with both. Her awesome stage presence can both draw you in and slam you back into your seat, daring you to argue.


Born and raised in South London Kristal Sisodia spent most of her childhood growing up in Brixton. Exposed to a multitude of cultural influences and coming from a mixed background (her mother's family comes from Barbados while her fathers originates in India) Kristal developed a highly eclectic taste. Influenced by soca and rock as well as motown, folk, hip hop, metal and Indian spirituals. Her music reflects the sounds, colours and architecture of her surroundings.
Always personal, Kristal sings from her experience, whether urging you not to give up in the haunting ode to performance "ROLL" or an out right declaration of war with "BACK UP" her total performance style leaves you breathless.
It was her time at the Brit school and Mountview Academy that gave her the chance to explore her attitudes towards performance.
She studied musical theatre at Brit which heavily influences her song writing style and went on to study to become a classically trained actress at Mountveiw. Highly influenced by literature as much as the songwriter, Kristal's need to tell tales, to weave fantasy, to reflect reality is present in all her work.
Her voice is both strong and haunting. Soft then hard on "Praying birds" and sensual then colossal on "Red and the Black" always seeking to convey meaning and emotion to her audience.
With influences as diverse as Shakespeare to Neil Gaiman Massive Attack to Tori Amos Led Zeppelin to MIA her style is difficult to classify but easy to recognise. Once heard not forgotten.

Set List

1.Praying Birds
3.Back Up
5.Sleep Boy
6.The Crimson Stained Men
7.Red & The Black