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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
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"Krista Parrish Trio-Playing With Pendulums"

On paper, Krista Parrish is an extremely gifted singer-songwriter...on paper. In the realm of aural resonance, The Krista Parrish Trio defies categorization and is a wildfire of musical expression. Her songs are more like miniature tone poems than radio-friendly singles, in that musical statements are permitted to breathe and grow with defined ambience. As a package, Playing with Pendulums barrels through an array of emotions: frustration, joy, sorrow, hope, bitterness, and even Fahrvergnügen.

Vocally, Parrish sings with the conviction of Carole King, the bold urgency of Adele, the histrionic mysticism of Stevie Nicks, and the delicate prose of Joan Baez. But she is doing much more than singing words; her voice also acts as an instrument, accompanying the "trio" and enhancing the compositions into the realm of "quartet." She treats the music less like mathematical orchestration and more as giving life to timbre-legged, pop/soul-hearted children. Each song is birthed as the elements weave together in their own organic DNA strand - from the neo-jazz drumming and the progressive rock bass runs to Parrish's potent guitar work and the aforementioned lustrous vocals.

And speaking of guitar work, Parrish can go chop-for-chop with the most downtrodden of blues guitarists to the most blister-fingered of malevolent metallers. Listen to any of the instrumental cuts on the CD; the evidence is clear that the woman is a true axe-slinger. At any given moment, she can conjure the flavors of Al Di Meola, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Eric Clapton, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and even a taste of Dave Mustaine.

To call her a folk musician would be demeaning, and to call her a singer/songwriter would be offensive. Parrish is one of a dying breed of true musicians who can encompass traits of several genres in one composition without kowtowing to the conventions of any one, all the while retaining a sense of ownership and individuality. This is the first album of "music for music's sake" that I have heard in a very, very long time. - Music Emissions, Mark Morton

"Playing With Pendulums Review"

The music of Krista Parrish is a refreshing change from the conventional, yet at the same time totally accessible. A rare commodity in this age of digitally over processed pre packaged

Making use of complex rhythms and interesting harmony, Krista and her talented trio never lose a strong sense of groove. A feat not easily accomplished. Whether it be the playful instrumental Happy Guitar or Krista's soaring vocals on Skywatching,

Each tune takes the listener on a musical journey. Truly a Gem - Highly Recommended !!! - Derrick Murdock, former bassist of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


The Krista Parrish Trio is: Krista Parrish on vocals, guitar, mandolin & piano, Steven Murphy on bass and Michael Fazekas on drums & percussion. There were also guest musicians on two tracks: “When” & “Easier Said Than Done”. Krista was responsible for writing all the songs with the exception of one, “Eye To Eye”, which was written by her brother Corey Parrish. Krista even had a special thanks & dedication to her brother on the inside cover that will eat your heart out and those liner notes read: “Corey Parrish, my brother, my best friend & musical soul mate. You will forever live within my music which will always be ‘our’ music. This album wouldn’t exist without you. Your spirit and inspiration get me through everyday. I love you. Thank you.”

Obviously right away I’m feelin’ a lotta love and so this could make for one special album. With two EP’s and one live LP to their name, ‘Playing With Pendulums’ is the first full-length album for The Krista Parrish Trio. This group is in good company because the Trio had the pleasure of working with Grammy award winning producer & engineer, Glenn Barratt of Morning Star Studios. It’s also worth mentioning that Krista is currently working with Stephen Wrench who was the manager of Lynyrd Skynyrd for 18 years.

Krista Parrish Trio “Mexico” MP3:

I have to say that all 12 songs had such a professional touch to them thanks to the crystal clear production. Not to mention the musicianship coming forth from Krista & company was off the charts. The style was very refreshing to say the least with rock & folk influences shining through as core elements. Push play and instantly you hear a happy-go-lucky instrumental on “Happy Guitar”. On the next track “Hola Nino Hermoso”, you will notice an interesting vocal delivery that makes Krista a unique artist. There was a mix of cool instrumentals and songs with vocals that added a well-balanced seesaw effect. Krista’s voice seems to have a certain charm to it that displayed a classic meets modern touch. The real magic though, I feel, comes by way of Krista’s guitar playing where I simply loved the acoustic quality. The best way to describe Krista’s overall performance is that she has a voice that makes you listen and a guitar that speaks to you. Krista brings her guitar to life just by the way she plays. Her trusty sidekick closes the show with style & finesse on “Head First, Heart Last”. I also picked up on a hellacious drum beat on track nine “Mexico” that is fast, lively and oh so good. Michael Fazekas’ performance really helped carry this song along with a phenomenal guitar presence from Krista.

