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“Headlining the evening was special guest all the way from Los Angeles KRISTEN MARIE HOLLY. Now this showcase of mine is for local artists and Kristen is not exactly local! However I was delighted she had heard about the night through the internet and once I listened to her music and read through her C.V. I swiftly agreed. Kristen is a renowned actress and musician stateside and she decided to tour the USA this year and followed up with a comprehensive tour of Europe, going down a storm and winning many fans along the way. So here she was at the Grey Lady headlining the show. Her style almost had a P J Harvey feel to it, there was a kind of ‘punky’ alternative edge to her songs especially with her unique style on the guitar. Vocally Kristen reminded me a little of Tori Amos , but only a little, her dynamic and resonant vocals were unusual & and had their own distinct tone which coupled with her ability to sing with softness and control enabled her to express the meaning contained within the songs. My favorite of Kristen’s songs was ‘Stay’ which was full of feeling and heartfelt sentiment. Her stage presence was very relaxed and her gracious interaction with the Grey Lady audience was warmly accepted by all. You could here a pin drop as the audience remained in absorbed silence during her songs and one notable thing I picked up on was that Kristen’s songs are all between 2-3 mins, rarely did she play for longer per song, proving a point that ‘short & sweet’ can be the way forward. Kristen has emailed me recently saying that she would love to return in the new year and I will be delighted to invite her back. The only crime would be if you missed her next show. In two words ; Simply Captivating!”

- Paul Dunton


EP "Reasons" released by Kristen in 2006. Kristen has performed several live/in-studio radio shows and interviews in EU/UK, and her EP is played on several indie/college/streaming internet radio stations in the US and abroad. Kristen's song, "Not Gonna Make Me Cry" is featured in the movie, "This Space Between Us", out on dvd everywhere in November of 2006.



Kristen has been writing music since she could walk. As her grandmother says, she started playing the piano and making up songs as soon as she could reach the keys. Since then, Kristen has been furiously writing and recording music in various bands and as a solo artist. Until autumn 2005, Kristen was more reclusive with her music including work composing and scoring for film, but it was then that she “came out of her shell” and stepped into the limelight, performing her first truly solo shows with a batch of brand new music. It’s been a successful journey, taking her all over the US for different shows and sending her to Europe during the summer of 2006 for an extensive solo tour. Her unique and moving acoustic alternative rock sound has been compared to artists such as PJ Harvey and Ani DiFranco.

Music is Kristen’s passion, next to pursuing her career as an actress. She has roles in Spider-Man and Entourage, as well as other film and television projects, and won the 2005 Best Actress Award at the New York International Independent Film Festival for her emotional role in The Collapsing Wall. Kristen’s song, “Not Gonna Make Me Cry”, is featured in the film This Space Between Us, released on DVD in November 2006, starring Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under), Poppy Montgomery (Without a Trace), and Erik Palladino (ER, Over There). She currently appears in a Gibson/Epiphone Guitar commercial running nationally in the U.S., rocking out with her guitar while perched on a washing machine.

Kristen is currently planning her next tour and recording her new CD, which is due to be released in April 2007. She is working with artists such as Earl Harvin (Seal, Air), Dave Palmer (Air, Fiona Apple), Brett Simons (Fiona Apple, Alexi Murdoch, Liz Phair), Mike Dillon (Ani DiFranco), and Mark Needham (The Killers, Fleetwood Mac).

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