kristian Benton

kristian Benton


Powerful Didgeridoo driven indgenous music that sters the spirit


Kristian Benton is a proud descendant of the Ngemba tribe of Brewarrina which is located in north-western NSW. He was born in 1975 and grew up in central NSW in a town called Orange (Wiradjuri country).

His strong appreciation of Aboriginal culture began at an early age stemming from his indigenous roots.

Kristian expressed this through aboriginal studies, art and music during his school years, He continued his strong connections with the culture when he left school and began teaching aboriginal art, it was around this time that he picked up his first didgeridoo and taught himself how to play; Kristian was 19 at the time. Soon after he began learning the art of finding, crafting and decorating Yidaki's (didgeridoo's). Kristian has done various art shows and exhibitions and in 2002 became a certified indigenous creator. He now lives in Bellingen (Gumbayngirr country) which is situated on the mid-north coast of NSW this is where he continues his aboriginal studies with languages and traditional Yidaki playing and crafting.


2004.album,Yidaki Vibes
2007.album,Spirit Alive at

Set List

15 to 25 songs all originals mostly from spirit alive 3 sets of 25min or 2 sets at 35 min