Kristen Miller

Kristen Miller


Cellist/Singer/Songwriter Kristen Miller is a one-woman ensemble. She connects her antique cello to a live digital recorder to stack hypnotic layers of lush cello, spoken word and singing. Kristen has created a unique style that Billboard writer Bobby Borg calls "hauntingly, charmingly brilliant."


"Inventive, brave, moody, intensely musical - please make space in your brain for Kristen Miller’s redefinition of what someone does when they sit with a cello at their knees."
--Vance Gilbert

Cellist/Singer/Songwriter Kristen Miller is a one-woman ensemble. She connects her antique cello to a live digital recorder to stack hypnotic layers of lush cello, spoken word and ardent singing. With a voice like Beth Gibbons (Portishead) and a layered cello sound like Zoe Keating, Kristen has created a style that Billboard writer Bobby Borg calls “romantically, hauntingly, charmingly, brilliant.” In live performance, her ability to connect with her audience and draw them in to her musical world makes her concerts intimate and memorable.

Kristen’s latest CD, Walk (2010), delivers impassioned, rocking songs alongside captivating instrumentals, and is woven with lyrics of longing, love, and loss. The record, which was recorded and produced by Tom Eaton (Vance Gilbert, Ellis Paul, Melissa Ferrick), is infused with a folk-rock feel and African/Middle Eastern elements, and features a compelling cover of The Eurhythmics’ Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).

Named 2004 Female Artist of the Year by Jam Magazine, Kristen's newest CD, Walk, is enjoying radio play nation wide and is charting on several stations. Her first two solo-CDs charted on college and community radio across North America, with Later That Day (2003) spending a year at #2 on AOL/Netscape Radio’s New Acoustic Top 25. The song Kilim from her second CD, Strange Little Valentine (2006) was nominated for a 2009 Just Plain Folks Award. Kristen is the recipient of several awards and scholarships, including the Zara Nelsova Cellist Award for excellence in performance.

Her discography includes work for Vance Gilbert, Assembly of Dust, and for Irma Thomas' Grammy nominated Simply Grand (Rounder, 2008.) Kristen has opened for numerous acts including Anais Mitchell and Turtle Island String Quartet. She can be found on itunes, CD baby, Facebook, and her official website,


Walk/Don't Walk

Written By: Kristen Miller

Well it’s you and me
Standing on the corner
Of walk and don’t walk
On that painted yellow line
Between talk and don’t talk
I didn’t look before I crossed
And now I’ve crashed straight into you
And I’ll tell you that I’m sorry
But we know it isn’t true

I can only go to sleep at night
With the television blaring
Makes my mind look away
Pretend it doesn’t care
About the business of the day
All the stuff I didn’t do
I can only write this song
If I pretend it’s not for you

You don’t choose who you love
You love who you choose
You don’t choose who you love
I didn’t choose you

You’re stop and I’m go
You’re red and I’m green
I’m smart enough to know
It’s the spaces in between
Not your side or my side
That’s gonna matter this time
It’s the places where we touch
When we’re standing on that line
Between walk and don’t walk
You and me
Let’s talk


Written By: Kristen Miller

Raining again
Dampness seeps into your bones
Pull a black knit cap over already soaked hair
Light another cigarette.

The boat reeks perpetually of fish
Of salt
Of sweat
Of yesterday’s smoke

This morning’s coffee
Stone cold
Half drunk
Likely bitter

The swells too high for fishing
You’ve spent the day not thinking of her
Tall grass
Heart racing
Fingers entwined
Bone and sinew
Never complete

Curse yourself for not sending
One more pencil letter
You’ve said all there is
Worked it over the pages

Tamp out this half-smoked butt
Crawl under damp covers



Kristen Miller-- Later That Day (2003)
Kristen Miller-- Strange Little Valentine (2006)
Kristen Miller-- Walk (2010)
The first two discs received a lot of college airplay, and the most recent is going to radio next month.
Discography includes work for Irma Thomas' Grammy Nominated Simply Grand, and Vance Gilbert's Up On Rockfield.

Set List

Set List:
One or two sets, 45 minutes each. Sets can be made longer or shorter, depending on need. I only play 2 cover songs, all others are original.

Typical Set:

Walk/Don't Walk
Deep Water
Don't Speak
Sweet Dreams
Dream on a Bus
Ring of Fire
Pandora's Box