Kristiani and Tristan

Kristiani and Tristan


Kristiani + Tristan are Neon New Age Ghetto Blasters that Spread Time Thin Over Chocolate Milk Galaxies and Tokyo Rising. We are a blend of neon new wave and hip hop rock pop. Kristiani lays down killer belt vocals while Tristan Starchild throws down some stellar flows and dance beats.


Kristiani + Tristan are a new wave electro pop rock band that blends mainstream pop and dance music with a twist of new age hip hop and electronica. Fans praise Tristan + Kristiani for their unique songwriting and arranging along with their original new age hipster style. Kristiani + Tristan sounds are comparable to the funky stylings of Gwen Stefani and Kanye West, the orginality of M.I.A and the killer dance beats of Steed Lord, ElectroVamp and Peaches. Kristiani + Tristan met in Boston through a musician friend and have been inseparable ever since creating music together for over 2 years. Always fluid, these two inspiring young artists are great at recreating themselves every season. These two trend setters have made a mark on every scene there is and will continue to do so for decades on.


Singles include:

Hey Yo! - myspace play
Rock My Style - myspace play
Aha - "Hear Hear" airplay
Marie Antoinette - (currently being remixed by French Dj Alto Clark)
Love Spell

Set List

Set List includes:

Do You Wanna Party!
Hey Yo!
Rock My Style
Marie Antoinette
Love Spell
Super Kali