Kristen Korkowski

Kristen Korkowski

 Alexandria, Minnesota, USA

I have an intense love for music, and this is my small attempt to give something back to those who have given so much to me. I won't claim to be the best, but I will claim to try as hard as I can to keep doing what I love to do. I hope you can enjoy it.


I won't pretend that I have some sort of publicist to write this for me, or glamorize my musical experience. I stumbled upon an abandoned piano in the basement of my building and writing music seemed to make the stressful things going on in my life a little easier to handle. My only hope with this, is that someone somewhere, even if it's only one person, can walk away from my music with perhaps a little more perspective than they had before. I want people to be able to feel the passion I feel towards music, because it's a beautiful thing.

I am mostly alone in my musical process, with the occasional help from my dad and my boyfriend, Matt. I write my own music, I sing my own songs, and record my own harmonies. I try to create an atmosphere around my songs whether it be shaking a cup of shells into the microphone, or crinkling around a Walgreens bag (I didn't have an ocean to record). If anything, this will give me the opportunity to expand my audience, and my passion, and that's all I could possibly ask.

If you like what you hear, more can be found at:



I have a couple of songs playing on local radio stations, but the majority of my music can be found online. Check out the few videos I have on youtube, or my myspace:

Thank you for your support