Kristen Toedtman

Kristen Toedtman

 Los Angeles, California, USA

If Carole King and The Band went to a gospel picnic, Kristen Toedtman would be dishing out the potato salad. For you. Soulful pop, you could say, with R&B and folk mixed in. Part Norah Jones, part Bill Withers, she's been called "The Street Joan Baez."


"Slow-burning soul" is what Kristen brings to her new EP The Fall, released at the top of 2010. Recently chosen as the April Artist of the Month at Music Zeitgeist, their editors say in addition to Carole King and the Band at a gospel picnic, "after six months of exhaustive testing [we] also found traces of Lyle Lovett, Bonnie Raitt, two runaways from the Boys Choir of Harlem and a quarter bottle of Southern Comfort."

Kristen and her 7-piece band regularly perform at the Hotel Cafe and Room 5 in Los Angeles and are starting plans on a west coast tour.

On the heels of releasing her self-produced EP 'I Say Tedman,' Kristen knew she had to record her newest songs: classic Soul with gospel & pop flavors. In a word, American. Backed by an all-star band that reads like a Hotel Cafe scene Who's Who, and a formidable choir to boot, first on the list to record was the crowd favorite, "Wrong Time of Year." "It started out as a country song when I sang the first two lines. But then as I wrote the first verse that same day, BAM! it was a Soul song." Not surprising for someone who counts as her influences Otis Redding, Bill Withers, & Jackie Wilson to name a few.

The truth is, Kristen lives a double musical life. She emerged from the classical conservatory world with a degree in operatic singing with a penchant for singing twentieth-century compositions. Fortunately for Kristen, she was able to let go of the rigidity of vocal technique and embrace the voice that would emerge in the twilight hours.

Nowadays, a real-life working musician in Los Angeles, Kristen can find herself performing at the prestigious Hotel Cafe with her band or singing back-up for The Brendan Hines & Holly Conlan one night and at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles with the LA Master Chorale and the LA Phil the next!

And all of it is synthesized into her style, her command of phrasing, her ear for style and her discipline to do it right. The Fall is available at her website, on iTunes, cdBaby and


Wrong Time of Year

Written By: Kristen Toedtman

When can I see you again?
I know that we're only friends.
A couple heartaches, and then...
we'll move along with amends.

Now look for whom I do sing
still I would not change a thing
It's plenty good as it is
'Cause I know that I'm his.

(It's a) late summer fever
at the wrong time of year.
I mighta said it was mild,
the Doctor called it severe.

This should be easy, but I can't stand
not knowing how or when ........

Well, can you tell me just who's
The one here playin' the muse.
'Cause suddenly I've gone blind,
I lost a-hold of my mind.

It's a late summer fever
At the wrong time of year. Mighta said it was mild,
the Doctor called it severe.

This should be easy, but I can't stand
not knowing how or when
I get to see you again.

Call me on a Monday
a Tuesday, oooh
Wednesday, Thursday, oooh.
How bout on a Friday, a Saturday,
(There's no way that I can hold back calling today)
Sunday, Sunday!
(It's kinda sweet that
it's no secret I'm waiting til I
get to see you again.

It's a late summer fever
at the wrong time of year
I know I said it was mild,
The doctor called it severe.

My one salvation for all this has been
Knowing that you're somewhere thinking:
When can I see you again?

Here To You

Written By: Kristen Toedtman

Another flight, another dash
Quick comes the night, but I'm not that fast
Headed for sun, but I've come undone
Push comes to shove, A look above I need

I fasten my belt and look o'er the wing
My cards I dealt, but your song I sing.
Sweet though the tune, with a high hanging moon,
They don't compare to being there with you.

Now there's miles and miles of minutes
til this big ship flies away
And I know that you're not in it,
And you know I don't usually pray, but

There's not much left that I wouldn't do
for Just one more time to hold your hands in mine
Lord help me get from here to you
(Lord help me get from here to you).

Now all is quiet up in the skies
Save for my mind, and my weary eyes.
Nevertheless any tears I'll supress,
Lest someone sees me on my knees for you.

Local time at destination
Is neither when or where I want to be
Cause I know that you won't be there,
Though I cry and I sing and I plea

Lord help me get ...

King David

Written By: Kristen Toedtman

All throughout that quiet town,
Word traveled up and down
That when he heard the news, King David cried.
And although night had fallen deep
and Villagers lay in their sleep
They couldn't keep from waking when he sighed:
Oh, oh, oh No.

Crowds gathered far and near,
Asking others, did they hear?
And what was there left still to arrange?
And when that rider came in sight,
carrying the news that night,
Did he know the life that he would change?
Oh, oh, oh No.

And if I'd laid my head down first,
Would you still be here?
Going 'bout your daily regiment?
'Cause it's a blessing and it's a curse
To know the truth we fear.
Forgetting only works but now and then.
Oh, oh, oh No.


The Fall by Kristen Toedtman
available on her website and also at iTunes and cdBaby and Amazon.

I Say Tedman, debut EP available at iTunes

Set List

Bad News
Wrong Time of Year
Somebody Else
Games We Like To Play
Is It Safe?
Day I Fell
Chasing the Dance
Here To You
Sledding Hill
Too Soon
Just Trust
King David

Baltimore (R. Newman, as covered by N. Simone)
Paul Simon's "Peace Like a River"
Trad. Work Song "Don't Lie"
"Take My Hand, Precious Lord" 3 voices a capella
Trad. Spiritual "Blind Man"
Britney Spears' "Pegame Otra Vez"
(Baby, One more Time in spanish! Acoustic)
Tango "Milonga Sentimental"
Tango "Maquillaje"
(voice & upright bass duo)
"Besame Mucho"
"La Garota de Ipanema"
Dolly Parton's "Jolene" on ukulele
"Lazy Bones" Hoagy Carmichael

varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour & 30 minutes with the flexibility to fit the needs of the venue.