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"BRAND MANAGEMENT, Music School, Need To Know, 2011"

By: Scott Honsberger - Every musician remembers their first love. Whether it was a sleek and shiny Les Paul, an 88-key weighted Yamaha, or a seven-piece Pearl with a double kick pedal, that first instrument will always be your most memorable. After all, you probably saved up your pennies for months, maybe got a second job, or sacrificed a birthday and Christmas gift just to get your hands on your very own tool of creativity. As artists' careers grow, however, so do the costs. Getting new gear is always awesome, of course ? but add it to the costs of touring, recording, marketing, and all the other stuff that goes into making it happen, and artists can quickly start looking for ways to cut down on spending.

Enter the potentially life-saving, often mysterious world of artist sponsorship. Just imagine getting stuff handed to you for nothing, and in exchange, all you really have to do is use and promote it. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? The dream sponsorship scenario is one where you get to visit a warehouse full of guitars and have the company president say "Pick one." This is exactly what happened to Kristen T. Clark, a guitarist from Peterborough, ON. ( Clark scored a sponsorship deal with Carparelli Guitars, a mid-sized guitar company founded in London, ON, whose other endorsees include Artie Kornfield (co-founder of the original Woodstock Festival), Mick Box (of Uriah Heep), and Canadian band Tupelo Honey. But how did it come about?

"It was crazy. I was bidding on a Rik Emmett guitar on their Facebook page, and the owner, Mike, started commenting back to me," says Clark. "From there, we got talking, and eventually, he invited me out to the warehouse to try out the guitars." After falling in love with the sound, Clark was offered an endorsement deal. She was given a guitar for free, was added to their website, and in turn, she agreed to promote the guitars to her fans and friends, both at shows and online.

For brands, this is their big benefit. More people talking about and playing their instruments means more eyeballs, and as the theory goes, more eyeballs means more sales. So if you're looking for a sponsorship deal, having a large, engaged audience is requirement number one.

But there are other benefits that brands consider before sponsoring artists. Marta Pacek (, an Australian-born solo artist who now splits her time between Toronto and New York, knows all about the sponsorship game, but from an entirely different angle. One of her previous tours was sponsored by Yes brand vodka, a Chicago-based company looking to change their image.

"Yes was trying to re-brand themselves as 'refined classy,'" says Pacek. According to her, the company had a less than favourable image, and needed a new approach to attract a new breed of customers. Using her as the face of the company, Yes created a fully integrated, "Mixes Well with Folk" campaign around Marta's release, including a cash sponsorship to support her tour. In addition, the company paid for the pressing of her CD, gave away a free MP3 download to customers who bought their product, and even had Marta play at private events.

In exchange, all that was required was a small logo placement in the liner notes of her album and signage on-stage while touring. As a small company, Yes took suggestions on marketing, was very open to ideas, and listened to the needs of the artist. In turn, they were able to expand their company not only into new regional markets, but expose their brand to a whole new type of customer.

Another layer of the sponsorship game is the artist development and support role, one that Gibson Guitars takes great pride in. In fact, in cities around the world, the guitar maker has opened Gibson Lounges, where, while on tour, endorsees can stop by, pick up loaners, and even host parties.

Aside from these practical benefits, however, are the intangible advantages, primarily in the form of connections and networking. Looking to pair up with another artist? Well, if they're a co-endorsee, chances are Gibson can make it happen, or at least co-ordinate an introduction. So mutual benefit is key to a sponsorship, but what exactly are brands looking for in endorsees?

"For Carparelli, it's important to have good representatives for their brand," says Clark. "That means being nice as much as it does being talented. If they have good, friendly people using their guitars, that'll help spread the word in a positive way."

Shopping for a deal means having all your ducks in a row: keep a record of show attendance, album sales, website/social media traffic, etc. The bigger brands typically will want to work with artists with large audiences, so if you're still in the beginning or middle stages of your career, consider approaching a smaller company. An added bonus is that you'll probably have a closer relationship with their team, and can work collectively to create a sponsorship strategy that will benefit both sides.

Apart from size, you'll need to consider the companies' image when deciding who to work with. It may seem tempting to take money from whoever's dishing it out, but remember that the brands that you agree to endorse say something about who you are. If you're not careful, you send the wrong message and turn off potential fans or alienate existing ones simply by the brands you're endorsing.

Sponsorships and endorsements can help support your growth as an artist, with money, opportunities, and exposure. If you play nice, have a following, and know your audience, one day, you too may be able to walk into a warehouse and "pick one."

Scott Honsberger is a consultant and founder of music industry blog Your Band's Best Friend. - Exclaim! Magazine, December 2011

"Kristen releases another powerful single"

Photo: Bill Freeman - Peterborough - Fast-rising country music artist Kristen T. Clark has written and released another new single called When You Said Yes to radio stations across Canada.

The 13-year-old indie artist is well-known locally having grown up in the Havelock area and helped organize a hugely successful fund-raising concert for Smitty's Christmas Wish in November. The new single is the follow-up to For the Magic of Christmas co-written as a theme song for the benefit she did in Havelock.

When You Said Yes, recorded and produced by Andy Thompson of Northumberland 29 Music Studio, is a collaborative effort between Kristen, Dave Lockwood of CKOL FM and Thompson.

Lockwood has watched Kristen expand her singing talents since she was six and has always encouraged her to become a songwriter. She’s also been encouraged to hone her songwriting talents by local producer/writer Cyril Rawson who has written songs for Gretchen Wilson, Reba McEntire, Lorrie Morgan, Anne Murray, Lisa Brokop and Jason McCoy.

The new song includes overlapping answer-backs and three- and four-part harmonies that were created and written by Kristen on a laptop.

Although Kristen has written and released several singles and CDs, the lyrics of this song showcase her maturity as a writer and will touch many hearts, especially those who have had a love story gone wrong only to turn out right in the end.

