Kris Taylor

Kris Taylor


Kris Taylor sings songs with a written sophistication that make you listen not only to what is being said, but like all good poetry, leaves you with just enough unsaid. He touches politics, love and self introspection with musical influences from Joni Mitchell to Ben Folds.


Every now and then you will run across an artist who catches you off guard, someone who lives outside the everyday parameters of emotion that are your norm. Kris Taylor is one of those artists.
"When I write lyrics to a song I see some introspective kid, sitting with folded legs looking at the back of an album jacket lost in wonder and meaning."

Kris Taylor was born into songwriting appreciation. His Dad named him after Kris Kristofferson and he grew up on everything from Neil Diamond to Gordon Lightfoot. The gift of songwriting was a language he came to understand early, and by the time he left school Kris had given in to the intense need to share that gift. From the humble beginnings of writing in his dormitory stairwell, Kris has travelled a long road. His first album "The Bigger Blue" received national radio play and a licensing deal with Tristar-Columbia Pictures. But it was after writing for his next album that he garnered attention from Grammy nominated producer-engineer Steven Miller (Dar Williams, Suzanne Vega). Miller saw tremendous potential in Kris and initiated the recording process with friends in New York and L.A. These sessions became the major part of his latest release "Nake."

"Nake" hits hard, some songs as delicate as a butterfly and some cut with a chainsaw. Kris evokes thought for the listener, poetry that is bitter-dry and sung with heart and conviction, songs that exhibit a sense of worldliness, irenic ideals, and musical maturity often vacant in today's genres.

If you get a chance to see one of Kris' live shows, he delivers, unpretentious and inspiring. He commands your attention and his lyrics beckon you to ponder and question.

There's no doubt that Taylor's father had an inkling of his son's purpose.


The Bigger Blue - 1998
Nake - 2004
Better Left Said - 2008

Set List

Sets are all original up to 90 minutes in length.
-Over The Moon
-For the Young Ones
-Angel on the Wind
-Left me for Dead
-The Word
-Krispy Bacon
-Water Under The Bridge
-My Return
-I'm Sellin' Out
-Seasons Change
-Turn Me Around
-One Foot Forward
-My Escape
-Listen to the Radio
-Oh My Soul
-Free at Last
-Haul my Ass Home