In the end I am very impressed with what I heard from The Krista Parrish Trio. ‘Playing With Pendulums’ is sure to be a hit but don’t take my word for it! “Easier Said Than Done” has already went to #1 on the indie rock Americana music charts & the “all-genre” music chart. “Mexico” was selected for a national compilation release from Blue Collar Records called “Gods of Indie Guitar” that will be available at many online retailers along with FYE, Hot Topic and Be Bop Stores. The Krista Parrish Trio music can be heard on and their songs are being played at FM radio stations all over the U.S., Canada and Europe. Ready or not…here they come!

You can purchase her music at: iTunes,,,,, her official website and soon will be available worldwide by more than several hundred distributors. Don’t miss your chance to hear this band for yourself because they definitely have that certain something that will take them far in the music world. In the meantime here is a touring schedule and some cool links where you can find out more about The Krista Parrish Trio.

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011
World Cafe Live
3025 Walnut Street Philadelphia PA 19104 US (215) 222-1400 [map]
Price: tba

Friday, March 11th, 2011
Cedars Pub
Band Show – 8
Skippack PA 19474 US
Price: tba

Friday, March 25th, 2011
Congress Hall-The Boiler Room
Krista Parrish Showcase – 9pm
251 Beach Avenue Cape May NJ 08204 US 888.944.1816

Friday, April 8th, 2011
Chaplin’s – The Music Cafe
Krista Parrish & Christie Lenee Cobill – 8pm
66 North Main Street Spring City PA 19475 US (610) 792-4110
Price: $15

Saturday, May 21st, 2011
TD Bank Amphitheater
SoberStock Music Fest – tba
2400 Byberry Rd Bensalem Pa 19020
Price: $25, $20 in advance

Saturday, June 18th, 2011
Morwood Sportsman Club
Opple Topple Music Fest – tba
111 Wambold Rd Tylersport PA 215-257-1335
Price: $50

Saturday, June 25th, 2011
Ross Mill Farm
Piggy Palooza – 2pm-9pm
2464 Walton Rd Rushland PA
Price: $10 suggested donation
Help Ross Mill Pig farm, a refuge for abused and abandoned pigs. The farm promotes domesticated pet pigs, provides info to pet pg owners, vets, shelters and humane societies.!/pages/KP-TRIO/119425101417492

By Jimmy Rae (


"The Krista Parrish Trio-Playing With Pendulums"

If you're looking for something to relax and daydream to, Playing with Pendulums is the perfect alternative forum. Parrish plays with her vocal range over intertwining guitar chords, as she picks and taps her way through each track. The culmination of her talent with the bass and percussion blends seamlessly. Notable harmonics in "The Mind's I" and tapping in "Mexico." - Origivation Magazine, Kate Gamble


Today I present you: "Krista Parrish”

Women Power! This female captivates my attention during the preparation of these editorials in recent days it seems as if that nothing secret vocation widened further by leaps and bounds. Today we will fly to Philadelphia (USA), to meet there with the proposal of this beautiful sexy American girl contagious smile, inside which lies a deeply intellectual and interesting woman.

Krista was born into a musical family, which served as a platform to start singing as a young girl, and started with the guitar in her step "Quinceanera," the hand of all those songs that will captivate you through radio. After completing graduate school in jazz interpretation at the "Bucks Community College” of Philadelphia, and naturally began offering its first concerts in the standards used to interpret the genre, to which she quickly found limitations as she declares herself songwriter at heart, and was not able to find all the flavor necessary to revisit classic jazz. So, she began writing her own material.

Her appearances on stage were in duet with her brother Corey, and by 2006 was presented as a soloist, but after her brothers death in 2008, Krista took a break to mourn his loss, recap, and redirect their way.

Able to write songs tempered and exceptionally elegant, Krista is well known and recognizable for her unique style of guitar playing, which is to strike the strings with two fingers in a unique technique of "tapping", while executing complicated chord progressions even more catchy. Surprised by her expertise in combining guitar virtuosity evident, and innate ability to sing intricate melodies. We are facing a singer, songwriter and guitarist, capable of any type of prejudice dismast music through a unquestionable talent for improvisation, while phrasing her compositions with emotion and sincerity, either with the sweetness of her "scat" or piercing your soul with the sensual tone.

"Introspection" -2005, "Half myself" -2007, "A taste of what's to come" -2009 and "Playing with Pendulums" (which will be released on May 15, 2010) are the record collection that mark the career of Krista Parrish, in which songs are indie-pop-jazz-progressive-experimental. With intelligent lyrics and introspective, and very interesting guitar tunings. Parts lot and worked very well, we transmit an exciting heights of lyricism and feeling.