Fans wanting to get their hands on a copy won’t have to wait long since the digital download will be available at online music providers such as CD Baby, iTunes and shortly. Two other singles, I’m Missing You and I’ll Fly Away. are already available.

Kristen's been steadily moving upward for some time now. She's performed in hundreds of shows and benefits and appeared with many bands across Ontario. She’s performed at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville two years in a row and was recently featured on CMT’s Chevy Cross Canada Countdown and Rogers’ Cable TV Diggin’ Durham television show.
What’s next?

“More writing and performing. I want to get a band together and get out there.”
For bookings or more information visit or or
- The Shield, April 3, 2009

"Youths Take the Stage in Pickering"

PICKERING -- Nineteen bands take three stages on Canada Day as some of the best young musicians and bands in Durham perform.

The second annual Flavours by the Bay features new and emerging musicians playing a variety of music, from blues to punk and folk to hip hop

The free event is July 1 from 2 to 8:30 p.m. on Liverpool Road south near the lakeshore. The rain date is July 4.

The bands include Radical Jack, Rest Aside and Sinister Sunday on the Promenade stage, Hive 13 and You Bet Your Life at the Captain's Walk stage and Kristen Clark and Caspian Martin at The Waterfront stage.

For more information, including a listing of all the bands and when they perform, visit
-, June 25, 2009

"Best Buskers Named"

The winners of Saturday's fourth annual Buskerfest have been announced, stages a press release from the Peterborough Downtown Business Improvement Area. The winners are:

1. Arin Jessup - a blues singer who played a harmonica and dobro ($200 prize).
2. Trilogy of J - four young break dancers ($150 prize).
3. Kristen Clark and her band ($100 prize) - The Peterborough Examiner, June 30, 2010

"Kristen Clark to be featured at Black Horse Pub Sunday Spotlight"

By: The Examiner Staff - Kristen Clark will be featured at the Black Horse Pub Sunday Spotlight.

The Show starts at 8 p.m. at the George St. N. nightspot. Opening the show will be Clayton Middleton, 15, a guitar player and singer, states a press release. Admission is $5.

Clark, 14, has been on stage since she was four. She has recorded three CDs and several singles. She has recorded and performed both classic country songs and her own songs and has performed at and organized many fundraisers, it states.

"This spotlight is a great way to get people to see me and get a feel of my new style," states Clark in the release.

Clark and her band placed third in this year's downtown Buskerfest.

Clark released her new self-penned single When You Said Yes to radio stations across Canada last year.

She released a Christmas single For The Magic of Christmas, a theme song she co-wrote for a charity benefit she hosted in 2008.

Clark has performed in hundreds of shows and benefits (including the Peterborough Festival of Lights), and has performed solo performances and appearances with many bands across on Ontario.

She's performed at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville two years in a row and has been featured on CMT's Chevy Cross Canada Countdown with Casey Clarke and Rogers' Cable TV Diggin' Durham television show.

Clark has performed at Songwriter's Circle, a private barbecue, broadcast worldwide by NixaCountry Radio (two years), in Nashville. She has shared the stage with Jamie Warren, Carroll Baker, Steve Piticco (South Mountain), Don Helms and Tara Ly Hart. Her website is

Middleton, Grade 10 Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School, performs alternative and folk.

He has been featured at the Black Horse Spotlight, at The Stage Cafe and sang the national anthem for trustees at a school board meeting with Dan Peart and Josh Middleton. Middleton is a student of local musician Beau Dixon. - The Peterborough Examiner, August 8, 2010

"Sears Drama Festival Wraps Up"

Well, it is all over for this year's local Sears Drama Festival and the dust is just settling.
The outstanding production awards were given to Adam Scott CVI for Masterpiece and PCVS for The Russian Play.

These two plays will now represent Eastern Ontario at the next level in Oshawa, on April 17 to 21. Wednesday night's audience at Showplace Peterborough witnessed two strong plays from Lindsay's high schools.

The first, Cow Town, by LCVI was praised by the adjudicator for its strong sound design that facilitated the changes from scene to scene. The story was woven around the issue of cruelty of high school students to each other as they went about their daily lives. Strong costuming and body language assisted the main characters in establishing the pecking order that is so prevalent in any institution.
Second production of the night was by IE Weldon Secondary School, called Red Death: A Madness Within.

This collaborative piece with a large cast was two years in the making. Its strong invented narrative, based on the Edgar Allan Poe short story, took its cue from the period costuming, music and mannerisms. The adjudicator was impressed with the strong opening choreography and the overall vision of the piece, its use of stillness and use of tableaux.

Then came the intermission while excited participants awaited the final decisions that would see two productions named to go on to the next level of competition in Oshawa.

There were 10 awards of Merit, one for each presenting company:

1. Trenton High School's On the Bench for collaborative creation and presentation of a play with clear and important purpose and future – recipient: four student actors and writers

2. Port Hope High School's Whale Watch for overall visual design; lighting, costumes, set, props - recipient: Cynthia Boisvert

3 Port Hope High School's Whale Watch for restraint and conviction in acting, the joint product of director and actors – recipient: Dan Peacock and company

4. Adam Scott CVI Masterpiece for Outstanding technical work on props, visual effects and student composed musical score- recipient: C. Mackie, D. Burrett, K. T. Clark

5. Bayside Secondary School Chamber Music for characterization through costuming – recipient: Lillian Ketchum and company

6. PCVS for Babel's in Arms for interpretation; bringing subtext through script analysis, delivering it with energy, conviction, and confidence – recipients: Josh Doig, Collin Chepeka

7. Fenelon Falls SS Noah for impressive 'book ends' opening and closing moments of the play – recipient: Abi Myerscough and the company

8. Fenelon Falls SS 4 A.M. for outstanding backstage work – recipient: Kendra Steele and crew

9. Lindsay CVI Cow Town for character development of Trina and Billy – recipient: Sophie Kourtsidis
and Tom Abrams

10. IE Weldon Red Death for Visual design - lighting, costumes, make-up, hair and choreography-recipient: Caroline Benner and the company
Special award from the local Sears store was given for best make up and hair design - Red Death, Lindsay IE Weldon.

