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Kristen Cerelli

Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"Gram & Joni"

"Kristen falls somewhere between a modern day Melanie and Joni Mitchell. Unpretentious and honest, listening to her sing is like sitting down with a friend while she shares her experiences about unavailable partners, reaching out and the daily struggles of life. Gram Parsons would've loved her."
- Michael Carlucci, Winter Hours


tongue-tied heart, December 2006



No matter what anyone tells you, you never get over your first love. Kristen's was singing and she spent little lifetimes rehearsing with her sister Karla, and the neighbor kids in their concrete jungle of a backyard in North Bergen, NJ. Though mostly she functioned as a shoo-da-bop-bopping Supreme to Karla's Diana Ross, occasionally someone would get sick or stage-frightened and she would get to go on and do her fierce rendition of "On the Good Ship Lollipop". That's right. "Happy landings on the peppermint bay," baby.

But as with all first loves, time marches on and you don't always take your sweetheart with you. It wasn't long before Kristen got bitten by the theater bug and ran away with that circus for a while. She made a nice career for herself touring as the boy who won't grow up (Peter Pan), playing runaway Canadian teens (Beaver), spinster librarians (Spring Storm) and other southerners of all shapes and sizes (Hazard County) and even something a little closer to home -- a Jersey girl (Jen Fazio on season six of the recently departed HBO show "The Sopranos").

While refueling between circus gigs, Kristen found she needed a shot of pure enjoyment. So she returned to that long-lost first love, the one sure thing she knew would make her feel just grand...singing. She grabbed her guitar and her good buddy Marshall York, and they started to play and sing together. Mostly other people's stuff, until Kristen decided to dust off some poems she had written in the "old angsty" college days. She set the words to music and discovered it wasn't half bad, in fact, it was pretty darn good.

Soon enough, something that had started out as a hobby turned into a full-fledged passion, culminating in the release of her first EP of original tunes entitled "tongue-tied heart". You can still catch Kristen in the regional and off-broadway circuit as an actress, but now you can also hear her singin' her songs at such venues as The Parkside Lounge and The Bitter End.

She is hard at work on material for her second album.