With influences ranging from alternative taste for English "Radiohead" to the multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird, focusing mostly on his admiration for the brilliant guitarist Pat Metheny. Krista, like their favorite jazz singers, never performs her compositions the same way, and that gets our attention on what really matters: talent poured into it all ...

For more info on Krista Parrish:


- Nacho Valenciaga


I got to interview Bucks County guitarist, Krista Parrish, about her music, her band and her latest release. I checked out her music via her website and what I heard was thrilling. Comparisons to Kaki King and Leo Kottke come to mind when I listened to her playing, but her singing is in a league of it’s own. Their song, “Easier Said Than Done”, was number one on the indie charts. Her band mates, Mike Fazekas on drums and Steve Murphy on bass, are the perfect compliment to her. The latest album, Playing With Pendulums, was engineered by Glen Barratt [Melody Gardot] and is dedicated to her late brother and musical partner Corey. It is a work of heartfelt inspiration and extreme musical proficiency that should be on any radio station’s playlist. The band plays many Philly area venues such as World Cafe, Puck, and Sellersville Theatre. They should not be missed.

- Randy Bucksner - Tri State Indie (Sep 8, 2010)


In our Greater Philadelphia metropolis of over 5 million people, covering a full 10 county region, you could say that of these five uncommonly gifted female singer/songwriters with an aggregate average age of just over 25, each is decidedly one in a million.

Dallin Applebaum, Irene Molloy, Krista Parrish, Laura Shay and Sharon Little, indie artists all, while clearly only a fraction of the current cavalcade of new women in song, do represent the Delaware Valley quite nicely.

The Northern suburbs, once considered a barren, bland urbane wasteland of strip malls and residential peripherals is clearly coming into its own with fully reconciled talents whose individual and collective artistry rivals that of their often higher profile, inner-city hipster sisters.

Thanks to a lot of help from MySpace, iTunes, YouTube, CDBaby along with affordable widespread broadband connections and multiple media communications convergence, welcome to the extended global village 2007.

Supportive clubs and coffee shops, combined with no less valued CD and book retailers, essentially get, and keep, our burgeoning scene rolling along smoothly.

None of this has been lost on us.

Nurturing these artists own good fortunes so far there is, of course, the supportive extended families, including the fans, assisting players, band members, recording engineers, producers, managers - all as good friends and as, perhaps, their greatest allies.

Bringing it all back home, it's always about balancing this often very delicate tedium when paying the hard-earned dues.

Actively building and sustaining a separate audience base has taken talent, timing, tunes and tenacity among other desirable skills. They have that, as well as their own alternately prim, informal and uninhibited good looks, in spades.

While Dallin, Irene, Krista, Laura and Sharon are clearly neither newbies, full-on radio darlings (yet) or household names - it only takes a few listens to recognize that there's something quite compelling going on around here.

Five very committed individuals, each erudite and distinct in their gifts and more than prepared to work with their current, new and upcoming CDs, EPs and MP3s for live dates-a-plenty.

Gender and talent aside, 1997 - 1999's Lilith Fair and even 1998 - 2001's Voices on the Verge comparisons are somewhat unfair since those much heralded efforts, while clearly a template, were generated from an established hit maker in Sarah McLachlan, and significant AAA airplay ( led by Erin McKeown and Jess Klein.

Simply put, these five female artists have been writing, singing and recording their own material for some time now, both near home and elsewhere, taking cues from acknowledged masters, their peers, mentors and even family members as much as their own fertile imaginations.

And, as with many great and once struggling musicians, these talents have developed, more over, from quite early ages.

Our select siren songstresses of the moment have at least a bare minimum total of 30 years in the music making.

You're reading about them now, so they must be doing something right.

The development of this Philly EDGE profile has lent itself to a bit of networking: Krista Parrish's booking agent, Linda Seybert, will soon offer a series of coordinated Philly EDGE media-partnered showcase events featuring all five talents. See for details.

Krista Parrish, 27

CDs: Introspection is latest of four; Her 5th album is due out sometime this summer (2007) -"GENUINE DISTRACTION".

Style: SoCal jazzy riffs and scat; plays guitar like Ani D but sings with a sultry tone and extensive range much like Jonatha Brooke or Fiona Apple.

Other: Has own music lesson business and teaches at Paul Green School of Rock; plays with guitarist father and brother, mom sang opera, parents society band supported family; Bucks County Community College music program grad; To be wed in May 2008.