Best Costume award was given to Babel's in Arms, PCVS

Festival Stage manager, Wesley Collett-Taylor presented the Best Stage Manager Award to Jess Jennings, Adam Scott CVI forMasterpiece

Awards of Excellence

1. Adam Scott CVI Masterpiece for disciplined ensemble work – recipient: Madeleine Brown for the company and the school

2. PCVS Babel's in Arms for infectious enthusiasm, disciplined teamwork of the ensemble – recipient: Ceilidh Wood for company and school

3. Fenelon Falls SS Noah for the playwright who created a subtle script with depth, emotional appeal and social significance – recipient: Devon Jackson

4. Fenelon Falls 4 A.M. For convincingly underplayed scenes as Romeo and Juliet - actors Maia Forrest, Aaron Wright

5. PCVS The Russian Play for a director who brought a tremendously impressive production to an entranced audience in partnership with a talented and devoted cast – recipient: Rebecca Ballarin

6. PCVS The Russian Play for lighting design and execution - recipient Dylan Eadie

7. IE Weldon SS Red Death for sound design – recipient: Hemza Kherraji.

Bea Quarrie is an actor, producer, director, adjudicator and freelance reviewer for The Examiner. - Peterborough Examiner, March 31, 2011

"Youthful Duo Share the Spotlight"

By: Paul Rellinger - Just a few weeks apart earlier this year, I was granted the opportunity to sit in judgement of Kristen Clark and Clayton Middleton.

The youthful local singers were contestants at two separate events -- 14-year-old Kristen a finalist at the annual DBIA Busker Festival and 15-year-old Clayton vying for a spot in the finals of the ongoing Search 4 A Star talent competition.

Suffice to say, both were very impressive, as much for their vocal and guitar work as for their stage presence and savvy.

Well, Terry Guiel knows a good thing when he sees and hears it, and it's for that reason he's bringing both teens to the Black Horse stage this Sunday night (Aug. 8) for the next installment of his Band Spotlight Sunday series. It's an 8 p.m. start with a $5 cover.

Expect to be impressed. I was and still am. - Peterborough This Week, August 6, 2010

"Music On The Rise"

By: Sarah Rowland - Teenage rock guitar sensation Kristen T. Clark is on the radar this issue. After winning a Supernova Battle of the Bands contest, and getting a Carparelli Guitar Co. endorsement, Clark debuted her first rock single 'Meant To Be', a head-pumping, heavy rock song that has thick bass lines and a rivetting lead guitar solo that forces you to listen right to the very end. Whether performing with her rockin' three-piece band or as a solo artist, Clark likes to leave her audience always wanting more. She wants them to have a good time and rock out with her, but always likes to leave them asking 'where are you playing next?' She recently appeared on stage at the Wire Awards, where she was nominated as this year's Rising Star, flanking Michael Bell and she'll be performing a Wire Wednesday in June. Check out her website for more info. - The Wire MEGAzine, May Issue, 2012

"Music of Tom Petty hits Niagara"

The music of Tom Petty will be filling the Old Winery Restaurant this weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Don't Do Me Like That is the one-night only tribute show to the American singer-songwriter known for his work as both a solo artist and as a founding member of the Traveling Wilburys. Taking place Friday, April 27, the evening will feature a mix of local and visiting musicians performing their own unique interpretations of the songs they chose from Petty's extensive catalogue.

"Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have been pounding out the hits for over 30 years and if you go through their library of songs it is amazing how many will make you say 'Holy cow, I love that song!'" explained organizer Steve Goldberger.

This isn't the first tribute act organized by Goldberger and his roster of singers. Over the past year, the group has put on tribute nights dedicated to the music of Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and Jimmy Buffett. Taking on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Goldberger said, was something the audience requested.

"We'd done the other shows, and people kept asking 'when are you going to do Tom Petty?' So we decided to go for it," he explained.

The event will feature a mix of younger and older musicians, hailing from Niagara and beyond. Artists were asked to select songs from Petty's extensive catalogue that they'd like to perform and Goldberger had the arduous task of paring that list down to about 25 songs.

"There's just so many great ones to choose from," he said. "It's really about the musicians selecting songs that are a right fit for them and their voice."

Performing on Friday will be veteran rockers like Blair Packham, Dave Norris, Denis Keldie, Johnny Ocean and Goldberger himself. Niagara music fans will recognize Welland-based musician Serena Pryne, who usually performs with her backing band the Mandevilles. Niagara-on-the-Lake singer-songwriter Kurt Frommann has performed in all of the tribute nights to date. He'll be there again on Friday.

Proving age doesn't matter, 16-year-old Kristen T. Clark will again be making the trek from Peterborough to perform at the Old Winery Restaurant. Jon Knight, another young, soulful singer who hails from Kitchener will also appear.

The show will have very limited seating, so anyone wishing to attend should reserve a spot in advance. The Old Winery Restaurant is located at 2228 Niagara Stone Rd. in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Those coming for dinner and the show should arrive at 7 p.m. as the show starts at 9:30. For more information call 905-468-8900 or email - Niagara This Week, April 24, 2012

"A weekend of music at Old Winery"

A weekend of music at Old Winery

Thursday, October 20, 2011

There will be two nights of music at the Old Winery Restaurant this weekend.

