Kristen Strezo and the Czech Republic

Kristen Strezo and the Czech Republic


Music that incorporates ambient soundscapes, afro-cuban beats, strong vocals and poetic lyrics. We use a variety of instruments to accomplish this sound, including flute, hammered dulcimer, guitar, singing bowls, congas, doubmeks and drumset.


Vocalist Kristen Strezo is known for her passion and charisma during her live performances. Gaining a reputation for being intense, confrontational and thought-provoking, Ms. Strezo stays true to her form on-stage. Complete with stage props and costume changes, she entices audience members to participate in her world. Pushing countless emotions, she takes 4 minute songs and constructs them into elaborate stories.


Album - This Balance, 2006.
'Paper Walls, Paper Floors' is in continuous
airplay on Church of Girl Radio as well as Feminine
Groove Radio. Kristen Strezo and the Czech Republic have been featured on The Girls Room Radio Show hailing from Portland, WZRD 88.3 FM and 88.7 FM WLUW in Chicago and WREK in Atlanta.

Set List

Sets usually range from 30-45 minutes.
All original music with vocals.