PE: Kindly inform what's on your iPod or CD player right now?
KP: The Shins, Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Ben Folds, Enya, John Mayer, Ella Fitzgerald and Kaki King

PE: Did you first begin singing at a church?
KP: I sang in church as a child. My first solo was in Second Grade at St. Ephrem's in Bensalem. I went on to sing many solos after that.
Though I do not sing in church anymore, I always sing for God.

PE: In parts, there's a jazzy component to your CD. Has that been an impediment or an advantage?
KP: Philly has a long and rich jazz tradition that continues to this day that is largely and sadly ignored, with the possible exception of European ears.
People take me more seriously as a musician, but there is a small market for jazz and that is why I incorporate other styles into my work. Sticking at one style has never been my thing. I get bored and need to change it up anyway.

PE:Are all 13 songs on INTROSPECTION pointed at any one specific individual? No need to name name's, just the relationship.
KP: The album was a story of a year and a half of my life... leaving one significant relationship, doing some serious soul searching, focusing on my music and me, becoming whole enough to give myself completely to someone else, realizing I'd found the person I will be with forever & dealing with family issues. It covered a lot and I put the songs in the order that things happened and focused on my inner feelings hence the title INTROSPECTION--it was just that for me. Most of the songs the I wrote were actually in a journal that had the word INTROSPECTION on the cover. It just made sense to me to use it for the album name.

PE: On 'Sure Good Find' you sing, "I used to be numb, now I feel everything" if you could expound on that a little...
KP:I wrote that song about my then boyfriend, now fiance. I used to get wrapped up in people that I couldn't trust. I built walls around me so that I wouldn't have to feel the frustration of a relationship gone wrong. I had finally found comfort and home in someone & I could let myself feel again. The funny thing is, I've written so many songs during the time I tried to numb myself and I guess they helped me through-there must have been some part of me that was allowing the pain in.

PE:Has WXPN been receptive? What track(s)? Which DJ(s)?
KP:I have gotten airplay on WXPN. Sleepyhollow has played WHERE ARE YOU NOW, BEST OF ME and MOMENT FOR YOU off of Introspection. They also played something off my first album but I cannot remember the name of that song! How horrible is that?

PE: What 3 CD's might your fans be surprised that you whole heartedly, thoroughly enjoy?
KP: Jack Black-Tenacious D, Tribe Called Quest-Beats, Ryhmes and Life +
The Dave Grisman Quartet-Dawganova

Puck Live, Printer's Alley, Doylestown: March 23, 8 p.m

Milkboy, Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr: April 28th, 7:45PM

Tin Angel, 20 S Second St., Philadelphia: May 26, 8 p.m.




Article written by Naila Francis.

" supple & soulful with a broad pallete that is equally at home conveying sweet playfulness or smoky- timbred yearning or dusky introspection-it was her immersion in jazz that left the greatest impression."



"A groovin' piece that takes you on a driftin' journey of sorts. Krista's vocals are quite enticing and smooth as silk. Watch out or you will be caught in her web, this Siren will mesmerize you with her sweetness and capture your mind and soul... Cool intro, with Lovely fingerstyle pickin' and that kinda way back there subtle deep bass enriches and complements the song, sweet percussion. The instrumentation is really well placed and captures you quite nicely. It is a wonderful song and the arrangement creeps up on you in a really subtle way, before you know it, you have been hypnotized." - Bryon Tosoff, Voodoohead Productions


"A groovin' piece that takes you on a driftin' journey of sorts. Krista's vocals are quite enticing and smooth as silk. Watch out or you will be caught in her web, this Siren will mesmerize you with her sweetness and capture your mind and soul... Cool intro, with Lovely fingerstyle pickin' and that kinda way back there subtle deep bass enriches and complements the song, sweet percussion. The instrumentation is really well placed and captures you quite nicely. It is a wonderful song and the arrangement creeps up on you in a really subtle way, before you know it, you have been hypnotized." - Bryon Tosoff, Voodoohead Productions


Nothing on my mind, nowhere to go and no one to see ... a perfect chance to put my feet up for another long night, and spend it with me. Alone here in my sanctuary with my little radio on listening to this ever so tranquil, reflective, soothing and timeless 'let the world go by' quintessential instrumental, memories and distant thoughts cascade endlessly through my mind like mist drifting lazily across a valley floor ... beautiful music, consummate arrangement, talented and accomplished musicians


Central Bucks West High School graduate Krista Parrish will release her latest CD, “Playing with Pendulums,” on Saturday at Moonstone Arts Center in Philadelphia.

The all-ages show will feature Parrish in her new lineup, a trio with husband Steven Murphy on bass, guitar and mandolin and drummer Michael Fazekas. Parrish, in addition to being the lead vocalist and songwriter, also plays guitar, mandolin and piano with the group.