Things kick off Friday with Beggars Banquet, a tribute to the music of the Rolling Stones. Hosted by Steve Goldberger, the evening will also feature Paul Martin, a member of the music duo the Blushing Brides who have traveled the world playing the music of the Stones. Welland singer Serena Pryne will also be performing, as well as Peterborough’s own Kristen T. Clark. Niagara-on-the-Lake native Kurt Frommann, who performed at the recent Dylan tribute night, will be performing with the group again. The backup band will consist of Denis Keldie on the keys, Mike Glatt on guitar, Dave Norris on the skins and Steve Goldberger on bass. Organizers are expecting a full house and while there is no admission fee to enter, they’re suggesting people call ahead to reserve a table. The music begins at 9:30 p.m.

Saturday night marks a special milestone for The Niagara Rhythm Section. The award-winning band will be celebrating one year of performing at The Old Winery Restaurant. The band has an ongoing series at the Niagara Stone Road venue, where the band performs with a special guest. Saturday will be no different. Joining the Niagara Rhythm Section on stage will be “shuffle queen” Maureen Brown. Referred to by some as one of Canada’s finest drummers, Brown also has a unique singing style.

The Niagara Rhythm Section, formed in 2003, started out playing at the Anchorage Inn in Niagara-on-the-Lake on Saturday nights. Over the years, the band released two albums and have taken home Niagara Music Awards in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

The band, comprised of Steve Goldberger on bass and vocals, Penner MacKay and Sandra Marynissen on percussion, Steve Grisbrook on guitar and vocals, Dave Norris on drums and either Denis Keldie, Rodger Niznik or Herb Nelson on organ or piano. Following the closure of The Anchorage Inn, the band played a few venues before settling back into a regular schedule at its new home, The Old Winery Restaurant. Saturday’s show starts at 9:30 p.m. and there is no cover to attend. However, reservations are suggested.

For more information about either show, or upcoming music at The Old Winery Restaurant, visit To make a reservation, call 905-468-8900.
- Niagara This Week, Town Crier, Oct. 20, 2011

"Kristen T. Clark Lands Carparelli Guitar Co. Endorsement"


Carparelli Guitar Co. inducted Kristen T. Clark into their growing family of endorsees today in Toronto.

(Toronto, Ontario, December 12, 2010)—The past few months have been extremely exciting for one of Canada’s up-and-coming recording artists Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Girl Guitarist Kristen T. Clark. At just 14 years old her music career took a major turn upwards this summer when she was declared the winner of an international SongStudio contest, winning a scholarship to work with international songwriters Rik Emmett, Blair Packham, Jim Vallance, Terry Brown and Greig Nori. This fall, at 15 years old she won a Battle of the Bands competition in her hometown against 11 other bands. This week she was thrilled to be asked to open for Tom Wilson, one of Canada’s most compelling singer/songwriters.

In addition to her developing songwriting skills Clark is getting recognition within the industry as a prolific female lead guitar player. Striving to become ‘unique and different’ Clark set out to become the best female lead guitar player she could possibly be. Working exclusively with a private tutor and leading a performing 3-piece band has changed her status from being a good entertainer to ‘one-to-watch’. She can shred up the guitar neck just as good as some of the boys do, which caught the eye of Mr. Mike Carparelli. Kristen was bidding in an online auction for the chance to own a guitar signed by Rik Emmett and another signed by Lee Aaron and her band. Having lost both bids Clark posted a few comments on Facebook ( and began communicating with the owner of Carparelli Guitars. The rest as they say ‘is history’.

“I'm privileged to have the opportunity to serve people with great instruments. I am privileged to have wonderful people building them for Carparelli Guitars, and through their joy of building and my joy of serving them it's what our Spirit is all about. We are all one.”

Mike Carparelli

Carparelli Guitars is well on their way to becoming the world's premier guitar company, distributor and manufacturer of guitars and basses. Located in Canada they are known worldwide for their progressive thinking, unique approach to business and instruments like no other. They manufacture some of the finest Solid Body, Semi Hollow, Hollow Body, and Doubleneck guitars in North America. They also offer over 30 models of unique left hand guitars for southpaw players. Carparelli Guitars is Canada's largest distributor in Lefty Guitars with the largest variety of southpaw instruments of any guitar manufacturer. For more info visit their website at

Mailing Address:
Carparelli Guitar Co.
13-3120 Rutherford Rd. Suite 363
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
L4K 0B2

### - PR Log - December 12, 2010

"Kristen will add musical joy to Smitty’s Christmas Wish - Concert inspired by 25th Anniversary"

Dynamic young singer Kristen Clark will headline a benefit show November 22 for Smitty’s Christmas Wish.

