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Kristie Agee


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Kristie Kay Rigdon Agee was born in Kennett, Missouri on October 9th, 1976. Her mom, Carol Fisher, is a retired high school English teacher. Her dad, John Fisher, is a retired farmer. Both are published non-fiction writers. Kristie has one older brother, businessman Mark Rigdon. Kristie is married to trombonist, composer and arranger Roy Agee. The couple shares their home in East Nashville, Tennessee with four lively cats Dizzy, Sweetie, Hunny and Twiggy. Kristie wholehearted believed the words of Albert Schweitzer when he said, “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life; music and cats.”

Kristie joined the church choir at age five and shortly thereafter began taking piano lessons. She wrote her first song in the church pew on the back of an attendance card. Kristie performed in a variety of musicals and competitions throughout high school, excelling in her endeavors. By the commencement of her high school career, she had acquired such a wealth of performance medals that she could hardly fit them all on her dress at her school’s choir concerts. Kristie’s middle and high school choir director, Viretta Sexton, remains to this day the strongest musical influence in her life. Kristie currently derives joy and musical inspiration from a variety of artists including David Wilcox, Jana Stanfield, Sheryl Crow, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, Shawn Mullins, Marc Broussard, Mahalia Jackson and Dinah Washington.

Kristie graduated from Belmont University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and a minor in Music Business. Kristie spent the summer after she graduated from college as a volunteer for AmeriCorps. She lived and worked in San Antonio, Texas where she coordinated improvement projects at the Inman Christian Center. Kristie also raised over $4000 for The Arthritis Foundation in 2000 when she walked in the Dublin City Marathon in Dublin, Ireland.

Kristie’s first paying “gig” was as a mezzo soprano member of the Nashville Opera Chorus. With the chorus, she sang in several operas including Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” and Wagner’s “The Flying Dutchman”. In 2001 Kristie was accepted to New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts to continue her study of classical vocal performance. However, after moving to Boston and further considering her options, Kristie chose to plant her roots back in Nashville and began a three year program of study at the Nashville Jazz Workshop.

In 2006 Kristie released her debut CD entitled “Use What You Got”. Together with her husband Roy, Kristie produced a jazz-influenced blues project that was given a “big thumbs-up” by Tom Hyslop of Blues Revue Magazine. By 2007, however, Kristie’s musical muse was leading her in yet another direction when she began writing positive and inspirational music with accomplished Nashville musician Liz Johnson. Kristie’s intention is to take her message of optimism into churches and other venues that are, in the words of one of her songs, “open to life’s possibilities.” Kristie says, “Wherever you are on this journey, get up and enjoy every minute of it. Don’t waste one moment of this precious life. Live your life with abandon right now, exactly where you are.”


Open To Life

Written By: Kristie Agee and Liz Johnson

Verse 1
Never crossed the open ocean
Never sailed the open sea
Never searched the open water
For fear of what could be

I was born upon this island
I have known no other way
Now I hear the far horizon
And it’s calling me away

I wanna be open to life’s possibilities
I wanna be open to something greater than me
I wanna be open to all the good in store for me
I wanna be open to what life has to teach me (where life wants to lead me)

Verse 2
I have found an empty vessel
In the harbor run aground
And I’m ready for the journey
I can take now that I’ve found

Life is waiting in the water
There’s no need to be afraid
Board the ship and set the sail
Let it take me where it may


Verse 3
Now I’ve chosen to go sailing
And I know not where I’ll go
But I trust the stars will guide me
To a place I’d like to know

Though the water may be windy
And my boat may show some wear
I will trust this course before me
And let it take me where

Chorus (I can be)

Chorus (I am)


"Use What You Got" 2006 Old King Records, "Beautiful" 2008 Willow Tree Records