Parrish spent her early performing years as a soloist building a following in the Philadelphia region. She then began playing live shows with her brother Corey Parrish as a duo act, which evolved into the Krista Parrish Band with the addition of her father Dennis Parrish and husband Murphy.

Following the sudden death of her brother in 2008, she took a break from playing shows to grieve and reevaluate her path. During this tragic and pivotal time, Parrish wrote two and a half albums of music including several songs inspired by Corey.

She subsequently released a live LP as well as an EP, “A Taste of What’s To Come,” all in anticipation of her new release “Playing with Pendulums.”

The album features bold finger-tapping and finger-style instrumentals, indie-pop songs with introspective lyrics and interesting guitar tunings. One track, “Easier Said Than Done,” has already hit No. 1 on the Independent Artist Company’s Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana indie chart as well as the All Genres chart.

“Krista Parrish has an infectious sound that blends elements of ’ 70’s art rock with superb modern tap guitar. She is a must-see,” says producer Glenn Barratt, of the Grammy Award-winning Morning Star Studios in Spring House, where “Playing with Pendulums” was mixed and mastered.
Parrish acknowledges that the album boasts some intense moments, given that the bulk of it was written after her brother’s death.

“Though the music is drenched with love and Corey’s inspiration, you can take the emotion and feel it any way you happen to connect with it,” she says.

On Saturday, in addition to issuing her own CD, she will be releasing a double disc of her brother’s music, “Soundtrack to My Life,” with donations accepted on his behalf for Angel In Queens, a charity that serves nightly hot dinners to immigrant day laborers who are homeless in the New York City borough.

Moonstone Arts Center is at 110A S. 13th St. Show time: 8 p.m.

Tickets: $10 (includes light refreshments and a copy of the CD)

Information: 215-735-9600;

- Naila Francis


"Krista Parrish has an infectious sound that blends elements of 70's art rock with superb modern tap guitar. She is a Must-See!" - Glenn Barratt, Morning Star Studios


Krista Parrish seems poised to become an overnight sensation.
And it's only taken her a dozen years of hard work to get there.
That's about how long ago Parrish tried her hand at songwriting, penning an instrumental for the piano. Now, four CDs, countless local performances, numerous television appearances and Internet and local radio play later, Parrish is poised to take her career to the next level.
The Bucks County native, who infuses jazz and blues with folk and funk, is set to release her latest album, "A Genuine Distraction," somewhere around Valentine's Day. Postponed from a mid-December release (Parrish will release "Half Myself," a five-song EP featuring tracks from "A Genuine Distraction," in December), Parrish insists that it will be well worth the wait.
"I'm really excited for the new album," Parrish said enthusiastically. "In my heart, this collection of songs is probably my best work. I've had a lot of support and I've worked with some amazing musicians on it. It's really coming together. I'm just dying to release it.
"I wanted to make an album that someone could put on and just melt into the music and it'd be a good distraction from everyday tedious life - just put it on and get lost in it. I can definitely feel that with this album and I hope that's how people feel when they listen to it."
And while Parrish - who now writes for and plays primarily the guitar - has been playing many of the songs at her gigs, she's eagerly anticipating the opportunity for her fans to hear the songs performed by a full band.
That chance will come Dec. 19, when Parrish's performance at the Tin Angel will be taped for 6ABC's "Tuned In," which features some of the top local recording artists and can be found online at
"It's going to be a great opportunity to be able to promote the new album through the show," she said. "We've been playing songs off the album over the summer, but no one's heard it with the full band. I'm excited to share that with my fans and family."
In the more immediate future, Parrish will open for The Band's Jim Weider Nov. 17 at Chaplin's: The Music Caf in Spring City. It wouldn't hurt to check out Parrish, because chances are you'll be seeing and hearing her quite a bit in the near future.
Parrish recently signed a deal to have three songs played on an upcoming television series, "Kim and Seana," which is currently exclusive to the Internet but is expected to make its television debut in the summer.
And if that show helps open even more doors for Parrish, all the better.
"I'm really, really interested in getting into film and TV," she said. "I don't really see myself as this hardcore touring artist, so I'd definitely like to dabble in television and film."
The exciting happenings in Parrish's professional life are matched on the personal level. She was married Oct. 14, and while she said the change in her life hasn't affected her music career, being in a serious relationship has had some effect on her writing.
"When you're younger and there's so many different changes, I was more inspired then, and writing a lot more then," she said. "The love song thing is not something I really touch on any more and I think that's because I'm very settled and content in my love life."
OK, so she doesn't quite fit the stereotype of the "tortured musician." But she's worked hard to get where she's at, both personally and professionally. And she knows that the opportunities that have been offered to her can disappear just as easily.
"A lot of things are finally coming together, and I'm so grateful for it," she said. "I've done a lot of praying. It's scary, because it could all be taken away just like that, so you've got to just take it one step at a time and just hope that things keep going in that direction."
But whether the future sees Parrish writing her "music for the mind" for the big screen or up on the stage, her music will always retain its broad range of influences.
"When I write music I don't think about, 'This is going to be a jazz song,' I just write by what I'm inspired by," she said. "I don't like to feel like I'm going to be pushed into some genre, I don't want to get bored. I'm trying to keep myself entertained as well.
"And I want to grow. I don't want to keep making the same album over and over again."