By Bill Freeman

Havelock-Belmont-Methuen - Dynamic singer Kristen Clark will fill the Havelock Town Hall with musical joy in a benefit concert inspired by the wonderful works of the late Bob Smith.
After 25 years of spreading Christmas joy around Havelock, Smitty’s Christmas Wish is still alive. For 18 years, until his death in 2002, Bob gave back to the community in the guise of “Smitty Claus.”
This year marks the 25th anniversary of his mission.
The goal was simple: bring Christmas joy to local kids, seniors and shut-ins or anyone else who needed a hug. Each year he’d spend thousands of dollars of his own money to buy gifts and treats and on December 23 and 24 would dress up in his Santa suit and deliver the gifts on his Honda four-wheeler.
For years, no one knew who this Santa was. Anonymity was important to Smitty.
But on November 24, 2002, he died of cancer at age 54.
“I just hope everyone enjoys my music and I can use it to help kids all over the world somehow,” says Kristen, whose string of successes keeps growing.
“I don’t remember meeting Bob but my parents say he was one of the most likeable guys around. He had a heart of gold [and] his wish was to make sure no child would miss the magic of Christmas so he made a list. It was pretty cool to look back at Bob’s lists [now preserved by his wife Norma]. He actually crossed them off and checked them twice.”
When Bob died a group of friends created “Smitty’s Christmas Wish” to preserve what he had been doing.
Now, his magical dream provides joy for 70 families, including 154 children, 72 seniors and 44 food hampers. There are ten Santas and an army of elves volunteering with the foundation, operating under the umbrella of the Rotary Club of Havelock with assistance from the Havelock Lions, churches, local businesses and generous residents.
Excess donations are used to help out at Havelock-Belmont Public School. The Foundation has also supported local sports and a fire victim.
That kind of selflessness would have made Smitty proud.
Kristen has appeared in over 100 shows and recently performed at the Ontario Country Music Association Showcase in Toronto and has been at the CMA Festival in Nashville the past two years.
She’s kept her promise to help children doing benefits in Belleville for Camp Trillium and another for the Kids Help Phone in Belleville and Ajax.
The Havelock show includes appearances by former Peterborough Idol winner Nikki English and guitarists Keith Robertson and Steve Piticco.
“I knew I could help out these families [and kids] by doing a concert for Bob.”
She’s even recorded a new song for the concert called For the Magic of Christmas.
Kristen’s “A Magical Country Christmas” show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10. There will be door prizes and a 50-50 draw. Copies of the new song will be sold with 50 per cent of the proceeds going to Smitty’s Christmas Wish.
Donations by cheque can be made to the Havelock Rotary Club; guests can leave unwrapped toys under the Christmas tree.
And it wouldn’t be a festive show without Santa who will stop by to chat with youngsters and bring each one a present.
“This is going to be so exciting to see the looks on the kids’ faces and to see families spending quality time together.”
To contact the “Smitty’s Christmas Wish” call Cathy 705-778-2425 or Karen 705-778-2467.
- Norwood Shield, November 21, 2008

"Kristen Clark holds 'Wish' Concert"

Kristen Clark will help the late Bob Smith's Christmas Wish Foundation with a concert on Nov. 22.
For some 18 years before his death, Bob was "Smitty Claus," when his home literally became the North Pole.
Smith's mission was to bring Christmas joy to local children, seniors and shut-ins, or anyone who just needed a hug. Each year he used thousands of dollars of his own money to buy gifts and treats, then on Dec. 23 and 24 he would dress up in his suit and deliver his gifts.
For years, no-one knew who this 'magical mystery Santa' was. But on Nov. 20, 2002, Robert (Bob) Smith passed away at the age of 54 from cancer, states a press release.
"I just hope everyone enjoys my music and I can use it to help kids all over the world out somehow," states Clark, a local singer/songwriter/musician.
Clark states she doesn not remember meeting Smith, but her parents say he was one of the most likeable guys around.
When Smith died a group of his friends got together and created "Smitty's Christmas Wish" to preserve what his wish was, to deliver the magic of Christmas. His 'magic' provides Christmas joy for 70 families which includes 154 children, 44 food hampers, and 72 senior citizens.
There are now 10 'Santa's' and an army of elves. The foundation is also under the umbrella of the Havelock Rotary Club and is assisted by The Lions Club, the churches, local businesses, generous residents and more.
With any excess dollar donations, committee works with the local public school to help with lunch money, books, board games and playground equipment.
Clark has been a performer in more than a 100 shows over the past six years and has performed for the last two years at the CMA Festival in Nashville. She just recently sang at the Ontario Country Music Association Showcase at the Gibson Guitar Lounge in Toronto where her interview with Casey Clarke was aired on CMT Canada. Clark enjoys writing her own material using her guitars, home recording studio equipment. The two-hour show will include a mix of country and Christmas music and will also feature guitar player Steve Piticco, Keith Robertson who is a former guitar player for Tara Lyn Hart and Nikki English, previous Peterborough Idol winner. There will be door prizes and a 50/50 draw.
Clark has recorded "For The Magic of Christmas" in memory of Smith and will be unveiling it at the concert. Copies of the song will be sold and 50 per cent of the proceeds will be going to "Smitty's Christmas Wish."
Cash donations can be made by cheque to The Havelock Rotary Club, and unwrapped toy donations can be placed under the Christmas tree.
Admission is $10 at the door, so please come out and keep "Smitty's Wish" alive.
To contact the "Smitty's Christmas Wish" committee call Cathy Blakely at (705) 778-2425 or Karen Watson at (705) 778-2467
- Peterborough Examiner, November 21, 2008

"Kristen Clark Releases New Single Today To Radio Stations Across Canada"

MUSIC: 'When You Said Yes'

Posted April 1, 2009

Country music artist Kristen T. Clark will release her new self-penned single "When You Said Yes" to radio stations across Canada today.

Clark, 13, had released a Christmas single "For The Magic of Christmas," a theme song she co-wrote for a charity benefit she hosted last November.

"When You Said Yes", written by Clark, was recorded and produced by Andy Thompson of Northumberland 29 Music Studio, in a collaboration of efforts by Dave Lockwood, (CKOL Radio 93.7FM), Thompson and Clark.

Comments by local songwriter/ producer Cyril Rawson, who has written songs for Gretchen Wilson, Reba McEntire, Lorrie Morgan, Anne Murray, Lisa Brokop and Jason McCoy, have compelled Clark to be cognizant of her daily life which inspires her to write lyrics with true meaning, states a press release.

The dynamics in the composition include overlapping answer-backs and three-and four-part harmonies, all originally created and written on a laptop computer by Clark.

Digital download will be available at online music providers such as CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.comsoon. Singles "I'm Missing You" and "I'll Fly Away" are already available there.

Clark has performed in hundreds of shows and benefits (including the Peterborough Festival of Lights), and has accomplished solo performances and appearances with many bands across Ontario.

She's performed at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville two years in a row and has recently been featured on CMT's Chevy Cross Canada Countdown with Casey Clarke and Rogers' Cable TV Diggin' Durham television show.

