Kristian Shawn Reimer

Kristian Shawn Reimer

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Kristian Reimer is a very real example of raw passion and energy that seethes through comedy. A fan from the Melbourne Comedy Festival says he's "A sharp and frenetic comedian who moves through his gags effortlessly. Segues brilliantly through a variety of topic and leave the audience wanting more."


Kristian Reimer is a very real example of the raw passion and energy that can seethe through comedy. Understanding that there is more to this western Canadian prairie boy than oil, wheat and beef (mmm, tasty grain fed Alberta beef) is to understand what makes Kristian tick. It's this 'ticking' that often prevents him from flying! But seriously folks…

Reimer started comedy young, performing in the back of a many classrooms. Then he was off to Mount Royal College Theatre Conservatory. Soon after college he would become a company member at the famed improvisation ‘Loose Moose Theatre Co.’ in Calgary Alberta, where he trained under Keith Johnstone and Dennis Cahill. Loose Moose is recognized as one of the best training grounds for improv in the world.

Following his dream of performing stand-up comedy, Reimer moved to Toronto. It was here in, doing countless open mics where he found his voice. Shortly after he settled into the city, Reimer was faced with tragedy. While out one day, his home burned to the ground, leaving him with nothing. Not giving up on his dream, Kristian moved in with former roommate from Calgary, Derek Flores (Second City Main Stage/ Loose Moose). Together the two of them turned their third story apartment patio into Toronto’s only alternative outdoor veranda variety show known as the DK Ranch. The DK Ranch quickly became a popular destination for performers and fans alike, and regularly received “critics picks” from Glenn Sumi NOW Magazine.

As a solo performer, Reimer has taken to shows to Fringe Festivals across Canada, and Australia, The New Normal, Six Simple Steps to Starting Your Own Religion and 40 Needles gained Reimer praise from critics and audiences alike.



One-day a Discography list will appear here but for now it is most fill with possibility.