- By: Craig Ostroff -Ticket Magazine-The Reporter


Doylestown native Krista Parrish is making a big impact on the local and national jazz circuit. Her music infuses jazz, blues, folk, and funk to produce unique and haunting music. Born into a musical family; her mother a trained opera singer and her father is a classical guitarist and member of Parrish’s band, her both influences are apparent in her original and engaging sound.

Parrish’s charming personality shines brighter than the stage lights, drawing the audience in and holding them for the entire performance. She plays and sings with such passion that makes everyone in the room feel her music.

I had the honor of attending her performance this past Friday night at Puck, in Doylestown. The show was dedicated to the memory of her very talented brother, Corey Parrish. It was a heartfelt night and all who were in attendance could feel the love and passion in the performance. It was truly an amazing evening.

Parrish has four CD’s to her credit, several local and national television appearances, and is in heavy rotation on the radio and online. Here music is available online by clicking here.

Krista Parrish is definitely an artist worth checking out. Click here for a live performance schedule. For more information on Krista Parrish go to

- PhillyBurbs


The release of “Playing With Pendulums,” the new record by Krista Parrish, finds the Bucks County native on a path to wider audiences and more success in the music world. However, it’s not exactly the route the guitarist was expecting to take just a year ago. It also wouldn’t be the first time fate stepped in to change her direction.

Born into a family of musicians, Krista picked up the guitar as a teenager. Inspired by contemporary artists like Counting Crowes and Tori Amos, the most important influence was her younger brother Corey. Seven years her junior, he quickly mastered the bass, piano and drums. “We just had the most magical music connection,” Krista says. “He was the missing piece of the puzzle for whatever I played and vice-versa.” Taking cues from progressive-rock and classical guitarists, Corey wrote complex instrumental pieces that would later inform his sister’s music. The two played together regularly in bands or as a duo, and after high school, Krista majored in jazz performance at Bucks County Community College.

Inspired by her brother’s work, she started writing instrumental pieces to complement her pop-oriented efforts and began playing with Corey and his girlfriend. The trio planned to begin performing publicly once Corey, who suffered from stage fright, felt comfortable in the spotlight. That all changed, however, when he passed away suddenly in early 2008, under circumstances Krista is still reluctant to discuss. “I was crushed, and I just stopped playing. I didn’t want anything to do with music without him,” she says.

Krista soon found inspiration again working alongside Corey’s girlfriend on the music they were crafting just before his death. “Suddenly, I wanted to play all the time,” she explains. “I started writing like crazy, two or three songs a day.” When Krista returned to the stage that summer, her instrumental work was front and center. “There’s a big part of Corey in what I write now. I feel like he had a lot left to do, and his songs are coming out of me now,” she says.

Krista began readying songs for what became “Playing With Pendulums” last year. At the time, she was performing regularly in Bucks County and Philadelphia. Still, her sights were set on having her music featured in television and film soundtracks and composing original scores for those mediums. “My ideal career would be doing film and TV and playing two shows a month,” Krista says. “I love to play out, but I think I’d get homesick if I went on tour.”

Fate struck once again, when songs she released to an internet radio site caught the ear of an entertainment lawyer. “He e-mailed me out of the blue to say he liked my music, and we just started talking from there,” Krista says. When she discovered he also managed a few bands that were on the cusp of national stardom, Krista asked if he’d be interested in working with her as well: “He said if I ever needed any help to contact him. I told him I’d really love to have someone managing me, because I don’t really know how to do it myself.”

At press time, Parrish is planning to officially sign on with her new manager at her CD release party in mid-May. But bigger plans are already in the works for the album. She’s working toward signing a deal with Velour Records, and through her soon-to-be manager, has already made contacts to license some of her songs for soundtracks.