Clark has performed at Songwriter's Circle, a private barbecue, broadcast worldwide by NixaCountry Radio (two years), in Nashville. She has shared the stage with Jamie Warren, Carroll Baker, Steve Piticco (South Mountain), Don Helms and Tara Lyn Hart.
- Peterborough Examiner, April 1, 2009

"Country Music News"

13 year old Peterborough-based singer Kristen Clark has just released a new single, When You Said Yes, a song that she wrote herself. The record was produced by Andy Thompson at his Northumberland 29 Studio. Some might recall Kristen’s popular Christmas time single For The Magic of Christmas as well as tunes like I’m Missing You and I’ll Fly Away which are available as downloads. The young singer was recently seen guesting on CMT’s Chevy Cross-Canada Countdown show with host Casey Clarke. - Country Music News, May 2009

"Havelock Rotary Distributes $6,000 Among Community Programs"

Posted By Mark Hoult – Community Press
February 15, 2009

Havelock-Belmont-Methuen – The Rotary Club of Havelock has now donated more than $145,000 to the Five Counties Children's Centre in Peterborough, executive director Dave Adams told club members recently. They gathered recently at Jake's Restaurant east of Havelock to distribute the proceeds of the 2008 Rotary Silent Auction held last September.

The club donated $6,000 raised at the auction to the Five Counties Children's Centre, Smitty's Christmas Wish in Havelock and the breast cancer research program at Trent University. Adams, Smitty's representative Norma Smith and Trent University Professor Dr. Leslie Kerr each received $2,000 from Havelock Rotary president J.J. Hudson. Adams told Havelock Rotarians that their support helps the centre to continue providing therapeutic, developmental and support services for 650 children every year.

Among the children who have benefited from the Five Counties programs is Adams' owns daughter Amanda, whose cerebral palsy is not preventing her from heading off to the University of Guelph for her post-secondary education. Thanks to the work of the Five Counties and to a “team approach” by therapists and the university's community services department, Amanda will be able to “experience school the way it's supposed to be experienced,” Adams said. And the continued generosity of the public enables the centre to raise the money it needs to help other children “experience life like Amanda's doing.”

Kerr said Havelock Rotary's long-time support has helped pay for expensive research into the complex causes of breast cancer. Current research at the university is looking into how psycho-social and developmental issues interact with genetic factors to predispose some women to breast cancer. “It's not just the genes, it's also the nurturing and the upbringing,” she said.

Smith, who helped launch the Smitty's Christmas Wish campaign after her husband of 20 years, Bob “Smitty” Smith, died of cancer in November 2002, said the annual contribution of the Rotary club helps keep Smitty's dream of helping local children and families alive.

“We need to raise $14,000 in this community to go out each year,” she said. “So this fundraising that the Rotary does is wonderful. The auction, which is fabulous, keeps us going.”

In 2008 the Smitty's Christmas Wish Campaign also received a boost from singer, songwriter and musician Kristen Clark, a local 13-year-old rising country music phenomenon who headed up a packed-house fundraising concert last November at the Havelock town hall. Wearing seasonal red jeans and cowboy hat, Kristen sang Christmas songs, country classics and her own original material, including “For the Magic of Christmas,” a newly penned song in memory of Bob “Smitty” Smith.

In a moving finale, Kristen performed the song against a backdrop of slides showing Smitty in his Santa guise handing out presents to local children. “For the Magic of Christmas” has become the theme song of the annual Smitty's Christmas Wish campaign. And, with the help of Havelock Country Jamboree cofounder Jack Blakely, the song has been released on country music radio stations from coast to coast, spreading the Smitty's Wish message beyond the community, Smith said. And the donations of the Rotary Club have made all this come true,” she said.

The Rotary Silent Auction has become the Havelock service club's major fundraiser. In addition to helping Smitty's Christmas Wish, the Five Counties Children's Centre and the breast cancer research program at Trent University, the auction raises funds for other local community projects.

In April the club will hold another fundraiser of the musical variety. Elvis will be in the building — the Havelock Community Centre, that is — from 8 p.m. to midnight on Saturday, April 18 for the Rotary Club of Havelock's '50s theme dance. The evening will feature rockin' music, great prizes and good times, and all proceeds will go to benefit the TEACH Centre in Havelock and Rotary International projects.

Rotary Club of Havelock president J.J. Hudson hands out $2,000 each to Five Counties Children's Centre executive director Dave Adams, Dr. Leslie Kerr, head of the breast cancers research program at Trent University, and Norma Smith, of Smitty's Christmas Wish in Havelock during a recent Rotary dinner at Jake's Restaurant east of Havelock. The money was raised at the club's 2008 Silent Auction last September.

- Community Press, Feb. 15, 2009

"Kristen Clark heading to Nashville"

DJ connection gets invitation to CMA Festival

Peterborough singer Kristen Clark is heading to Nashville.

"I've always dreamed of going to Nashville on vacation one day, but if you would've ever asked me if I'd be going there to sing, I would have said "yeah right," she states in a press release.

Clark premiered her "Winding Road" song on Nixa Country Radio in Munroe, Ore., states Marilyn Clark, Kristen's mother.

A DJ there has been playing Clark's music for months. David James, a songwriter from Virginia and the DJ's associate invited Clark to come down to Nashville's CMA Festival. She will also be involved in a Nashville-based television show called "15 Minutes of Fame".

"Clark's stady rise over the past four years has been due to organizations, businesses and other musicians across Ontario having Kristen perform at their functions," states her mom. "The more recent memorable ones Clark has done has been putting on a concert for the Bell Walk for "Kids Help Phone" in Belleville, singing with the Bareback Riders (grand prize winners of the Corus Entertainment Cross Canada Battle of the Bands 2005) in Kitchener, and singing for tourists on the Peterborough Liftlock and Riverboat boat cruises." Clark performed at the Peterborough Summer Festival Lights Canada Day event in 2004 for a crowd of more than 5,000.

