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currently recording my debut EP



The first song I remember falling in love with was the Skyhook’s, “Jukebox in Siberia”, I loved singing along with my dad, radio blasting, in the car, windows down, wind on my face! I can’t tell if it was then I thought, “this is it, this is what I wanna do, I wanna make people feel this good too!” but through my years of enjoying listening to music, playing music and creating music it seemed logical that I should continue the pursuit to influence and inspire others through my music. At the age of 3 I received my first instrument, a toy guitar and microphone, which I put to good use straight away! Shyness was never an issue with me, in fact I would be terribly offended if I was performing and not receiving full attention from each and every one of my audience members… After several gigs on cruise ships, at weddings and in bars I have well and truly gotten over that!
At age six, I started piano lessons learning the Suzuki Method. This is an amazing way to learn with the philosophy that kids should learn to play before they can read music, just like we learn to speak before we can read or write! I continued with my classical studies all the way through my school years and enjoyed every moment, performing at the Opera House 6 times before I was 18! But classical music, as beautiful and challenging as it is, wasn’t enough. On my own I started to work out how to play chords and the songs off the radio, I was hearing, liking and wanting to sound like! I joined a band and learnt to improvise and how chords relate to each other and soon I was writing my own songs for the band to play! I was 14 when I wrote my first song and it just happened… I didn’t sit down and think “Ok, time to write a song now” the music was inside and then it was coming out through the piano and my voice and then it was on paper! I’d like to say that’s how it always happens, but your not here to read lies!
I furthered my study after school and completed a Bachelor of Music majoring in contemporary performance. I studied under some of Sydney’s top Jazz musicians, which took my playing and improvising to a new level! It was here at Uni that I found my current band members all virtuosos in their own right.
In 2008, I was fortunate enough to not only attend my hero and musical inspiration, Stevie Wonder’s concert but also got to meet him! An amazing night, which reaffirmed my dedication and devotion to achieving my dream. Other artists who I love and have influenced me include; Alicia Keys, Chaka Khan, India Arie and Nina Simone. I have been said to sound like a cross between Alicia Keys and Stevie Nicks and have also been described as “where innocence meets maturity” (I can’t help it if I look like a 15 yr old and sing about sex!)
I love singing, playing piano in all genres, listening to the great players like Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and songwriters like Stevie and MJ and the amazing powerhouse vocals of Chaka and Whitney Houston! I love yoga, cheese, sunshine, colourful stockings, scatting, Japan, early mornings, keytars, language and culture, green tea and Rhodes Mk V vintage pianos, dancing like a crazy woman (behind closed doors!) and making people laugh!