And with more support than ever behind one of her releases, she plans to begin traveling the East Coast regularly. “It’s all kind of overwhelming,” Krista says. “I’m excited about going out and just trying not to be nervous. Whatever’s going to happen will anyway, so there’s no point in being scared.”

Even with all the changes swirling around her these days, Krista ultimately draws confidence from her new work. “When I started the project, I didn’t have any clear path. I just knew I needed to get these songs recorded and dedicate the album to my brother,” she says. “It was a really spiritual process this time around, and it was best time I’ve ever had making music.”

Go online at - 54 Magazine


Her funky, soulful jazz draws comparison to such artists as Fiona Apple and Norah Jones. "The first time I ever heard Ella Fitzgerald. Something inside of me happened and I couldn't believe what I was hearing... I just wanted to sound like that," says Krista.

She is the byproduct of a musical household. Krista's father is a classical guitarist and her mother, an opera singer. Parrish's command of the guitar could easily steal the show, if her voice weren't equally as magnetic. So it's obvious that those early influences have been fused into her music, creating a sound uniquely her own.

Through our "Share your band" submission on, we received over 100 requests from her fans to do a feature. Tuned In taped Parrish at The Tin Angel in the Old City section of Philadelphia.
- T.J. Alexander, CHANNEL 6ABC

"KIAC RADIO on Krista Parrish"

Musically astute, interesting, original, adventurous...and that doesn't even begin to venture into her incredible voice, and refined chops as a musician. She cross blends genres, and does so with such a subtle finesse. She is charming, saucy, and serious...with a twinge of comedic sarcasm that illuminates throughout her writing sensibilities. She has her own way of telling a story...and it is never banal. Parrish is an exciting artist, beautiful...and is as cool as the sounds she makes.
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The Krista Parrish Band

It always find a talented artist with songs that are instant winners and there are about six to chose from. This one got my vote because of the slightly sassy edge to the vocals and the lift in the guitar accompaniment - plus the message in the lyrics is identifiable and relevent today. Krista has a lovely tone to her voice it's soft and sweet but you can hear some solid power in there that might escape at any point - the "dobidoo" outro is wonderful - she also tries not to fall into musical cliches which gives you confidence of a good listen, she should get lots of attention at Speed Date HQ here - JILLIANNE WRIGHT


Keep Your Eyes Closed
My top HOT pick for the day. My top HOT pick for the day. Krista is not only an amazing singer/songwriter but has the guitar chops to back it up. Smooth, mellow, soulful groove. Talent plus here.
- Kid Ric


Like the jazz artists she loves, Krista Parrish never plays a song the same way twice. Live, the guitarist usually sings on only one or two of her songs – breezy blends of folk rock and jazz anchored by her rhythm section’s soul and funk grooves. Her set is characterized by intricate, ethereal instrumental pieces that ebb and flow with sophisticated chord changes and virtuosic runs. She regularly pushes the sonic boundaries of her acoustic guitar, rapping the side of it like a drum or fretting notes with both hands, rather than strumming it, to create passionate flourishes of sound. The changes from show to show are subtle, but even a cursory listen to her many live releases reveal the delicate variations in each performance. “Writing instrumental music is like painting a picture,” she says, “and each time a piece is played, I envision something different. They’re always evolving and adapting into something new.” Those variations also tell a story. “Influenced by life,” as she puts it, they create a narrative of the events that inspired them, including a tragedy that changed her life. Born into a family of musicians, Parrish began singing as a child and picked up the guitar as a teenager, inspired by the music she heard on the radio. “I loved the Counting Crows, The Cranberries and especially Tori Amos,” she recalls. “It was a great time for singer-songwriters.” But more important to her than hit records was her younger brother, Corey. Seven years her junior, he quickly mastered the bass, piano and drums, along with guitar. “We just had the most magical musical connection,” she remembers. “He was the missing piece of the puzzle for whatever I played and vice versa.” Taking cues from progressive rock and classical guitarists, Corey wrote instrumental pieces that would soon inform his sister’s music. “He played guitar with a drummer’s instinct,” she says. “He came up with rhythm ideas other guitarists wouldn’t think to play.” The two regularly played together in bands or as a duo. After high school, she majored in jazz performance at Bucks County Community College, “living, eating and breathing” the music for a few years. Her sultry voice and guitar skills lent themselves well to the genre, and Parrish began playing well-known jazz compositions regularly. But she soon found limitations in what she was doing: “I’m a songwriter at heart, and I couldn’t fully express myself playing and singing standards.” Inspired by her brother’s work, Parrish began writing instrumental pieces to compliment her pop-oriented efforts. Simultaneously, she and her husband, along with Corey and his girlfriend, began playing together. The plan was to start performing publicly as soon as Corey, who regularly suffered from stage fright, felt confident enough to perform their music on stage. It all fell apart, however, when Corey passed away suddenly in early 2008. Parrish stopped playing completely, trying to make sense of the seismic change in her life. “I was crushed, and I didn’t want anything to do with music without him,” she says. However, she found her inspiration again, working alongside Corey’s girlfriend on the music they were crafting just before his death. “Suddenly, I wanted to play all the time,” she recalls. “I started writing like crazy, two or three songs a day.” When Parrish began performing again that summer, her instrumental work was front and center. “There’s a big part of Corey in what I write now,” says Parrish. “I feel like he had a lot left to do, and his songs are coming out through me now.” Parrish is now back in full swing with regular gigs, a new studio album and an EP on the way. Her performances and songwriting have become more emotional and passionate: “I’m much more connected with my music now. Before this, I didn’t know what giving 100 percent really was.” Krista Parrish will be performing at Puck Live in Doylestown on July 18. Go Online at