"By stating focused on my music through vocal and guitar lessons and trying hard to write my own lyrics, I might some day announce that I'm moving to Nashville. But for now, I'm excited to be singing at the CMA Festival (Fan Fair) Family Zone, sometime between June 7 and 10.

"The internet, MySpace and a website are all essential when you're a musician trying to get your work out there", Clark states.

MySpace is where the DJ and Clark first connected. For more information or to book Kristen for an event, visit her website at or MySpace site at www.myspace/com/117115961.

Clark first began singing publicly at age 6, forming her own band at age 7. She has recorded three CDs, two of which are played on four radio stations and sold in four retail outlets.

She's been step-dancing and singing on Ontario stages since January 2003.

"At age four she decided she wanted to take serious lessons towards becoming a dancer," said Marilyn Clark, in an interview in 2004.

Kristen began dance competition at age five and soon began winning. "When she was six or so she had a fit because she wasn't singing and she changed her mind from being just a dancer to being a performer, said Marilyn Clark. "But she wasn't taking lessons for singing so that's when we got her into singing.

"Because of her step dancing she's was also used to performing in arenas, like (in front of) thousands of people. But she was already used to that."

Clark's first three-song CD with cover songs was recorded at Haggarty Sound Studio, called New Beginning. The second, called Kisses To You, with original material was released in December 2004.

Kristen's CDs are available at Music World at Lansdowne Place, Ardene's at Landsdowne Place and Moondance, George Street. - Peterborough Examiner, May 31, 2007

"Eight-year-old to help Pathway of Fame fundraiser"

Eight-year-old Kristen Clark will be stapdancing down the Pathway of Fame when she next performs in the city on April 18.

Clark, who has already recorded two three-song CDs, has been performing since she was four years old, said her mother Marilyn.

"As she grew she began trying to dance, but with no real instruction, she became frustrated," stated Marilyn, of her daughter. "At age four she decided she wanted to take serious lessons towards becoming a dancer."

Kristen began dance competition at age five and soon began winning.

"When she was six or show she had a fit because she wasn't singing and she changed her mind from being just a dance to being a performer," said Marilyn, in a telephone interview. "But she wasn't taking lessons for singing so that's when we got her into singing.

"Because of her step dancing she's was also used to performing in arenas, like (in front of) thousands of people. But she was already used to that."

Kristen has competed in several area talent shows, including the Norwood St. Patrick's Day Talent Show, auditioned for a spot for the North Shore Public School's Talent Show, the Havelock Amateur Country Talent Showdown, and a first place finish at the Roseneath Fair Talent Contest.

She has first and second place certificates from the Kiwanis Music Festival.

At age eight Kristen was the youngest person to sing at the Whitehouse Hotel at a fundraiser there.

This year she has performed at a benefit for the Warming Room, and at the Sweetheart Jamboree benefit at the Trentwinds.

Her music includes music by Avril Lavigne and Shania Twain.

Kristen's next scheduled performance is April 17 at Oprey Orillia at Sundial Travel Lodge at 8 p.m. She will also perform on April 25 at Cannington Legion, produced by Ralph Cashen with Country Express.

Kristen's first three-song CD with cover songs was recorded at Haggarty Sound Studio, called New Beginning. The second, called Kisses To You, with original material, was released in December.

Kristen's CDs are available at Music World at Lansdowne Place, Ardene's at Lansdowne Place and Moondance, George Street.

Her web site is

- Peterborough Examiner, April 3, 2004

"Lacing up the runners for Kids Help Phone"

Every step Mary Sudds takes the morning of May 6 will help a child somewhere in Canada deal with relationship and emotional issues.

Sudds, an advertising account executive with Quinte broadcasting, will be walking during the 6th annual Bell Walk for Kids Help Phone that is being held in Belleville and 50 other
communities across Canada.

She is also heavily involved in promoting the annual walk that raises thousands of dollars in pledges.

"The walks have been very successful because people believe in helping children and the Kids Help Phone is a wonderful service for children and even adults who need parenting and coping help," Sudds said.

Over the past four years, nearly 400 walkers have participated in the Belleville walks and raised $60,000 for Kids Help Phone, including $16,800 last year.

The Belleville walk will begin Sunday, May 6, at 10 a.m. at Riverside Park. The 12-km walk will take participants from the canteen area, along the Parrott Riverfront Trail to downtown Belleville and then back to the park.

A luncheon will follow and there will be musical entertainment by local band Immortality and Peterborough area singer Kristen Clark, who bills herself as the "Canadian Country Sweetheart."

Sudds said the walk is a wonderful family event.

"It's a nice way for the family to spend a few hours together, walking for a good cause and enjoying lunch and entertainment afterwards," she said.

Sudds has another reason for being involved in the walk.

Her sister, Maureen Grant, started the Belleville walk four years ago - one year after it was launched across the country. She was branch manager of the Bank of Montreal in the Quinte Mall at the time and the bank was a major sponsor of the walk. Grant has since moved to Kingston and is heading up that city's walk.

"I have been involved ever since with advertising the event and contacting the local media," Sudds said.

Walkers can preregister online at or register on the morning of the event. Registration will begin at 8 a.m. and will be following by opening ceremonies before walkers head out at 10 a.m.

Last year, almost 20,000 walkers raised $2.7 million for Kids Help Phone, Canada's only free, 24-hour anonymous and confidential phone and web counselling service for kids.

Every dollar raised ensures Kids Help Phone professional counsellors are always there with the support and hope troubled and abused kids need and deserve.

Kids Help Phone - 1-800-668-868/ - helped Canadian kids in need more than one million times on the phone and online in 2005.

