Kristen Cerelli

Kristen Cerelli


A little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll. Kristen's voice evokes the sweet folkiness of Joni Mitchell and Sandy Denny, but is as unique as her songwriting. You'll hear influences ranging from Springsteen to Sinatra and way beyond.


No matter what anyone tells you, you never get over your first love. Kristen's was singing and she spent little lifetimes rehearsing with her sister Karla, and the neighbor kids in their concrete jungle of a backyard in North Bergen, NJ. Though mostly she functioned as a shoo-da-bop-bopping Supreme to Karla's Diana Ross, occasionally someone would get sick or stage-frightened and she would get to go on and do her fierce rendition of "On the Good Ship Lollipop". That's right. "Happy landings on the peppermint bay," baby.

But as with all first loves, time marches on and you don't always take your sweetheart with you. It wasn't long before Kristen got bitten by the theater bug and ran away with that circus for a while. She made a nice career for herself touring as the boy who won't grow up (Peter Pan), playing runaway Canadian teens (Beaver), spinster librarians (Spring Storm) and other southerners of all shapes and sizes (Hazard County) and even something a little closer to home -- a Jersey girl (Jen Fazio on season six of the recently departed HBO show "The Sopranos").

While refueling between circus gigs, Kristen found she needed a shot of pure enjoyment. So she returned to that long-lost first love, the one sure thing she knew would make her feel just grand...singing. She grabbed her guitar and her good buddy Marshall York, and they started to play and sing together. Mostly other people's stuff, until Kristen decided to dust off some poems she had written in the "old angsty" college days. She set the words to music and discovered it wasn't half bad, in fact, it was pretty darn good.

Soon enough, something that had started out as a hobby turned into a full-fledged passion, culminating in the release of her first EP of original tunes entitled "tongue-tied heart". You can still catch Kristen in the regional and off-broadway circuit as an actress, but now you can also hear her singin' her songs at such venues as The Parkside Lounge and The Bitter End.

She is hard at work on material for her second album.



Written By: Kristen Cerelli

You cry on my shoulder
You make me live my life a little bolder
You want me to want you,
Then you go home with her

I love how you love me
I melt inside when you look down from above me
I need you to see me,
But you only see her

Give me back the girl I knew
Give me back the part of me that is true
Give me back the girl I knew before I loved you

I beg you to wake up
I'd trade my soul if we could only make up
These hours, these minutes
When you drift away

But your touch and your laughter
Are written on my blood forever after
I try to erase you
But I can't follow through

Give me back the girl I knew
Give me back the part of me that is true
Give me back the girl I knew before I loved you

Lost, I am lost, I am lost inside
Lost, I am tossed and my heart's tongue-tied
Lost, I am lost, I am lost I'm lost inside of you

Somebody make me new
Somebody pull me through
Somebody somebody, somebody make me, somebody make me, somebody make me new

Repeat Chorus

Southern Comfort

Written By: Kristen Cerelli

I met him on the train, destination Boston
I was travelin' up from New Orleans
Tracks were slipp'ry from the warm spring rain
He was missin' Tennessee

He was headin' for a job in New York City,
Kissed his mom and pop goodbye
Sat near the window reading Alice Walker
Fightin' off the urge to cry

I said "would you like a friend, would you mind some company"?
Sometimes a long-lost stranger is exactly what you need…..

Won't you let this northern girl
Be your southern comfort?
Won't you let my cold hands warm your heart?
Can you let this city girl
Be your small-town woman?
When we pull into Grand Central, do we end or do we start?

Talked all through the night, drinkin' warm black coffee
We watched the sun wake up the sky
I marked his crossword with my fine blue ballpoint
But I had no words to describe

That somethin' simple in his long dark glances
That flutter in my gut so true
This good ol' southern boy could make me take my chances
On this man I hardly knew….

I said "hope I don't offend, hope I see you soon again."
Sometimes that long-lost stranger knows exactly where you been

Won't you let this northern girl
Be your Southern comfort?
I can learn that slow sweet southern charm….
That big city face I wear
Just hides my small town spirit
I would ride this train to nowhere, just to end up in your arms

Yeah I would ride this train to nowhere, just to end up in your arms
I would ride, I would ride, I would ride all night for you


Written By: Kristen Cerelli

You paralyze me hypnotize me, I got you in my sights so tightly
I wanna give you all my honey, I'd even give you half my money
But you're the king of do's and don'ts and you're always dashin' all my hopes and
It drives me crazy, did I mention?….that I cannot get your attention
You say I'm really groovy, but you will not woo me, you're so preoccupied
You keep me second-guessin', with my head your messin, why can't you just decide?

But you say don't don't don't
Don't come any closer to me
You say don't don't don't
Don't look in my eyes
You say don't don't don't
Don't tell me that you love me baby
Cause I can't can't can't
I can't tell you, tell you what you wanna hear

To kiss the boy who always says no, well I would walk New York to Fresno
You think I'm jokin', you don't know me, my mama didn't raise no phony
I'm getting tired of your restrictions, I give my love without conditions
But Mr. Rules and Regulations will not be swayed by my temptations]
How can you deny it if you won't even try it, you won't know what you missed
You sit there on your fence, I'm pickin' up my pencil
To cross you off my list

Repeat Chorus

Don't look to the left and don't look to the right
Don't wear that red dress, it keeps me up all night
And don't call me at work, and don't call me at home
You know you turn me on, I'm better off alone

Repeat Chorus


tongue-tied heart, December 2006

Set List

A typical set lasts 45 minutes to an hour and includes originals such as:

Permanent High
Southern Comfort
Holdin' on to Lonely
Kiss and Tell
Nothin' Too Much
What You Are
Wait and See

And covers of other artists like:

Bruce Springsteen
Lucinda Williams
The Beatles
Allison Krauss
Emmylou Harris
Kimmie Rhodes
Stephen Merritt