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Introducing Krista Parrish LP 2000
Acoustically Yours LP 2001
Taking Chances LP 2003
Introspection LP 2005
Best Kept Secret 2006
Best of Krista Parrish 2006
Live at the Tin Angel EP 2007
Live at Chaplins EP 2007
Half Myself EP 12.2007
Live in Philly LP 12.2007



At a glance Krista Parrish will likely draw you in with her contagious smile but below the surface is a deeply intellectual, timeless songwriter. She sings with a range and tone that is exceptional, writes clever lyrics and plays the strings off a guitar. Krista’s picking style, percussive strumming, two handed finger tapping technique, and intricate chord progressions present a unique quality to every performance. But her ability to combine such virtuosity on her instrument with equal vocal technique truly separates Krista from most contemporary singer songwriters. In any performance, she will share emotion and honesty, sweet, yet raw, whether she is scatting or breaking your heart with a sultry tone. “Krista’s command of the guitar could easily steal the show if her voice weren’t equally magnetic.” says T.J. Alexander Channel 6 ABC.

Touted as a great solo performer, she now has the addition of husband Steven Murphy on bass and Michael Fazekas on drums. Switching off between piano, guitar and mandolin, the new trio has given Krista a lot of room to grow, experiment and share the writing process with her fellow musicians. Parrish and her band released "Playing With Pendulums" in 2010. Coincidentally, the week the album was released, their track “Easier Said Than Done” went to #1 on the "Indie Rock Americana" Music Chart & the “All Genre” music chart putting Krista in the company of major artists Sheryl Crow, Cyndi Lauper & Gnarls Barkley. They worked with Grammy award winning producer and engineer, Glenn Barratt of Morning Star Studios. “Krista Parrish has an infectious sound that blends elements of 70’s art rock with superb modern tap guitar. She is a MUST-SEE!” says Barratt. Krista has had several songs on the indie music charts in the rock, folk & jazz genres. "Each song is birthed as the elements weave together in their own organic DNA strand - from the neo-jazz drumming and the progressive rock bass runs to Parrish's potent guitar work and the aforementioned lustrous vocals." Mark Morton, Music Emissions

Since then, the trio has shared stages with national acts & well known musicians such as Stanley Jordan, Acoustic Alchemy, Lee Ritenour, Sonny Emory (drummer, Earth Wind &Fire), Jim Weider (The Band), Rodney Holmes (drummer, Santana), Keller Williams, Garaj Mahal and Francis Dunnery. Krista’s music was accepted in 2010 to stream on the popular internet radio "Mexico", a track off the 2010 release, "Playing With Pendulums" was chosen for a national compilation release from Blue Collar Records called "God's Of Indie Guitar" which is now distributed world wide online retailers, FYE, Hot Topic and Be Bop stores. Parrish landed an endorsement deal with Breedlove Guitar Company in June of 2011 putting her along side other sponsored artists, Jeff Tweedy, Ryan Cabrera and The Decemberists to name a few. "At any given moment, she can conjure the flavors of Al Di Meola, Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Eric Clapton, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and even a taste of Dave Mustaine." Mark Morton, Music Emissions

In early 2012, Krista and her band began recording a new album, this time working with another Grammy award winning producer, Phil Nicolo whose credits include The Police, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jon Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Santana, The Pretenders, Pete Yorn, Nelly Furtado, Outkast, Lauryn Hill, The Roots & Train). Their new album is set to be released sometime in the summer of 2012.

You can find her current CD’s available worldwide and with more than several hundred distributors including itunes,,, rhapsody & her official website.