Relationships tops the list of why youth call the Kids Help Phone. That is followed by emotional and mental health issues, physical and sexual health, abuse and violence, becoming independent, school and self-concept. - Belleville Intelligencer, April 13, 2007


• "Jump" - Writer's Demo, 2011, written by Kristen T. Clark, Dylan Burrett and Luke Gauthier. This was a one day songwriting workshop conducted by Rob Wells (Justin Bieber). Although it's a writer's demo and has not been released as a single, it has gotten tremendous response from the listening public. June 10, 2011

• "Meant To Be", single, 2011, written by Kristen T. Clark and Dylan J. Burrett. This song relates to young people trying to figure out the course of falling in love. Upon noticing they changed everything about themselves to be what they believe their partner wants them to be, they realize that's not the way love is 'Meant To Be'. Released to Top 50 Rock Stations across Canada June 8, 2011. This song is currently being spun on 101.5 IndiFM in Hamilton, Ontario and was featured on The 5 Minutes of New Rock on The Wolf 101.5 in Peterborough, CANADA.

• “When You Said Yes", single, 2009, written by Kristen about a love story gone wrong only to work out right in the end. Released and added to 16 country radio stations coast-to-coast in Canada, April 2009

• "For The Magic of Christmas", single, 2008, original country song co-written by Kristen as an annual Theme Song for the "Smitty's Christmas Wish Foundation", in memory of the founder who died from Cancer. Released and added to 22 country radio playlists Canada-wide, November, 2008

• “I’ll Fly Away”, single, 2008, original country song written by Kristen about life from the perspective of a butterfly

• “I’m Missing You”, single, 2007, original country song written by Kristen about missing her brother

• “Down The Winding Road”, single, 2007, original country song written by Kristen about her long and boring bus ride

• “Grand Ole Classics”, includes 10 much-loved Classic Country songs such as “Blue Moon of Kentucky”, “Lovesick Blues”, “Crazy”, “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, “Daddy’s Hands”, “I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart” and more..., 2006

• “Kisses To You”, 3 original country songs co-written by Kristen, including “Hold Me Tenderly”, “Kisses To You” and “Where’s Daddy”, 2004

• “New Beginnings”, 3-genres of covers, including “Maybe” from the movie Annie, “That Don’t Impress Me Much” (Shania Twain) and “Sk8er Boi” (Avril Lavigne), 2003



Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

With a hunger to be one of the globe's most talked-about lead guitar players, armed with fierce competitive chops and a fantasy to fulfill, 17-year-old Kristen T. Clark has finally made the transition to pounding rock/metal music that better suits her style of guitar playing.

As her guitar skills become more intricate and sophisticated, the need to learn more complicated pieces that require knowledge of shapes and scales, riffs and sweeps is driving her forward. Natural harmonics and pinch harmonics that prove to be too difficult for some guitar players, are finding their way into her original riff writing as well.

Listening to and communicating with her fans has turned Clark more and more towards heavier, more furious guitar and lyric writing which she says is much more enjoyable. Challenging herself to play pieces of music that many would not even attempt, Clark was able to master a few classic pieces such as "Midsummer's Daydream' by Rik Emmett and 'YYZ' by RUSH which bring her huge accolades on stage. More recently, she has challenged herself to learn many passages by other influences such as John Petrucci, Guthrie Govan and Orianthi/Steve Vai. "I want my fans to know that they do have an influence on what I choose to learn and play for them", Clark says. "When they come to my shows I want them to feel my music and experience what I feel and 'get it' through my lyrics".

After winning a Supernova Battle of the Bands contest, and getting a Carparelli Guitar Co. endorsement, Clark debuted her first rock single 'Meant To Be', a head-pumping, heavy rock song that has thick bass lines and a riveting lead guitar solo that forces you to listen right to the very end.

"Because I was immersed in the world of teen relationships, I thought 'Meant To Be' would be a twist to what teens think every relationship should be like. It's about liking someone and trying so hard to impress them and proving that you're worth their time but shows sometimes you can't force things into being what you think they are meant to be".

"I worked with my bass player to conceptualize what we wanted to say and then got to work. Using the songwriting skills I learned from Rik Emmett (Triumph) and Blair Packham (The Jitters), I came up with the chorus and built the rest of the story around that. Writing this song was so much different than the country/folk songs I was used to writing in the past".

Clark has twice attended SongStudio (a professional Songwriting Workshop in Toronto), co-writing and performing at some of Toronto’s most prestigious venues such as C’est What and the Gladstone Hotel. The weeks concluded with a showcase in which Clark performed two original songs ‘Not My Type’ and 'Jump' at Hugh’s Room with Rik Emmett! With encouragement from faculty and other SongStudio alumni, Clark continues to write new material infusing mind-bending lyrics and exhilarating lead guitar solos into her work. An album is in the works, and it is sure to turn some heads when its done!

Whether performing with her rockin' three-piece band or as a solo artist, Clark likes to leave her audience always wanting more. She wants them to have a good time and rock out with her, but always likes to leave them asking 'where are you playing next?'

Clark’s career continues to see her perform with headliners such as Rik Emmett (Triumph),The Blushing Brides, Allister Bradley and Steve Goldberger (The Niagara Rhythm Section). She has opened for Caught Off Guard (Calgary, Alberta) and one of Val Halla's 'Bad Girl Touch' Canadian tour gigs. She has also opened for Canadian greats Tom Wilson, George Fox, Jamie Warren and Carroll Baker.

Fundraising efforts have included the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Terry Fox Cancer Research, Kids Help Phone, Smitty’s Christmas Wish Foundation, the US Humane Society, Calling Cards for the Troops and the organizations and numerous others.

For bookings or press email or call 705-872-1812. For more info visit or her Facebook fan page at

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